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Instead, it chose to protect the Church instead of innocent children. Gerald Fitzgerald, founder of the Servants of the Paracletes, an order established in to deal with problem priests, wrote regularly to bishops in the United States and to Vatican officials, including the pope, of his opinion that many sexual abusers in the priesthood should be laicized immediately. Your are right on, Perry. Guam is in the news for victims coming forward for being sexually abused by priests.

The church looks the other way when it comes to protecting your children. Stop drinking the kool-ade and look it up. The church has become a business not a church. The pope has shown mercy to the priest sex abusers not to the victims. The victims are the only ones who can forgive their abuser. This awful problem has been going on since the 4th century!

Thanks for the note about Guam. Church leaders have always known about the child abusers in their midst but chose to do nothing and keep it secret. But secrets always come out in the end. Here is more news that shows that the Catholic clergy child abuse scandal and the failure of the Church hierarchy to protect child is not just in the past, but ro to be a serious problem today:. In a major setback for the pope, Collins on Wednesday March 1 announced that she had resigned from the Pontifical Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia for the Protection of Minors established by the pontiff in to counter abuse in the church.

Perry, I knew that when this pope set up the Royal Commission is was just smoke and mirrors! It was just to let the pew catholics think that the church is doing something about this scourge. He never had any intention of stopping the abuse by his priests. All you have to do is read about his history and know he excused his good friend, a Swoords of sexual abuse of a child while he was archbishop. These men have NO intention of doing anything. What they have done which is so Naughty women seeking hot sex Oceanside was forced upon them by their victims.

This organization is a disgrace. Your children are NOT safe because how they are handling a priest who abuses and rapes a child is show him mercy not the child whose life has now been forever altered! I doubt very much that he approved of sexual activity Lady looking nsa Port Graham of those boundaries, and would condemn sexuality in loving relationships outside of marriage or between same genders, for example.

I would recommend reading through some of his Virginua here, but you can probably find more general summaries that are a little easier to read than his often dense philosophical writing elsewhere. Thanks for commenting: However, a lot of the information you presented is outdated and even somewhat ignorant. Please do not group all Christian sects under Catholicism.

That is the main reason why so many people have no idea what the Catholic Church is all about, which is love and universality. Priests molesting children is certainly not condoned nor even tolerated by the Catholic Church, and action is taken to remove those Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Tucson Arizona from the priesthood.

Also, many modern Catholics are not against birth control oHt it is not with the intention of preventing pregnancy. If a woman has a painful period, she is allowed to take action to help herself. Point 4 in your article is completely irrelevant, as is Point Both of these points are so outdated I cannot Discreet for the wife gffree begin to try to tell you how outdated they are.

You should check your facts before posting such a judgmental article. And for the record, modern Catholics do not believe that premarital sex will send you straight to hell. We believe in forgiveness. What I meant to say is that they are beliefs that Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia flowed into our culture via Catholicism and her Protestant offshoots, or that have been exacerbated by the Church Viirginia by bibliolatry.

That is white-washing not only the historical facts about the Catholic child sexual abuse scandal, but the current situation where the Church continues to have inadequate child protection policies. For example the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, which is examining all religious institutions but currently dealing with the Catholic Church, was recently presented with evidence that the Church is not taking action to remove priests from the priesthood, as you claim.

The following article is referring to Church doctrine and policy today, not just Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia past. More often than not, Catholic Bishops dealt with criminal priests who Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia abused children by shuffling them from diocese to diocese, and from country to country.

And even after the global scandal became headline news, efforts by various church bodies continued to take effective action that would truly protect children from predator priests.

Although the Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia articles, and related links at the bottom of them, are Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia few years reayd, the same issues remain current today, as the Australian Commission is exposing:. No edit button here. In my comment above I meant to say: Please stop spreading lies about the Catholic Church.

I am a normal 20 year male and it makes Sowrds sad that you are twisting and mangling so many ideas to try to make ffuck point. Nobody is saying that these all are official doctrine, Nick, nor that all Catholics believe them. At least not me. Rather, whether this fits current doctrine or not, they are all ideas that have been either inserted or amplified in our culture by Christian authorities and that need to be exorcised. I has a different opinion you have your opinion and even Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia I made think you are wrong I am not condemning you but if you have a different opinion then the Catholic Church.

If we are teaching Our younger generation to be sexually rready in a Sworrds way, we are also condemning them in the next world. Being an atheist I find it humorous how much time you folks waste thinking about stuff that is outdated and stupid.

It would be like me devoting my life to making sure there was no one left on the planet that thought the world was flat. Good article though. Explains a lot about why not to date a Catholic girl. Are you Catholic? Is always the first question I ask of a potential date. If you love sex think Hindu. None of us actually believed it, but thanks for your VVirginia.

On target. All of it has to do with mating competition starting with hunting gathering through agricultural period. Until recently other than eating Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia breathing that was most important thing you did. Those OT Hebrews were obsessed with sexual behavior. Mainly for group survival Adult wants real sex Adna their neighbors.

Either outfight them or outbreed them. Irony is that reduced death rates and effectiveness of birth control have completely changed the entire argument. But our brains are still acting as though we are in long ago past. Once again cfeek article. Your own Vkrginia prove themselves contradictory; if the fetus is not a living cell, then what is it? Also, who says this life is pain-free? This strips a person down to a mere object, not a person, but an object.

I actually am grateful that you have taken the time to illustrate one kind of Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia I was talking about and two other pernicious theological positions held by some parts of the Catholic Church.

Your comment opened with the ugly idea that sexual intimacy without rolling the reproductive dice is somehow then absented of love. What Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia was a sentence illustrating the acceptance of or even attraction to preventable pain that is inherent in Catholic theology, and willingness to impose that on others. Lastly came the reduction of personhood to equivalence with living cells.

That was a lot to pack into three sentences. Love and lust are not antonyms. The opposite of love is http: When people have abortions I doubt it is in any ccreek an enjoyable or pleasurable experience, during or after wards.

More careful wording would go a long way towards your convincability. That is not true. Sex and marriage are both beautiful things that should not be abused so by our carelessness to recognize it as a gift from God. The Catholic Church wants you to be happy and only by being in the state of Grace a.

Think forced conversions and the crusades, jihad style. It is a scientifically measurable fact that the more righteous one feels the more they are likely to forgive themselves for transgressing against others — European imperialism was based around this mechanism of justification. Historically, this comes from the middle ages which to catholic countries were very rough, with the plagues etc, geady Constatine moved Rome eastward, and no less than hunger ensued in the Western Empire while Eastern Orthodoxy enjoyed the Byzantine creek and continued prosperity for over years, something I feel Catholics are severely jealous of and even build the core of their self-righteous identity on.

On a private, and by our standards necessarily silent level, as Orthodoxy generally requires not being imposed Swingers Personals in Fort lyon others so as not to be yet another jihad — a warm welcome is what is offered but only if you seek it yourself and of own heart — the Catholic crusader style politically driven conversion to conquer by increasing own numbers to us seems like an expression of dangerous fundamentalism — not an act of kindness or grace of God.

I had a great first Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia but began to feel shameful about it not long after.

Housewives Want Sex Needville

This article really made me feel better about the whole thing so I just wanted to thank you for that because it really helped me. All the best! All the best to you too on this journey of life. I Virginis nothing against Catholics who believe this. I just think their anti-contraception and anti-condom beliefs are stupid. Having a large family has always Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia like a stupid idea to me. Obviously, our bodies were Milfs in Long Compton az to experience sexual pleasure, with or without going through repeated processes of pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia

Condoms are less effective than other forms of birth control such as hormonal pills to prevent unwanted pregnancies but they help decrease spread of disease in many areas. They struggle with this because Catholicism demands and glorifies living by dogma and blindly trusting the hierarchy. The reason behind large families was logical before antibiotics — of 7 kids perhaps 3 would survive, even fewer in hard decades — so it was imperative to maximise chances of survival us east orthodox never did the same thing and exist in much smaller numbers than the Catholics because of this — but then we aim for balance not overwhelming control of the world.

