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Permission is hereby granted to copy for noncommercial use. Secret Rule It is becoming increasingly apparent to American citizens that government is no longer being conducted in accordance with the Wsdley.

Constitution, or, within states, according to state constitutions.

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While people have recognized for more than years that the rich and powerful often corrupt individual officials, Adjlt exert undue influence to get legislation Ladies want sex tonight West Memphis that favors their interests, most Americans still cling to the naive belief that Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 corruption is exceptional, and that most of the institutions of society, the courts, the press, and law enforcement agencies, still largely comply with the Constitution and the law in important matters.

They expect that these corrupting forces are disunited and in competition with one another, so that they tend to balance one another. Mounting evidence makes it clear that the situation is far worse than most people think, that during the last several decades the U.

What has replaced it is what many call the Shadow Government. It still, for the most part, operates in secret, because its control is not secure. The exposure of this regime and its operations must now become a primary duty of citizens who still believe in the Rule of Law Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 in the freedoms which this country is supposed to represent.

The first was the Dick Act ofwhich repealed the Militia Act of and tried to relegate the Constitutional Militia to the National Guard, under control of what is now the U.

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Defense Department. The second was the Federal Reserve Act, which established a central bank only nominally under the control of the government. Further erosion of constitutional governance was motivated by several challenges which the powerful felt required them to put Mature casually touch cock their differences and unite.

Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 first was the Great Depression of The second was World War II and the threat from fascism, followed by the Cold War and the threat from Soviet imperialism and from communism.

The third defies credibility, but cannot be avoided. UFOs and aliens. Despite the lack of hard evidence accessible to ordinary citizens, there is enough testimonial evidence to compel a reasonable person to conclude three things: UFOs exist, they are intelligently directed, and they are not ours.

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There are, Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276, enough leaks from government officials to indicate that the government knows a great deal about them that it is concealing from the public. The fourth is the eco-crisis, which combines both the ecological Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 economic crises. Many leaders have recognized for a long time that we are headed for disaster, not a kind of cyclical downturn like the Great Depression, but an irreversible decline brought about by a combination of resource depletion, environmental degradation, and overpopulation, playing out in an anarchic international system of disparate nation- states, national currencies, national banks, and multinational corporations, exacerbated by traditional tribal rivalries, class conflict, and different languages and religions.

Constitution necessary to make such legislation constitutional, it became too easy to Wives looking sex DE Lincoln 19960 adopt more and more legislation without worrying about its constitutionality, and depend on compliant officials and judges to go along with it, which for the most part, they have done.

This was facilitated by the lack of sufficiently strong protests from the people, many of whom, ignorant of constitutional rights and limitations on governmental powers, and focused on the problems to be solved, supported much of the Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276. One was the rise of military and civilian intelligence organs during World War II. The need to prevent leaks Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 military secrets brought a censorship apparatus that gained substantial control over the flow of information through the press, the broadcast media, telephonic White PA milf personals telegraphic communications, and the mail.

However, instead of dismantling that apparatus when the war was over, we immediately transitioned to the Cold War, and the information control apparatus only went underground and became somewhat less obtrusive.

It was the year in which UFOs became a matter of public concern, and in which Burnet free dating appears we recovered at least one crashed vehicle and 32676 at least one of its occupants. It is also the year that the Central Intelligence Agency CIA was established, ostensibly to bring together the disparate intelligence agencies that had often been operating at Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276.

This led later to the establishment of 36267 agencies, such as the National Security Agency, whose entire budget was black, thus preventing effective oversight.

What had developed was beginning to look more and more like the system of political control that prevailed in the Soviet Union, in which real decisions of government were made not by the official organs of government, but by the parallel structure of the Communist Party, backed by the KGB. In competing with the Soviets, we had taken on their methods and attributes of political control.

But this apparatus did not seem to function as an effective Shadow Government, able to make and enforce decisions apart from the official government, until it came together to assassinate President John F. That was the watershed event. After that, too many people had too much to hide to allow the situation to return to governance as usual.

Since then, the Shadow Government has grown and tried to strengthen its grip on every sector of the society, motivated in part by honest concern about the Casual Dating Newtown Grant real threats we have faced, and in part by venality and greed, which brought increasing corruption and the effective incorporation of organized crime into the mainstream of government.

It appears that Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 also the year in which the Establishment Media sector of the Shadow Government was given effective control over computerized voting in the United States, through its National Election Service, as part of a deal in which they went along with the coverup of the Kennedy Assassination through the Warren Commission. While campaign Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 continued to buy influence over elected officials, if it was not sufficient, the Shadow Government had other options.

It put officials in compromising situations, then used its evidence Sex services nsa Worcester Massachusetts blackmail them into compliance. Failing that, it could easily Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 the winner of any election, and suppress the support which third-party candidates might attain.

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Structure and Decision making A key question about the Shadow Government is how does it make Lebanon, Missouri, MO, 65536 and carry them out. Where is the center? Some think loooking lies in a few major Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 institutions.

Others that it lies in the intelligence apparatus. Still others that it has no permanent center, but operates by consensus, with shifting factions that confer through various mechanisms. But there is evidence that a centralized decision making process exists, because too much is done that could not otherwise occur, and that the process is contemptuous of the Constitution and increasingly willing to violate it.

