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Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair

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This list is based on the seriesalso known as the verse or Ring of Fire series, an alternate history book series and sub-series. The list sffair maintained alphabetically, by last name then first name, but individuals of particular note may have their own section as a link to point from other articles.

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The headings of four of five main characters of the entire story that are fictional are bold'. The entire hypernovel of multiple sequences threadsby Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair over ten million words of it, is about how that knowledge and technology affects the world of the s.

Balthazar Abrabanel is a Jewish Marrano physician, courier and sometimes spy, is a fictional member of the historical Abrabanel family. He inadvertently arrived in the outskirts of Grantville while fleeing for his life with his daughter Rebecca Abrabanel.

While having a heart attack in a coach, Balthazar was tended to by Dr. James Nichols. The posse led by Mike Stearns dealt roughly with the pursuing mercenaries chasing the small family.

He later recovered and settled Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair Grantville, where he gave his blessing Stanthorpe dude looking to top or get blown the marriage of Mike Stearns to Rebecca and also contacted his extended family, and secured financial backing for what became the New United States.

Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair Adducci was a former nun, policewoman and social worker in Grantville; aunt of Tony Adducci in Basel. In Tony Adducci, Jr. The Bavarian Crisis. Under her directed hints, Tony manages to creatively "lose in processing" a message he has just verbalized to her as he transcribed the Morse codeenabling her to honestly say in a confrontational meeting just after that she has "seen no such message", which helps the negotiations as the spill over from the crisis hits the politics in Basel.

The two young women manage to form a relationship nonetheless, and Maria Anna charges Susanna with assisting her advisor and friend, the dowager sister of the Spanish diplomat Cardinal Bedmar, Dona Mencia Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair Mendoza. Jimmy Andersen is one of the four bright, somewhat nerdyand inseparable senior war gamers who are suddenly "orphaned" by the Ring of Fire and left on their own.

Jimmy evolves into a communications specialist while in the New United States Army from — Jimmy Andersen was in the party from Grantville sent to Amsterdam to warn the Dutch of impending French treachery of before the siege of — He is killed by a stray bullet in in Bavaria. David Bartley is a distant cousin of Jeff Higgins.

Grandson of Delia Higgins. Boutte LA adult personals Cantrell first appears as one of the four teens affectionately called the "Four Musketeers" by Stearns rescuing the Richter family in the end phase of the Battle of the Crapper in the NTL summer of Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair Thrust into working for John Chandler Simpsonwho originally opposed Mike Stearns and his policies, Eddie's unique character helps to transform Simpson, and the two develop a close but unspoken relationship which verges on father-and-son.

Cantrell later becomes a Navy Lieutenant-Commander. He appears in several stories in Ring of Fire. In one story Eddie is involved in a gunfight with down-timers stealing firearms from the chaotic environs of Grantville. InLt. Cantrell heads up the mixed forces charged with defending Wismar Bay from the invading League of Ostend forces.

The Taxman Cometh | The Grantville Gazette

In the action, he is lamed and captured by the Danish forces. Eddie is the main character in Commander Cantrell in the West Indies.

Marc Cavriani is a main character in The Baltic War. He helps Susanna Allegretti avoid capture in Munich and walk to Basel, during which he falls in love with her and she at least very nearly Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair in love with him. Henry Dreeson is the mayor of Grantville. After Grantville was sent into the past, Dreeson and the town council realized they were not well equipped to handle the situation, and so proposed the creation of an emergency committee which was led by Mike Stearns.

Dreeson continued on in the position of mayor, and was tasked with managing the town's financial resources, rationing, and the like. She became a founder of primary schools and eventual spouse of Grantville Mayor Henry Dreeson.

She is one of the principal protagonists in The Bavarian Crisisreturning to her husband's estate and old home town near Amberg in the Upper Palatinate. She accompanies a strategic trade mission and, with Mary Simpsontriggers one part of the Bavarian Crisis.

She has also figured into several key Grantville Gazette tales. Michel Ducos is a French Huguenot extremist who first appears in The Galileo Xeeks. Despite Magda's age, which makes a down-time marriage unlikely, Edelmann refuses when he learns that Stoner is impoverished, unlike most residents of Grantville.

Greg is named to the Grantville Emergency Committee by chairman Michael Stearns in their first "gear down strategy" session and sub-vocally earmarked by Stearns as his unofficial "Minister of the arms Complex". Dan Frost is the Chief of Police and was a Gdantville during the immediate aftermath of the Ring of Fire event when Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair was wounded by Spanish soldiers of Tilly's army early in Later, he single-handedly stalls Horny teens in Lakewood charge across a bridge by a rampaging Croatian cavalry, using two modern handguns.

In the series as a whole, he became a background figure acting as a security consultant to the lazting order settling into the plains of Germany. Jere Haygood and Pete McDougal are stationed in the sacked and destroyed city of Magdeburg which is being rebuilt as the continental capital.

Both make their appearance in the series in David Weber 's tale Blwck the Navy". Haygood is lastibg loan to Gustav's administration shortly after the formation of the Confederated Principalities of Europe in the fall of and the following winter. There Sexc mixed redbone assists John Chandler Simpson in siting a shipyard for the proposed naval construction by the New United States.

Haygood headed up one Grantville's civil engineering firms and is detailed to assist the king's officials in planning a modern city. Improvement Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair the river and canal transport network is vital.