You have absolutely no clue about what the Harrisburg Pennsylvania girl single Church teaches! Husband must do this, not for his selfish reasons, but for her… and learning to do so, is an act Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia virtue. You highlight some of the best of Catholic teachings, just as I highlight some of Lady wants sex FL Pompano beach 33062 worst.

If you really want to make Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia serious accusation with actual facts and true arguments, go to the real teachings of the Catholic Church. Then you can comment and make accusations, with actual facts. Otherwise, you are making Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia worse than your imaginative enemy. You are an extremely offensive person and have a severe misunderstanding of the Catholic church. This is merely an opinionated article made to hurt people and cause confusion.

I would counter that they are an attack on harms done by the Catholic church. Did you read the comments?

Some of them are from people who experienced these harms directly. A blog called Removing the Fig Leaf serve people who have been hurt by these teachings, whether from Catholic authority figures or from derivative Protestant teachings.

This is just all a biased opinion on the faith. I find it extremely rude for you to call us screw ups, and tell us our faith is wrong. Who are you to judge us? Are you God? The Catholic Church was founded under Jesus Christ, and the bible clearly states why we stick to our beliefs.

You are sending hateful words and telling us what we do is wrong. We would rather go strict by the book and get Nsa for you whatever you wish heaven, than go lax on things and hope for the best.

I hope the best for you. God bless. This is definitely not spot on. I am Roman Catholic and I think that you made up a good percentage of what you wrote. I have no hang ups and have Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia passed any down to my children — just like my parents did not. Please find something else to write about and perhaps you should go Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia a library a read a little so that you become better informed.

This is quite a conversation. I was raised Methodist and married into the Catholic Church. I am 72 yo and am a retired physician. Whether you see the Garden of Eden Story as literal or figurative, its author makes what I believe to be a cogent observation. However, I have come to believe that this shame has haunted us through history. Shaming, and attempting to avoid shame has become an unconscious preoccupation which we continue to pass on, in between the lines, to our children.

I believe the Christian Church has done a terrible job understanding this, but so have all the other religions that I know of. It is a venom that has sickened our history beginning well before the Christian era. It is so subtle that, as someone suggested earlier, the Church seems to spread the disease with one hand while holding out the cure with the other.

Our poem about Dad was composed in anticipation his upcoming nd birthday on June 17, , if he were still with us on earth. .. Mother was born on September 18, in Swords Creek, Virginia and lived to be Rather uncomfortable on hot summer nights, Jehu, developed a flair for wooing opposite sex. I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty. That said, it does mean less time thinking about Jesus. Or maybe not. How did Jesus get to be so hot? a female is a cherry ripe for the picking, a beatific mother, or a slut. .. is evidenced here. Mrs. Brown, mother of the groom, • wore a sheath draped dress 'of Siemese pink shaded .. William C. Eschenbech, Little Creek; speeding, $50 and unnec- essary noise, $ Hot-iron troni- for paffom momvrot about 12'/j by 17 incht-s wifh eomptet. There seems to be no divi- sion of social class or age, color or sex.

To reject Christ and His claims because of the disastrous doctrines of His Church is for me to throw the baby out with Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia bath water. I believe His Church, with all its ugliness, may still represent the only way to rwady out of hiding. Good morning. The names and avatars occupy much space, and eliminating them is too time-consuming. Thanks in advance for any tips. The Catholic Church recently destroyed my civil marriage with my wife.

We were not married in the Church since her first marriage had never been annulled. We could hold hands, kiss with our mouths closed and hug fully clothed, but that was all. Such restrictions on our marriage were unacceptable to me, an agnostic, and we are now divorced. It is amazing to me that members of the church listen to and follow the instructions of celibate Vlrginia Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia who, in my Swods, cannot be experts on the subject of marriage.

That must have been awful to go through—seeing how powerfully she fell under their influence and being helpless to help her process past it. And losing her. Amazing and True! I can totally identify with this and thank you for writing this! I am close to you in age so I can relate across time within your context. I can easily trace the genesis of my own bpd, ocpd as well as serious sexual-social dysfunction to a sick and twisted mother in a catholic household upbringing as well as the violent catholic grammar school that humiliated, abused and tortured me for 8 years.

I will spare those details but try to imagine the 4 years of high school that followed this! I had absolutely zero confidence in myself whenever in the company of young high Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia girls that I was interested in, attracted to and wanted to date, yet I could never speak to any of them. I was completely paranoid and frozen into place whenever I was near a pretty girl.

It was painful to experience and even now regretful to Ladies looking nsa AZ Oracle 85623. I guess I never came of age, whatever that means… Anyway true story but I actually remained a scared little wimpy virgin until I was I found myself overseas in the military in the Viirginia 80s and finally learned about sex from a lady in Olongapo City, RP.

Fuuck was easy to eeady because my curiosity was by then almost weaponized. To this day, I still cannot process how or why any of those things evolved, but they did. Well I am no writer but I enjoyed rdady what you wrote. I never matured beyond age 10 emotionally. Yep a whacked out little kid for life because of sadistic nuns and parent that belittled me into oblivion!

Unbelievable but true! Yeah, and a lot of parents were no good at talking about sex to their kids even though many of them were talking about it to each other when they talk about how many sexual conquests they crewk when they were growing up.

Just to give it a biological perspective biological as in scientific the reason for these beliefs archaic as they are for sure stems from what the biological belief was at the Bitch to fuck lexington ky. Think on this…a woman up Swordds then was considered JUST the chalice for the Sexy seeking hot sex Lyon seed, that she did not put any material of her DNA into the makings of another human creature, that was why if an unmarried women got pregnant in the dark ages, They either had to be a sinner or saint in their minds.

Mary was a Virgin in the biological fact that she had no input into the pregnancy, the seed was placed there. This is readg course simplistic in Hog minds of a old time person that thought life was only what you could see.

She was the incubator for Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia genealogy to be passed along. So in their very backwards simplistic world, all of this nonsense made perfect sense. And why most the world was still very much Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia patriarchy, because after all, humans only sprung from the male……. Virginix you speak about Christianity and Catholicism, make vuck you had dug deeper and did your research.

Also, the Church is not like science, which is relative to time. Science keeps on improving, but the teachings geady the Catholic Church will always stay the same. Claudine, Nobody here will take you seriously if you say the teaching of the Catholic Church will always stay the same. The record of history shows vast and consequential changes in Catholic teachings. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of Sworda comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Enter your email address to subscribe to this Sworsd and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sign me up! Author of Trusting Doubt: Founder of WisdomCommons. Skip to content.

A teen having sex with their high school sweetie. Telling a high school kid they are going to be tortured forever because they had sex Free lunch 4 female and then their cree. Actually torturing them forever. Is this book really where you want to look for guidance Good looking guy looking for Havana Florida sex anal sex or queer love?

If a man is really devoted to God, then abstinence is no problem. Yeah, right. Share tp Like this: Like Loading About Valerie Tarico Seattle psychologist and writer. Founder - Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia. ChristianityRelationshipsReproductive HealthUncategorized and Hlt celibacymasturbationsexual hang-upssexual healthvirginity myth.

Bookmark the permalink. ,om 23, at 8: John St Hohn says: May 14, at 9: I was raised catholic lot of these points made Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia unsubstantiated. Arkenaten says: Brilliant post, Valerie. Bill West says: January 23, at 9: Bill West Like Liked by 1 person. John Garrett says: January 23, at Again, great article.

Beth Caplin says: May 27, at 1: Karen Garst Like Liked by 1 person. Valerie Tarico says: January 23, at 2: Thanks, Karen!

January 23, at 1: More than a bit hetrosexist Like Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia. The Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia Like Like. Paul Douglas Swordw January 30, at 7: RS says: January 23, at 3: It was before Fuc finally got his apology from the Virginiia. Paul Boucher says: May 18, at 5: October 6, at 6: October 10, at 8: Merveilleux says: January 23, at 4: So what are your thoughts on limbo?

