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Florida Sen. He has since apologized for his words and his tone.

Read more: Women in the workplace are often confronted with sexist language. At times she corrects it: Listen Listening Girl, you working that today.

NiCole Buchanan, a psychology professor at Michigan State University who studies the intersection of being a black woman femle the workplace, says these experiences could usually be categorized as micro-agressions.

A few months ago, Segu the gender and justice organizer, attended a fundraiser in Miami.

She was the only black person there. Even though she trains employers and hosts workshops on inclusion and diversity, Segu said at that moment she struggled with how to respond.

It's degrading" - Lutze Segu. Jorja Williams, an attorney who specializes in estate and trust planning in Boca Raton, said these are conversations that need to be addressed and talked about more at work. lokking

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She said when micro-aggressions keep happening over and over again it can affect productivity and ultimately push an employee out. If I responded to everyone there would be nothing to cross over the threshold when I go home.

View the discussion thread. American Indian and Alaska Native families are much more likely to have an infant die suddenly and unexpectedly, and that risk has remained higher than in other ethnic groups since public health efforts were launched to prevent sudden infant death syndrome in the s.

African-American babies also face a higher risk, a study finds. Amid calls for his resignation, Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, Sen.

Listen Live. Miami Herald.