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Because "good Ladies seeking real sex Newllano are brief but limited cobblestone main streets in larger afgair, and the roads in between are mere cart tracks— overland, goods intende mainly shipped by mule train. In conjunction with Admiral-to-be Simpson, Haygood, with a long background as a civil war re-enactor, helps to convince Gustav's officer corps to reorganize the army into a smaller more professional form using newly designed firearms with bayonets instead of two-thirds pikes and one-third muskets.

Jeff Higgins is a teen and the husband of Gretchen Richter. They married after he rescued her from victimization as a camp follower.

On the day of the Ring of Fire, Higgins's family had left for the day, and he was effectively left as an orphan. Despite his bulk, he is never confident before a fight, but once engaged he finds a focus as a fighter. Ernst Hoffman is a corrupt Protestant mercenary leader who was extorting money and lording over the citizens in the walled town of Badenburg under the guise of protecting the inhabitants Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair the Thirty Years' War.

He and his mercenary company did absolutely Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair to protect the region outside the town walls. Hoffman's band of about five-hundred initially participated in the Battle of the Crapper, but broke to run before the action was fully joined.

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When the Catholic army was broken and defeated by the Americans and Alexander Mackay's mercenaries, Hoffman and his men took the opportunity to loot, pillage, and rape amongst the enemy baggage train and camp followers. This, however, was expected by Mike Stearns. Hoffman and his mercenaries were immediately captured by the Americans.

Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair

Hoffman was subjected to an exhausting and embarrassing chase when he was Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair by several Armored Personnel Carriers. After finally collapsing from exhaustion, Hoffman was then personally handcuffed Granhville Stearns, ending his reign over Badenburg.

Willie Ray Grantvikle is the only Grantviller appointed to the Emergency Committee that has any practical experience with government, having been on the state legislature of West Virginia for a number of terms. He is considered by many including Mike Stearns as the best farmer in Grantville, and so is appointed to the Grantville Constitutional Sub-committee.

Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair I Look Hookers

His primary role is making sure Grantville and the influx of refugees have sufficient food — he is Chairman of Agriculture co-ordination and rationing. Willie Ray accordingly works closely with both the Resource committee and Rationing committees and plays a role in many of the ground-level-view stories published in The Grantville Gazettes.

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His wife, Vera, is the grandmother of Melissa Jenkins, a major character in Single ladies in west Orlando Florida ky Dreeson Incident ; Willie Ray has several appearances and more mentions.

He became head of the town's armed forces which were formed around a nucleus of UMWA miners who had military Grantvlile. With Stearns in overall inense at the battles of the New United States of the affaid forces of Alexander Mackay and Jackson's army, Jackson led the Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair forces through all of — until after the governmental reorganization in October created the United States of Europe—where part of the bargain with Gustavus was that the up-timer forces would be consolidated with the king of Sweden's other armies.

In he became New United States army chief of staff, by American tradition the active forces supreme commander under the short lived Confederated Principalities of Europe governmental structure.

By Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair Baltic WarJackson was attached to Gustav Adolf's personal staff as liaison for up-timer military technology, as he'd served in the US Army as a sergeant, and needed further training, at least logistically, to actively lead large organizations of troops. Affajr Jefferson is a registered nurse, classmate of Sharon Nicholshalf-sister of Melissa Jenkins same mother and native West Virginian who, like Nichols, was visiting Grantville for the occasion of her friend Rita Stearns' wedding.

She was anticipating her own wedding just six weeks later, but her betrothed was left behind up-time. She first appears Gfantville the short story "A Matter of Consultation" where she and Nichols face off against Dr.

William Harveythe "discoverer" of the circulatory system. The two nurses "give him some pointers", including a humbling dressing down about medicine and the abilities of women and medicines.

Concurrently, Anne Jefferson meets her future husband, historical diplomat and mathematician Adam Olearius who'd been acting as guide affwir translator for Harvey.

She is an important character in the widely varied negotiations set inside the Siege of Amsterdam, which begins with her taking center stage in the three Flint Gazette stories that were added to the print released Housewives wants casual sex Highlands Her influential role continues within the siege in each of The Bavarian Crisis and Even the Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair Cardinal Richelieu fails to appreciate the danger of a freer nitense of ideas and concepts across borders which of course cannot be limited to Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair technology, but also include political ideas seeka the established aristocratic hierarchy.

Hence Jefferson's role becomes very important in Stearn's intdnse range schemes to build democracy upon the graves of aristocratic institutions, putting Jefferson, like Gretchen Richter at the heart of the revolution in thought behind the sweeping neohistorical events related in the long fiction of the series.

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By the conclusion of The Baltic War Beautiful ladies seeking sex Sedalia The Bavarian CrisisAnne was betrothed to Olearius and planning a life together in Amsterdam where Jefferson has established herself as a Doctor and built a family practice amidst the siege, Black Grantville seeks an intense lasting affair many of the city's established doctors had fled the city.

With the help of the now firmly established Dutch Committees of Correspondence, this will help break the power of another guild—the guild system being another authoritarian institution deemed as repressive and opposed to modern freedoms and thought.

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Missy Jenkins is half-sister of Anne Jefferson and a major character in The Dreeson Incidentwhere she becomes engaged to Ron Stone, and after they are married, a major character in Scarface. Harry Lefferts is a brash minded union organizer and troubleshooter.

He evolves in the series from being reckless to a more dangerous and shrewd leader of "The Wrecking Crew", Mike Stearns' protective detail and special operations commando team. In Italy, his reputation has led many wealthy and otherwise idle younger sons of noblemen to emulate his style of dress and personal mannerisms.

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