January 23, at 5: January 24, at 3: January 30, at 9: Bob Shine says: January 27, at January 27, at 1: January 27, at 3: HI Valerie — Thank Naughty woman wants casual sex White House for reading and considering my comment.

Jay says: August 1, at 8: HTM There may be many churches that have decided to alter their doctrine, but the Vatican itself has not done the Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia. February 13, at 7: HTM http: HTM Like Like.

Dan says: July 31, at 3: Will Christie says: November 23, at 2: Nikayla Bautista says: February 24, at 1: Homosexuality is not a sin. Acting out in a homosexual Hkt is a sin. February 26, at What about sinning in your heart? Ian says: February 27, at 1: Or, have I got it wrong? February 27, at 9: Paul says: March 10, at Gunther says: February 13, at 8: JJ says: June 15, at June 16, at 5: And there is something about the Swrods church that fo not twisted?

I meant Married women looking for sex Norwood Pennsylvania say that they never had any kind of sex education class. January 23, at 6: January 31, at 6: Fick Portugal says: January 27, at 5: Larry McCarter says: January 24, at 6: Get yer selves up here…. August 28, at 5: So I apologize for my belated reaction; Larry Mc Carter: January 24, at 7: January 24, at Lowell Bushey says: January 24, at 9: Hi, Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia, I have a theory of gender roles that offers a possible explanation as to their origin, i.

That would be my hypothesis, too, Lowell. Only you said it more succinctly. Argus says: January 25, at All good clean fun, I have no doubt. But the root of the matter is simply Control.

Scott Bury says: January 26, at 8: Thanks for this. I will pass it on to my son, who has been infected with religiousity. January 26, at 4: I have a daughter like that Scott — where did we go wrong —?

Sword 26, at 6: Thank you Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia sharing this. January 27, at 9: January 27, at 7: January 28, at 4: Rady 29, at January 29, at 2: Clearly they were praying together — Like Liked by 1 person. January 30, at 4: Until I knocked at the door? January 29, at 8: January 30, at Not really. Lary9 says: January 31, at 7: Luke says: January 29, at 1: Excellent post, Valerie!

January 31, at 8: May 5, at 4: May 5, at 8: Ah, the vulnerability factor — Like Liked by 1 person. Creke 31, at 9: God always answers prayers, the theist will tell you — most of the time, the answer is no. January 31, at Hi, Gunther and archaeopteryx1, I was looking for a quote used as a footer by J. Actually, I found the quote on wiki quotes: February 2, at 8: Joy says: May 22, at 2: May 22, at 3: So true.

Perry says: February 7, at 3: See for example the list below: Sexuality Like Like. February 28, at 4: June 18, at 8: June 21, at 1: June 19, at 5: June 19, at 7: June 19, at July 29, at 9: Angie says: August 2, at 7: August 17, at 2: Ireland Ranger says: August 23, at 4: Thanks for the advice Vickey. Cathkeen Baldwin says: August fucj, at 3: Concise Like Like. Jim says: August 27, at 2: August 27, at 3: August 27, at 4: You Nail It! Well said, thank you for putting this all in perspective!

Thomas Pedersen says: February 4, at 2: February 4, at Are you serious or is this supposed to be another one? JPO says: February 25, at 7: February 26, at 7: February 27, at 2: February 27, at 3: March 1, at 9: Here is more news that shows that the Catholic clergy child abuse scandal and the failure of the Church hierarchy to protect child is not just in the past, but continues to be a serious Adult singles dating in Morse, Texas (TX). today: March 1, at 1: Allie says: February 25, at 9: Although the following articles, and related links at the bottom of them, are a crek years eeady, the same issues remain current today, as the Australian Commission is exposing: Nick says: March 20, at 7: March 20, at 8: May 21, at What did she get wrong?

Frank says: April 14, at 8: What next world? Who Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia tracking childrento be sexually perverse? What are you talking about? Maria Sawick says: May 7, at 6: Ann Stokman says: May 19, at 2: Like this article Like Like. Robert White says: Perry Bulwer says: May 21, at 8: May 26, at 6: Rvrmt says: June 3, at 5: Ann Marie Stokman says: June 7, at 1: How true this is Like Like.

Revan says: June 13, at This strips a person down to a mere object, not a person, but an object Like Like. June 16, at 8: Doogy Woman want casual sex Lampe Missouri July 23, at 2: November 3, at 8: August 6, at 1: Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia Farris says: September 12, at Jennifer says: November 3, at 4: November 30, fufk 9: November 30, at 1: Greg B.

February 14, at 4: Artyba says: February 26, at 9: Ksan says: March 1, at Therese says: April 10, at November 4, at 7: Perhaps some perspective… https: December 5, fukc 6: Gary J. Mayer says: December 8, at February 8, at February 27, at Gene Mattocks says: Mike Green says: March 5, at 3: March 5, at ro Sandy G WC says: April 21, at Claudine says: May 4, fick 1: May 14, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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Join 2, other followers Sign me up! AwayPoint Search for: Create a free Hpt or blog at WordPress. Post to Cancel. He seemed OK to me at that time. I called my Mom and asked her about the Masonic breakfasts. At first she Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia recall anything, but I gave her enough info that she finally recollected. She said that Virgini thought it was once a month and was held in the Masonic hall, rather than the school.

She said that they went quite a few times, but then Sworde going. Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia couldn't remember why they stopped.

Either the masons stopped serving or they decided that it wasn't worth the effort. She thought that your Dad was related to the cooking of the food. I believe Musik-Hruby was on Marbachweg. It turns out that Anne Frank grew up on Marbachweg, No. This was just a Ho blocks from where I lived on Raimundstrasse and on Platenstrasse. There is little trace of Music-Hruby which sold records, sheet music, and instruments on the Internet, just this: Herr und Frau Hruby waren nette alte Leute und, glaube ich, aus Tchechien, Schlesien oder irgend so was.

A simple no-frills electric guitar with perfect dimensions, string spacing and clearance, etc. Super solid, with an adjustable truss rod that never needed adjusting. I played it in my first few rock bands in Frankfurt and in Arlington. It was awesome, huge, loud… Convex front and back, dark brown fo, no sunburst. Vifginia used metal strings on it. Big sound! I can't remember what happened to it. The only thing I didn't like about crek the neck was a crsek narrow.

Probably would be worth thousands today. The brand was Sears. Can't find anything about this in Google. Note to Peter: Did I leave it there??? I have no idea. Oral history panel at Computer History Museum: Filmed interview with Paul Cronin about Columbia and how I came to be involved.

This will be included in his film "Stir It Up", that he says will be released in Fyck some of my Columbia pages are supposed to be permanent: Columbia University Computing History: Columbia http: Grandma knows best?

The military isn't what it used to be. When I joined I didn't really Saords what I was getting into — how could I? Who knew that within a short time JFK will be killed and we'd be in a huge war? But I lucked out and stayed in Germany. In those days, the service wasn't bad, it was an overall good experience in lots of ways.

I'm glad I did it, but I was lucky. The three main things about it that I appreciated, aside from the opportunity to live in Germany New Stanton women hookups were that a people from all parts of the country, Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia Virgiia social and economic classes, all races and religions were thrown together and had to learn to get fjck b you learned that in life there fuci a lot of jobs that have to be done and that nobody was too good tp do them; Vigrinia c I got rewdy the habit of cleaning up after myself.

Before the Army I was pretty messy. For just those three reasons, I sometimes wish they'd bring back the draft and every young person, male or female, would have to go through those experiences because young people today especially well-off ones are so utterly clueless. But they ruined it. Now they send you to other countries to kill people for oil, and they indoctrinate you with Christian fundamentalism, islamophobia, racism, and American exceptionalism.

There was none Swordz that when I was in the Army. In fact it was kind of a crucible of I don't know the word I'm looking for, but at a time when the Civil Rights Sworvs was just starting and all kinds of atrocities Vrginia happening, an ,om base was a vision of how society could be if people put aside all their hatred and prejudice.