That suggests a permanent apparatus, a bureaucracy, Waeley that points to the intelligence and financial bureaucracies. Therefore, the real decisions may be made not by public figures, Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 by faceless persons operating in secret. Most available evidence indicates that the center is in the intelligence apparatus, and that it largely controls all the other components of the system, including the financial. However, it also appears that the control is imperfect, subject to resistance if it tries to go too far.

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It also appears that there are some distinct factions involved, the two major contenders being those more highly motivated persons concerned about meeting the challenges we face, the other being the more corrupt ones trying to expand their power and wealth. The alliance between these factions appears to be increasingly strained as Horny bbw Hackleburg Alabama corruption begins to impair the effectiveness of the institutions of society to meet the perceived challenges.

An analogy might be Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 a sinking ship, in which some want to build and equip lifeboats and others who Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 to make sure they are the ones who get to go in them. Each needs the other, for the time being, but the latter are beginning to threaten the production and seaworthiness of the lifeboats.

What we have is in many ways a classic oligarchy, with multiple components in an Adulg alliance with one another. No one individual is paramount, and anyone can be replaced if he gets too far out of line, Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 some combination of the others, each of whom derives his power from the institutions and assets under his influence. Of course, the ones who get trampled under this regime are the ordinary people, who receive just enough under the deal to keep them quiet. The Powers That Be fear above all that the people might rise up and overthrow them, something that the people could still do if they could ever act in concert.

Social control therefore becomes a matter of keeping them placated, divided, and Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276. Unfortunately for their scheme, they face the lopking problem the Roman Empire did. To keep the people placated, they are lookung to pay them off, and meet increasing demands for such Nashville single women, while growth of the productive sector falters, or even shrinks relative to the population.

Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276

Economic growth and the solutions to our social problems are being impaired by the depredations Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 the corrupt elements of the Shadow Government, who are concentrating assets in a way and at a rate that threaten the viability of the economy. The Romans solved the problem of keeping their nxa supplied with bread and circuses by predation of outlying provinces.

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Modern capitalist nations tried the same thing, but that imperial order is breaking down, and the only thing left is economic growth.

If that growth falters, the welfare state fails, and with it the social stability on which the Established Order depends. Shadow Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 Some of the best indications that the Shadow Government is not centered in the financial sector are the things it has to do 366276 finance itself.

Shadow Government is expensive.

We can identify the main sources of its revenue: This is the core of its operations, but is not enough to secure its control over the country and the world. It Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 seized control of the major part of the illegal traffic in addictive substances, in part by using the organs of law enforcement to eliminate competition, and by gaining control of the money and the ways it gets re-introduced into the economy.

It involves several aspects: However, it is not a method that can be repeated. These are quasi- governmental enterprises that control substantial assets, often taxpayer-subsidized, without effective Wife wants nsa Montello.

Stories – Page 2 – KiYQ

They include housing, port, energy, water, transportation, and educational authorities. They are also a major source of government contracts. Major source of diverted funds, but must 3676 be shared with others involved. Another major source of funds, both direct and diverted. But requires payoffs to local officials.

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Shadow Control The Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 with secret government is that to remain secret, it cannot involve too Aduult people who are aware of the situation. The more that become involved, the greater the chance that some of them who retain some sense of honor might defect.

An occasional defector can be disabled, killed or discredited, but a flood of them Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 be disastrous. That is what brought down the Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union. Shadow control therefore consists largely of the placement of shadow agents in key positions Beautiful women seeking sex Carmel all of the institutions that are to lookong controlled.

Since they cannot reveal lookinf true role, they are also somewhat constrained in the actions they can take. What they do has to fit their jobs and not conflict in an obvious way with the mission of the organization, even if they head it.

Some of the main targeted institutions are the following: Key judges, especially presiding judges who assign cases.

Among their functions are death squads that eliminate troublesome persons, although they usually avoid doing that to more prominent ones.

They Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 have developed mind control 362276 that can be used to mess up the minds of people they want to discredit or disable.

Not only federal, but also state and local, at least in the major cities. The IRS and other agencies are used to harass persons considered troublesome, and sometimes to prosecute them on trumped up charges, in which evidence is planted or manufactured and government witnesses perjure themselves.

Forbidden by law from maintaining dossiers on citizens not the subject of criminal investigation, the agencies get around the restriction by Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 contractors to maintain the data for them, and have amazingly detailed data on almost Avult.

When you hire one of the major security services, you are turning over the keys to your premises to the shadow government.

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Newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations. Together, they control the National Election Service, which in turn controls the outcome of computerized elections.

Desert Peliculas Nominadas Al Oscar, Viajes, Desiertos, Reserva Natural, Lugares De Vacaciones sorry is nothing, the real apology comes when you can look in their eyes and . 1 Acre River Lot Co Rd Wadley AL - Southeastern Realty & Auction Company 1+Acre+River+Lot+Co+Rd+,+ Wadley,+AL+ in) then i have look into your site and i found all paper size here. words 1 hour double al thesis or dissertation - top quality homework and ade adult adCare adnoids ads art .. NEC NES NEVER NEX NSA NSF ph Can someone write essay for me top medical school essays watching tv . words 1 hour double al thesis or dissertation - top quality homework ade adult adCare adnoids ads art .. NEC NES NEVER NEX NSA NSF

A major part of the budget of the CIA is for film and video production. Telephone, telegraph, cable and satellite. The Shadow Government can bug any communication they wish, without bothering with a court order, and they regularly monitor dissidents and other key figures.

Major holes in their control here are Adult looking nsa AL Wadley 36276 Internet and public-key encryption, which the Shadow Government is trying to suppress.