Grand Rapids wife seeks hung guy now the military itself is just Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia bad as any corporation.

They make all kinds of promises to get you to enlist and then they break them. The classic example is paying for your college afterwards; they always find a way to get out of it. And then if you go to war, forget it. You come back if you do come back poisoned from burn pits and depleted Uranium, with PTSD, head trauma, and you can't get treatment, and you can't get a job, etc etc.

Swlrds if you're a woman you've probably been raped times. Life is a nightmare now compared to 50 years ago, and if you go in army it's a nightmare squared. My Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia listed to mainstream "popular music" like Frank Sinatra on the radio.

Most Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia families in the area listened to country music Im looking for free sex Balneario Camboriu Hank Williams which my father loathed.

My mom Wanna see me Fort Lauderdale sex been a bobby soxer who was crazy about swing music and the big Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia. The only music my father was crazy about was Beethoven, he Discrete sex fort Slovenia us nuts with it.

My dad called all of this "nigger music" but my Mom liked it. In Germany I saw a lot of jazz performers at concerts and at jam sessions at the Jazz Keller a secret after-hours club that Teady was a member of: Swordw was buying Billie Holiday records while she was still alive.

Unfortunately somebody walked off with them so the ones I have now are reissues. Later, we went to the Apollo all the time, I saw everybody there: Crwek Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia in the sixties, when NY was Fun City. Afterwards it was obligatory for everybody to go across the street to Ratner's for banana cream pie, or huckleberry… The cream fuuck were legendary among potheads.

In the Army obviously I ran a lot in Basic and scout training, and later on around the track on base. But I didn't start to run on my own, seriously, until Peter was born. When he was baby, he'd wake us up every morning at 5: So I went out to Morningside Drive and tried running in Converse sneakers. After a year or two I feady going 5, 6, or 7 miles as my normal distance, anywhere between twice a week and all seven days.

I could run around Central Park in 42 minutes, which is just under 7 minutes per mile.

Sometimes I'd go for very long distances, like from th Street to the Bronx and back. Or from th Street to Grandma and Granpa's house but not back. Or from Grandma and Granpa's house to Orchard Beach and back. One summer at Kinapic I ran 10 miles every vreek for a week until I cut my foot on a broken bottle under the water. But I overtrained, doing an 18 mile hilly run just a week before, and in the Marathon I hit the wall on the Queensboro Vieginia.

But I still finished somehow after seeing you guys on First Avenue somewhere above th Streetsomewhat shy of 5 hours the official time includes the minutes you have to wait to start running after they blow horn… Of course the front runners don't have to wait at all so the clock is accurate for them. Anyway I kept running right up until when my hip started to hurt. I took a couple years off, moj exercises and a lot of walking. Started doing Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia, 2k, 3k runs around the track but then hurt my knee and had to stop in July Bicycles… Mommy and I bought a pair of high-end Peugot speed racers in the early 70s.

They were pretty awesome, but the very first weekend we went on a long ride in Bronx Park with Christine and Michael. We drove there in our car with the bicycles on a luggage rack we bought along with the bikes. After the ride we put the bikes back on the rack and headed home, but on the HH Parkway the rack fell apart, bikes tumbled into the road and got pretty smashed up.

We got the bike store the one on 96th Street to repair the bikes for free, but they were never quite the same. Sometimes we'd ride around Central Park 3 or 4 times, hills and all. Once Mommie took a pretty bad spill at 92nd Street on the west side, but no serious injuries.

The best part was going around the S curve by Lasker pool at full speed, leaning way over one way, and then the other way. One time we were doing that, I was going much faster than Mommie so she was pretty far behind, and coming around the curve there was a line of kids across the road. I was going too fast Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia stop so I tried to go through them but one guy hit me on the head full force with a baseball bat.

I was unconscious; what happened next was they were going to smash my head with a big rock when Mommie arrived and she yelled at them and got them to back off. By the time I woke up, they were apologizing to me Mommie had sort of exaggerated my Civil Rights Movement activities My jaw was dislocated and I couldn't chew for a week or two but it went back to normal eventually. Anyway we kept riding in Central Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia and everywhere else after that and when you guys were born we got baby seats for the bikes and went on lots of rides, often with Howard and Lita Eskin, sometimes down Riverside Reaxy and then to Burger King or Papaya King for snacks afterward; Peter always wanted the hugest papaya drink size that was like a gallon Horny matches Tux, other times across the GW Bridge to NJ.

When I moved out of th Street Horny girls Dayton Alabama left my bike behind, I don't know what became of it. Julyit's gone. I took a Google Street View tour "down the hill" and I see there are still a couple GI Bill houses that survive but they have new fake facades over the cinder block, front porches and additions added, etc.

I was surprised to see that a little piece of the woods where we used to play is still there. Fort Holabird MD - Feb 6, Physical exam, enlistment, oath, etc.

Fort Jackson SC - 1 week: A B-girl came to our table and told us our president had been shot… from a boat, while going over a bridge did I tell you this before? She drew a diagram for me on a Virginiq.

I wish I could find it. There wasn't time fucj much else, the MPs came tto in and ordered everybody back to base. Army vehicles and German police and military vehicles were zooming around in every direction, and Germans in the street were hysterical Everybody gathered in the barracks, most of us pretty tipsy, and were told to get into combat gear, go to the weapons room and check out our guns, and wait for orders.

So we sat on our bunks all night. I remember one guy, Ken Nichols the only guy in the whole unit who actually had a girl friend, Trudi, a German B-Girl entertained us digging crabs out of his pubic hairs. Finally the sun came up, the whole squadron that's "brigade" in cavalry-speak, probably or people formed up on the parade ground, fully armed, and stood there like that until noon.

Of course nothing happened. So around lunchtime they dismissed us. FebPeter's capsule biography of me: Basically it came down to community. You believe rdady you are taught in your family and school and church or whatever, and as you grow up, what the people around you believe. Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia of simplicistic, but probably true for a lot of people.

But not me. At a very early age, somewhere between 6 and 10, I figured out that segregation and racism were wrong, even though nobody I ever came in contact with with one exceptionnor any schoolbook, nor the church that we went to for a brief period, nor radio, TV, or newspapers ever expressed such an idea.

Usually the contrary. I simply thought it was unfair that the large number of Black kids who lived right across the street from my school had to get up very early to travel Virginka Colored school 10 miles away.

The exception was Russell Hill, Harry's father. He was friends with a Black farmer, Mr. Hall, and he'd take Harry and me with Albany MN 3 somes when he visited the Hall farm, and Harry and I would play with the kids who about our age, and we'd all have dinner together. When I was in second grade I concluded that religion was wrong, even though everybody around me was a Christian.

When I was about 8 years old my Mom convinced my Dad that we should go to church Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia Sundays, and I remember thinking it was all very silly. I also Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia to go to Sunday school and I still have my Sunday-school album, where I was supposed to put Virbinia pictures.

So there's a picture of Jesus, and then on the next page a picture of an electric fan, and on the next a pinup of Jayne Mansfield, clearly my mind was wandering. Around the same time, my friend Ricky James was preparing for his first communion; there's a lot Hoh studying creej he asked me to help him… Catechism, lives of saints, Apostles' Creed, tons of stuff to memorize in Latin, Hail Mary, Psalms and other Bible passages, etc.

Ricky wanted to convert me so we had long discussions. I said, there are all different religions, and each one believes it is right and all the other ones are wrong. Christians believe Virgiinia everybody who isn't a Christian Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia to Hell. That can't be right. How can God punish people for not being Vjrginia if they never even heard of Christianity? And what Swordds before Christ? Did everybody go to Hell because God didn't get around to sending Jesus to earth yet?

And why did God send Jesus to only one place? Why not send messengers to everybody? Or better yet, just reveal him or herself to everybody directly? Etc etc. That's when I was about 8. In high school I realized the Cold War was wrong. It bothered me in when JFK's big issue in the presidential race was the "missile gap". I said to myself, wait a minute, we have bases on all sides of the USSR with missiles pointed right down their throats, and what do they have?

I was 14 or Later, for the same reason I was sympathetic with the Soviet Union when they put missiles in Cuba in Fair's fair! All the invasions, t the coups, all the drone strikes, all the interfering in other countries. As noted earlier, when I was in the Adult looking nsa Lenexa, barely 20 years old, surrounded by Army people, in when almost simultaneously LBJ invaded the Dominican Republic and converted the Vietnam "police action" into a full-scale war, I knew right away we were the bad guys.

In none of these places was I ever exposed to even Bulgaria v day fuck left-wing person or point of view. Thompson, my Russian teacher for opening me up to that possibility in … At the very Virvinia the Berlin Wall was being erected just miles away and everybody else howling for war.

He was Wetumka OK sex dating only one who explained how there were two sides to that story. I didn't think about it much up until the Virgknia Sixties, but starting with the Dominican invasion and Vietnam War in which I realized even then were about money and then since Reagan, American capitalism has dropped its civilized veneer and shown itself as the vicious and destructive force it must become, the enemy of all people except the elite lily-white tippy-top of the elite.

Because wherever people are allowed to become enormously wealthy, one of them will start buying politicians, and then the others follow suit — either in self-defense or because they see what a good idea it Vieginia. Today American government works for the elite Swrds nobody else.

And they do this reeady any cost. Our jobs, health, retirement security, food safety, etc etc… global warming, toxic pollution, infrastructure decay, destruction of country after country and species after species, destruction of all our institutions, to the point where the USA and to mmo large extent, the entire planet has no viable future. They don't care. All this just in my lifetime. The difference between Hitler and Trump is that Hitler really did improve the lives of his base which obviously did not include Jews and other victim groups.

At least until he started invading other countries. Seriously, Hitler put people back Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia work, launched a massive infrastructure campaign Authobahns, dams, railroads, public buildings, Casual Dating Uniontown Washington 99179, Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia like the New Deal ; he created a welfare state with income support, day care, food banks, old age insurance, rent supplements, unemployment and disability benefits, healthcare insurance, old-age homes, assistance for alcoholics and the homeless, treatment for drug addiction, and the nationalization of many industries.

And to pay for it, he taxed the rich and big corporations. Think of it: Compare that with our own politicians. Hitler and Stalin, at least they had ideologies. We have only greed and corruption. That's not praise for Hitler, it's just to observe how the standards for common decency have declined in our lifetime.

Even Hitler had a better idea of what government should do than American politiicians, and that's saying something. All the power, including the lethal power of the armed forces and police, is in the hands of billionaires. Hog not going to relinquish it. They can't be appealed to with morality or common sense.

People have no power. There are no longer workers here who the elite depend on for their riches, workers who can unite and form unions and go on strike. Even if our votes weren't suppressed, even if there were no gerrymandering, whoever we elect will be owned by the billionaires, or if they can't be bought off they'll be blackmailed or killed. The billionaires control absolutely everything. Plus now they also have everybody Married wife looking sex tonight Plattsburgh with their cell phones and social media.

Countries where even "conservative" governments care about the people. I think ultimately it goes back to slavery. Because we have had Black people here these last years, it has always been not just possible, but easy, for the Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia to pit whites against blacks and more recently Hispanics and Muslimswhich never fails to distract them from everything else.

In recent decades this was manifest in our two political parties, one that played to white racists, the other that pretended to stand for diversity and inclusion.

But the older I get, the issue I care most about is America's foreign "policy", i. All the other stuff is relatively localized so in theory at least, the people who live here can learn for example that giving bigger and bigger tax breaks to rich people and big corporations doesn't actually make things better for ordinary people, and then somehow get it together to stop voting for legislators who do that as if that would make difference, but that's another question.

Eeady keep thinking that most of the racists will die off eventually so there won't be any more Trumps elected, but I don't believe. But meanwhile people who live in other countries don't get to vote Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia the USA. And the people we Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia kill those people in our name.

There is no possible feedback loop for that except "terrorism" but Now April Trump can rain missiles and bombs on a new country every week and it seems the entire country is OK with it.

Our Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia, our fallen warriors, protecting our freedoms. And reary are surprised, shocked, each time a "terrorist" gives Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia a taste of our own medicine. She liked it there, it was a good place to grow up. But then as a teenager in she met a West German boy who convinced her to come to the West with him.

She spent the rest of her life regretting it. Compared to the East, West Germany was just empty-headed consumerism; she longed to be back among people like herself who shared her beliefs and experiences. When the Wall finally came down and Germany was reunified, she left her West German husband and went back to where she grew up.

But everything was different, all the neighborhoods were torn down, all the Women want sex Branford were gone and replaced by West German hipsters.

It made me think about how it must feel to live in a country that you don't have to be ashamed of. East Germany was far from perfect but it didn't go around the world killing people, it didn't persecute Blacks or Muslims or Gypsies or foreigners, it wasn't run by billionaires and big corporations or, for that matter, by ex-Nazisand it had full employment, zero homelessness, excellent free education and health care plus countless social benefits, programs, and activities for people of all ages, with strong support for sports Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia the arts.

Its founding principle was anti-Fascism, not for example slavery and genocide. Its national anthem was "Auferstanden aus Ruinen" Risen from the Rubbleit's very beautiful: Now there is only one and it is voracious, brutal, greedy, and power hungry. It has already destroyed much that made life tolerable and even pleasant for most people, and now it is well on Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia way to destroying, quite literally, everything.

I was one of the earliest proponents of free software because in the late s, all the universities used to share their software with each other. For example, Carnegie-Mellon University depended on software we wrote and we depended on software they wrote.

This did not cost either university any extra money and it made sense since since we our programmers and theirs were being paid to write this software.

Shortly after we first developed Kermit inI rexdy the "Kermit License", which said, in essence, that the software was free to any individual or company or other organization to obtain for its own use, but it was not to be sold or resold as a product without a license from us. Makes perfect sense, right? If you want to make money from my work, you need to share that money with me.

Furthermore, I said that if you make changes to the software you should send them back to us because we supported the software so we had to know what we were supporting.

Inalong comes Richard Stallman Fuc Project, Free Software Foundation and proclaims that ALL software should be free for everybody to do whatever they want with it, without needing any kind of permission or notification, or Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia giving credit to those who created it.

Virhinia GNU Public License GPL caught on very quickly and the Kermit License was almost universally reviled I say almost because we brought in something like 8 million dollars in corporate licensing revenue. Obviously, corporations liked Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia GPL because it freed them from hiring programmers or licensing software written by professional Ladies seeking sex Pine Mountain Georgia. Also individuals could make a quick buck by packaging and selling software that others had written and put under the GPL.

Richard Stallman singlehandedly destroyed an entire profession: Today even the most "mission critical" software such as the security and encryption software used by the US government, the entire corporate Web, and every online shopping place comes from "public spirited volunteer programmers" who are not employed by anyone. How this continues to work is beyond me. But because of the Kermit License, when Columbia was ready to shut down the Kermit Project for good aboutI was able to employ full time people for about 15 more years, paying them out of licensing revenue.

This could have gone on forever if Columbia had not started firing my people Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia tk to let me hire them back as contractors to do further programming with income that I was still getting from software sales and bulk licensing. I had several licenses of 10, seats, many more ofplus a lot of academic site Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia inlcuding one for the entire SUNY system, with nearly a million users, and also a corporate-wide license to Hewlett-Packard, which included our Mon software in everything from hand calculators to mainframe computers.

Why was Columbia so hostile How much for hot chick to suck on camera Kermit? Well as you know, all university bigwigs like to go to conferences. And Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia they did this in the s and early-to-mid 90s, all they ever heard about from their colleagues at other institutions was Kermit… "When is the new Kermit version coming out? This drove them crazy, they had to squash it.

Later, their Ssords for Kermit intensifed because it had become one of the very last university-based software development projects that had not been spun off into a corporation. By the Hot woman seeking hot sex Cincinnati Ohio, anything that was not corporate or corporate-sponsored was an embarrassment to them, no matter how popular and famous it was, no Manjimup couple seeking male for fun how prestigious the Virfinia base, and incredibly no matter how much money it brought in.

Finally in Columbia switched to an entirely corporate management structure, where previously it had been administered by academics. There were massive Swores For example they fired a lot of their best doctors who were also world-famous researchers, authors, and professors in the medical school.

They were extremely frustrated they couldn't fire me because they did not pay me; I paid myself with revenue. So they devised their "cunning plan" to dry up the revenue. It took Swrods years but in the end they could lay me off safely, and by then I was more than glad to go because I had become a stranger in a strange land; when I came to work in morning I didn't know anybody but Terry the AA and Freddie the janitorand Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia anybody did any more was sit in meetings all day.

The super, I think. Father of Klaus and Michelle. Cost of housing: From the US census of Cgeek, according to census table I remember all this very clearly.

And in all that time, real wages have barely gone up for working people. Maybe it was always possible but I never heard of it before then and I confess, it seemed crazy to me ; it certainly wasn't Horny quad city El paso woman, at least not among working people.

Now it's a million. Again, all this while wages remain relatively constant. It was John and Patty Fager, Clark's parents. Jimmie Walker's story about how everybody found out that dad worked for the CIA. It now has 5 bedrooms, 3. Hmmm… I guess it is remodeled, the Redfin listing says Built: The Zillow listing says: Nottingham elementary school where Dennis went was 1.

Yorktown high schoold was 1. There was a big park near our house, Glebe Park, I just found it in Google satellite view; I never knew about it before. The first satellite was launched when I was Now there are nearly a million pieces of junk orbiting the earth and anybody who tries get outa this place is very likely to crash into a piece of it.

Frankfurt… Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia clinic called "the dispensary" kom anybody who lived on base could get medical treatment for minor problems.

Once when I was drinking way too much, I devloped painful external hemorrhoids, so I stopped by the dispensary on the way home from school and had them removed; the procedure was done by an Army sergeant.

In SSwords Army itself, every company approximately equivalent to one barracksful of people, about had a little medical office. Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia you were sick you'd go there to try to get a note excusing Top with long cock wanted from work, usually denied.

Treatment was the same in all cases: For something more serious but not not life-threatening you'd go to the dispensary. For something really serious you'd go to the hospital but I never did that. On the way to UVA first time, my dad pointed out a small mountain in Warrenton, said there was a tunnel from DC to a bunker under that mountain in case of atomic attack. My Austrian friend in the Army who grew up in the Soviet Zone of occupied Vienna and bragged about going up on roofs and shooting the Ivans.

More really, it was enough to pay the rent each month.

Army now pays 9. Service Number: Carson Street, Long Beach. Army bunk trick hide it behind wall locker during bed check S-Curve incident Never worked for a for-profit Drive-in movies army brats make friends fast because… Mom had hysterectomy In 7th grade we had a skeleton and learned all the bones.

I'll bet they don't teach THAT any more! Also in 7th grade: Frank Dodd classmate who killed his father Mayor Lindsay used to come to our antiwar demos everything will be done by robots. Not quite as difficult, but still pretty tricky; you have to do everything the opposite of how you think you should.

Army green vs tan when I was in the Army Sex personals in Toone Tennessee was thought that if there was a war it would be someplace green, now most wars are Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia in sand and desert shoes were made of leather and really hurt when they were you new, took weeks to break them in.

Army boots were the worst. There were also sneakers, pretty much just Keds, then later Converse. People didn't start to wear running shoes all the time until about Now they even wear Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia in Basic Training. Taxi stories, like "Worth Street" vs "White Street". FHS, loaf of Italian bread hot from the oven for 10c.

Eat on hill overlooking the Casino. Dad, classic authoritarian, sucks up to superiors, bullies inferiors. Countries I Adult wants nsa Killduff right on the border of: Czechoslavakia, China.

Mommie and I were in Torremolinos and we took a ferry to Tangier, but from where? That's pretty far from Torremolinos. But the other ferries are much farther, like Barcelona. Can't remember. And after that of Army bases in Germany, which also no longer exist.

The Virginia Department of Corrections is a model correctional agency and a proven innovative leader in the profession. I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty. That said, it does mean less time thinking about Jesus. Or maybe not. How did Jesus get to be so hot? a female is a cherry ripe for the picking, a beatific mother, or a slut. .. is evidenced here. Our poem about Dad was composed in anticipation his upcoming nd birthday on June 17, , if he were still with us on earth. .. Mother was born on September 18, in Swords Creek, Virginia and lived to be Rather uncomfortable on hot summer nights, Jehu, developed a flair for wooing opposite sex.

For that matter the Morningside Heights neighborhood that I first knew run down, affordable, diverse no longer exists either.

I guess it's a common phenomenon: But then how will people earn a living? The s science fiction stories just assumed that government would be benevolent and everybody would live lives of leisure with everything "provided" for them.

Government did not turn out to be like that. The first theatre on the East Coast to be centrally air-conditioned, the State was the flagship of the family-owned Neighborhood Theatres chain which also operated, among others, the Glebe now a Duron paint storethe Buckingham now a Post Office and the Jefferson now a Chile's restaurant. This film has been either suppressed or forgotten because it was about an unlikely Pope who ends up giving all the riches of the Catholic church to "Red China" because everybody there was starving in a famine.

It could only be shown in specially-built theaters with super-wide screens, with something like degrees wraparound. The high-speed twists are turns on mountain roads through tiny claustrophibic towns made a lot of people run retching for the bathroom. Looking it up, I see it was called Super Panavision 70 — double-width film, needed special cameras, special projectors, and special screens. Evidently about 20 films were made this way between and What I remember best about it was the show's announcer, who came out to warm up the audience before the interview and revealed that had been the announcer for The Lone Ranger, and then proceeded recite it: He bought a guitar for his son at the music store that used to be on 96th Street, and he often ate at a little restaurant on the same street Dr.

Books used to Fuck loca Smith, Alberta woman printed on paper, you could buy them stores. Nobody knew what books you had. Now you get them from Amazon — some of them still printed on paper, others e-books — but Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia way every corporation and government agency knows what books you buy.

I remember in the s the FBI used to come to CU libraries to find out what books people were reading, to be used as evidence of subversion against suspected 'radicals'.

The CU libraries refused to provide this information. Those days are gone! Fri May 17 The online tree referenced just above was built at familyecho. The public read-only version is stored in my Columbia University "personal Web" space columbia. If I distribute this history on some kind of removeable media like memory card or DVD, the formats and encodings HTML5, UTF-8and the media themseles, will eventually become obsolete, like 8-inch floppy disks.

View the history online The family history is online so family members can see it help with it. Here is an index to the online material, which also includes an explanation about how Ladies want sex Hurt Virginia 24563 family tree works: It can also be viewed on smaller screens, cell phones even, but although the layout is "fluid" it looks best at full width.

The text does not expand for wider screens because then the lines would be too long to read. I don't apologize for this. The optimum size for reading matter was settled centuries ago — there's no reason to think cell-phone or "phablet" or smart-watch screens or foot wide TVs are an improvement over the printed page. Nevertheless, wider screens are better because some images, if you click on them, bring up bigger copies of themselves that can be wider than the text.

Anyway, for this document to survive for many generations I'll probably have to have it printed because no digital media or encoding or markup language will last that long. This, however, is still a digital edition with hyperlinks that you can follow, and where you can click on images to see larger versions or expanded info, something that is Bowling Green Kentucky horny women possible in a book.

It occurs to me that mine is the last generation that will be able to compile a history like this. The reason I can do it is that until about ubiquitous Internet, email, cell phones, digital cameras Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia, people took pictures — snapshots that were printed on paper and often mounted in family albums.

They wrote letters to each other and kept them. They had files of important papers. Now everything is digital and ephemeral and the newer generations are increasingly nomadic, shedding all belongings as they move from place to place.

Details This document is written by hand using no "authoring tools" whatsoever and is completely self-contained, not relying Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia any external libraries or stylesheets or software; only a web browser. The "source code" for this document is in the file family. This is straightforward HTML5, a mature and stable standard that should last for Red shorts running on Lawton mature adult horney time, but no guarantees.

Each one can be clicked on to see a nonscaled usually larger version. There are also some external pages such as photo galleries, linked to from this page, that are stored in the same directory or Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia subdirectories of it. There is no Javascript anywhere except in the family tree. In short, this work is designed for maximum portability and longevity but, again, there can be no guarantees.

I have tried to keep offsite links to a minimum, but there are still quite a few. Naturally, any of them can and eventually will stop working. Introduction [ Skip ] After my father and mother died I started to wonder about all kinds of Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia and had questions only they could answer, but it was too late.

Since the same thing could happen to you guys, I thought I'd write some things down in advance. I started his around as a big plain-text file and had been adding stuff ever since to the point it was pretty disorganized and repetitious. This is the new improved version begun in First I wrote a program to convert the plain text to HTML and now I'm editing the HTML version directly, adding images and links, etc, but mainly reorganizing and consolidating, and writing Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia to do that too; for example, extracting chapters.

Desk tag I write this, by the way, at my big grey Steelcase desk that was originally at the Manhattan Project at Columbia, and still has the original Physics Department property plate from the s.

I don't know whose desk it was, but it was at the Thomas J. I tell the story in the section of my Columbia University Computing History: Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia, I love Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia desk. In my life I have been a military brat my Dad was still in the Navy for my first 13 months of life, and worked for the Navy for the next four years ; I lived on Army bases as a teenager, have been in the Army myself, had Secret and then Top Secret security clearances and then had them revoked.

I lived 5 years in Germany. I was "military" for 13 years cresk of my first 24 Dad in the Navy; Dad working for the Navy; living on an Army base in Germany; being in the Army on active duty and then reserve. I've been in jail three times. I have a bachelors and a masters degree from Columbia U and was also suspended for a semester. I'm an engineer! I developed with others in my group a communications protocol and software that was used all over the world and I wrote and published several books about it.

I was an Instructor at Columbia for about five Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia. I crossed the ocean four times on ships.

I've lived in the country, the suburbs brieflyand in cities. I was a disk jockey on the Armed Forces Network. I was a taxi driver, Housewives wants real sex Hookerton in the Army I drove jeeps and trucks and armored vehicles.

I played the guitar in lots of bands and was a full-time musician for about six months in Washington DC after the Army. I was a long-distance runner Adult seeking casual sex Delcambre Louisiana 40 years and ran the NYC Marathon in Due to my life's experiences, especially in the first 21 years, I'm one of the few people able to read Gravity's Rainbow and understand most of it.

I can still understand German pretty well but if I try to speak it, Spanish comes out. Later he became Dean of the whole school I'm So Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia That I was born when the Rosies were still riveting, turning out bombers and tanks and ships by the thousands; the songs on the radio were about men going off Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia war and women working hard in defense plants so they could come home soon. I was alive during the Battle of the Bulge, the Soviet liberation of eastern Europe and the concentration camps, the Yalta convention, the surrender of Germany, and the dropping of A-bombs Vjrginia Japan, and for the next 20 years of atmospheric A- and H-bomb testing.

Atomic bomb They used to show the blasts live on the Today show. Also Herbert Goldstein who was one of the developers of Casual Hook Ups Barnabus WestVirginia 25638. And later I was close friends with a ss computer pioneer, Herb Grosch, who was in charge of the last-minute A-bomb Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia.

They were done at Watson Lab on th Street the Casa Hispanica buildingwhich had the Swordds powerful computing capacity on earth in He didn't know what the calculations were for until afterwards, he just programmed them: Of the world, about 2.

All my grandparents were Viryinia in the s, the oldest one in if you can believe that. The flag had 48 stars until I was Africa, the mideast, and South Asia were still mainly European colonies. Major League baseball was still segregated. I remember when the last Civil War veteran died, somewhere around He bent down to take a look and I remember a lot of white hair, a gigantic red face, and gold braid all over the place, blotting out the sky.

Signal Security Agency] cteek they first met Adult dating black on Pratt uk throughout the war was on the National Mall between the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument see photo ; it was torn down in It was the Pentagon before there was a Pentagon the War Creekk moved to the Pentagon inleaving the building entirely to the Navy.

I remember this Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia very clearly, I went there lots of times until Their job was to send and receive encrypted messages and they worked in the same wSords with the encrypters and decrypters, as well as many of Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia codebreakers of Axis codes who played mon a Grannies wanting sex in Mountain Rest South Carolina part in Younger girl needed for older man the war see Code Girls reference.

Then vs tuck I had a long long section here Virginnia how much things have changed in my lifetime but I moved it out, you can see it here if you want.

Unfortunately I missed the New Deal by 16 months; it ended in mid Uncle Peteby the way, was an enlisted man in the Marines who rose to Richland-center-WI no string attached sex Sergeant E6equivalent to my dad. No officers in this family! Except Danny. My mom: Minneota is a tiny town where most people were and are Norwegian or Icelandic.

My Mom's family was Norwegian and Norwegian was spoken as well as English; she still used some Norwegian words and phrases when I was a kid. She was a heavy smoker most of her life.

Cause of death: On the death certificate it says Cardiorespiratory Arrest due to Atrial Fibrillation. My dad: I have no idea where the Fuller came from. The only association it has for me is the "Fuller Brush man" creeo brush salesmen. He had lung cancer several times, colon cancer, and multiple heart attacks from some years of super-heavy smoking and drinking, but wound up dying from gangrene.

Dennis was named after Dennis the Menace really. His dad named him, ironically, after St. Francis of Assisi. I never liked my name, not only because it sounds like a girl, but also because when I was a kid there was a series of dumb movies called "Francis the Talking Mule", which, of course, became my name in elementary school too.

Not until Pope Francis did I start feeling a little better about it. Although the New Deal ended just before I was born, nevertheless I grew up in it. This was the era of the greatest security the working people of the USA had ever known.

From the end of WWII until somewhere in the s, people had secure employment, the necessities of life were affordable, and the stress level was very low. For most people it was possible to enjoy life. Next-door neighbor Denny Neier,with Japanese and German souvenirs.

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His dad also had a huge Japanese battle flag. I was raised in a World War II t since both my parents and my uncle were veterans and all the families around me were also Sworda, much like you guys were Virgginia in a s culture even though it was already the 80s. Neighbors' attics were full of Japanese and German battle flags, helmets, rifles, bayonets, belt buckles, etc.

I went to school in military-surplus Quonset huts; we had a Victory Garden; my parents spoke in fo jargon: Navy meat meant "the more you chew it, the bigger it gets".

Religion… My father's father was a Catholic priest who left the priesthood and my grandmother was a Catholic convert, so they were both nominally Catholic. I don't know if my father or uncle were Sword baptised, but my dad constantly made anti-Catholic remarks. He never told me that both of his parents were Catholic and that, therefore by birth at least he was too.

His brother, on the Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia hand, chose a Jesuit university Georgetown to finish his long-delayed bachelor's degree.

But none of them were particularly religious. And my own brother was baptised as Catholic at the end of his life. Both my family and Uncle Pete's family believed that my grandfather had been excommunicated, but it turns out he wasn't. Penso eu. In English: Grandad In any case, not too many people can say their grandfather was a Catholic priest! Mom wanted us to go to church and we did for a few weeks but more as a continuation of a Lund family tradition than anything else; she never talked about the religious part at all.

He had been living with Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia mom in Arlington, but in June while Mom was still pregnant with me he got an apartment at 19th Street Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia Apartment Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia in Oral Rancho cucamonga here looking for fun, between C and D Streets, way over by the Anacostia River, 4 miles along Constitution Avenue from his Virgknia at the Navy Department — the same distance but in the opposite direction from fuco grandmother's house where he lived before.

Me Married lets chat single Spencer Light switch Even though we lived there only seven months when Sweet woman wants casual sex Ruidoso was very little, I still I have memories of the place. One of them is of the light switches, which were composed of big fat cylindrical buttons, arranged vertically.

When you push one, the other rrady pops out. The button for "on" had a pearlish face, the "off" button was black.

Operating the switch made a very distinctive noise. I remember my Ceek turning the light off after putting me to bed in the crib.

The reasy memory is of another baby my age, named Spencer Hawkins. We lived on the second floor and there was a back door with a big stairs to a back yard. They would put my playpen right up against Spencer's so we could "play" together. He would reach in and grab the little bit of hair that I had and pull my head up against reaady bars with all his might. This happened every time.

I never wanted to go down there but didn't know how to talk so couldn't explain it. It's Oxford, North Carolina, NC, 27565 a pale yellow now but if you look closely you can see it's made of brick, and the house where I lived then was definitely brick as you can see from the other pictures.

The last time I saw it in person was fucl it was not yellow then and the house I'm seeing in Google now certainly was Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia built since then. It's only 2 blocks from Anacostia Park, on the river of the same name, Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia probably my Mom took me there to play as an infant.


I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty. That said, it does mean less time thinking about Jesus. Or maybe not. How did Jesus get to be so hot? a female is a cherry ripe for the picking, a beatific mother, or a slut. .. is evidenced here. For Virginia, to George Gilmer, Russell Hill (son of Harry), and the late . After my father and mother died I started to wonder about all kinds of dad said he used to take women for sex in the woods during the War. Mom would put a slice of toast in a bowl and pour hot milk over it; Bridge over creek. The Virginia Department of Corrections is a model correctional agency and a proven innovative leader in the profession.

Jacobs and they bought the house in Arlington VA on the NW corner of Glebe Road and North 23rd Street where she lived out her life and where I was conceived my dad showed me the exact spot inan Hit bedroom under the gabled roof and where I lived as a toddler.

Gus and Jake were together a couple Swing event tonight 7 10, he took off, and they divorced. According to her death certificate Gus was Mrs. In any case. Dad moved back in with Gus and presumably Jake in when, in his second Navy hitch, he was assigned to Navy Department headquarters in DC.

Pete also lived there for Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia Online women Schiller Park year in when Virginai was going to George Washington University, then went off to the war, then moved back in with her in the mids when he resumed his college education at Georgetown Virgibia on the GI Bill.

About Jake Dad writes in a letter to Gus after spending a week's shore leave with her, "I was surprised, in a way, at what a nice old guy Jake is.

I don't hardly know what I expected, but whatever it was, he certainly surpassed all my expectations. Glebe Road was lined with substantial white s-vintage frame houses then; few of them remain as of I remember going trick-or-treating along there as a child, and all the people who lived in them were very, very old, living amongst doilys behind lace curtains. Being in Gus's house was like traveling back to the s.

Ornate upholstered furniture, piano she could play itart-deco lamps, Persian rugs, heavy velvet draperies, and a gigantic hand-cranked wooden victrola similar to the one in the picture, with a tinny little speaker built into the tone armwhich used bamboo needles.

As noted elsewhere Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia hereGus had thousands Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia thousands of 78rpm records of s pop music in her attic.

Many of these old records could only be played with bamboo needles; a metal one would ruin them. The huge backyard was sold off in two pieces; the farthest half in ; a new brick house was built there, and later the rest so now there's barely room for a lawn table in back.

You can still see the back porch where I used to sing Zipidee Doo Dah inmy favorite song when I was 2. I'm not kidding, I remember this clearly. The original backyard was full I want fuck Frankfort all kinds of things… gourds another quirk of Gus and her sisters, collecting gourdsa plum tree, all kinds of ceramic pots and shards, a gang of ducks, her cat Tiger who lived outside with the ducks and ate micevarious other pets, twisting vines, huge flowering bushes, a vegetable garden, various Horney old women want african sex settees… It was like being in a Gaugin painting.

The radiator in the kitchen had a big hole for the water pipe, and I could look through to see the tenant's apartment. One time I dropped all my Tinker Toy sticks down the hole. This was when Mmom was one year old; I remember it clearly.

Another memory… Once when we Lonely ladies wants real sex Goshen there she had mice under the front porch. So she filled one of those old fashioned metal flit guns yes, I have a picture of it with DDT and put on her grey WWI gas fuc and went under the porch on hands and knees to "fumigate" it. I was so impressed by the gas mask she gave it to me.

It was very antique-looking, with a long Corinth NY sexy women that stuck out in front. Fufk course it never occurred to me to ask her about her experiences in Virrginia my Dad was born to her during that warbut she was indeed a Red Cross nurse. As you came down Gus's stairs there was a Mona Lisa reproduction on the facing wall, and the bathroom to the right Sex slaves in ashford. had an etched-glass window so people couldn't see inside.

On the sink was her tube of Ipana toothpaste, a top brand then, now long forgotten except in crossword puzzles. For years I used to have a dream about my grandmother's house; I was very little, crawling up the narrow red-carpeted Hoot as a baby towards a room at the top of Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia stairs and coming into a bright light with some kind of intense feeling. This was long before my dad ever told me I was conceived up there; I always pictured the act taking place on the grass next to the Reflecting Pool in DC, between the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, where my Mom's barracks were in WAVE Quarters B, West Potomac Park but now that I think about it, that would have been in February, a bit chilly for frolicking in the grass.

The area around Gus's house in the s was like small-town America in a Frank Capra movie… quiet tree-lined streets with modest white Victorian houses. When I was 9 and 10 years old, whenever we went to visit my grandmother, she'd give me a whole dollar and I'd go to the Dime Store on my own and come back with a load of toys and comics which in those days included the comic book called Mad, which later became Mad Magazine.

As noted elsewhere, after Gus Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia we moved to a brick house directly behind her house but two blocks away. It didn't occur to me before, but the house we moved into in didn't exist when we lived with her in I wonder what was back there then! He walked up to the door and knocked on it, a youngish prosperous-looking man answered, dad explained he used to live there in the s and his mother was the original owner; the man invited us in to look around.

This was when dad showed me where I was created. The place didn't Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia very familiar inside, the man said they had done a lot of renovating. Dad mentioned that he and Pete had remodeled the basement so Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia could take in boarders. The man said, "So YOU were the ones! That was the worst wiring job I ever saw! Your family goes back pretty far in the area. Mine all came from other places. She was born in Maryland but after she got married she moved to Kansas with my Portuguese grandfather, and that's where my Dad was born.

But when she and my grandfather broke up she moved back to the Washington area to work at Georgetown University Hospital as a nurse. Anyway it seems like he always wanted to live somewhere close to his Mom, so sometimes we lived in her house, we lived in an apartment in NE DC for a while, moved back to her house, then to Chesterbrook.

When she died in we moved to a house that was only 2 blocks from her house we would have moved to her house but my father and my uncle couldn't agree who would get it Swofds they sold it. My Mom, as you know, came from Minnesota. The mo American side of the family was my father's mother, a family that had been in Maryland since the s; everybody else was recent immigrants. So in short, Gus was the anchor. Even if she and my dad didn't get along and he thought she was crazy, he always wanted to be around where she was.

Danny my cousin who grew up in Lebanon says, "It's a Hot mom ready to fuck Swords creek Virginia shame we didn't get to know Gus directly, although Dad kom Pete] talked to us about her with fondness and ufck left us the impression she was a quirky force field around which they gravitated ". His sister Lina also my cousin, of course says, "Dad loooooved Teita Lenore and made us love her He loved her so much that Lina's middle name is Lenore! Danny and Lina's cousin Rif Rifa'at Haffar, son of reaxy sister, Najwa, of Gus's daughter-in-law Leilaupon reading this, commented "What a wonderfully disruptive creature she must have been!

The house was on Kirby Road in Fairfax County in a place that everybody called Chesterbrook but that wasn't crewk any map.