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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language uslprototype. Full text of " The Chanticleer [serial] " See other formats 'I.

Existence is beyond the power of words To define: Terms may be used But are none of them absolute. In the beginning of heaven and earth There were no words, Words came out of the womb of matter; And whether a man dispassionately Sees to the core of life Or passionately Sees the surface, The core and Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880 surface Are essentially the same, Words making them seem different Only to express appearance.

If name be needed, wonder names thenn Looks for someone down to Nashvilledavidson From wonder into wonder Existence opens.

We can understand being only by viewing it as art.

This pub- lication is a meager attempt to convey the art-of-being in the Duke community. The views ex- pressed in the copy and photo- graphs are individual impressions and are therefore not intended as fact. Perhaps this could explain why the typewriter crashes from end to end on the table.

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Dig It! It is not the sort of book I would be proud to show my children in telling them of the wonderful years I spent at Duke. It Single women want casual sex Mineral Wells Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880 be included on the shelves in my home with high school year- books and the Chanti- cleer. I am sorry to say the memories of Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880 Duke will end up at the bottom of a box in the attic because the Chanticleer is not a book to be proud of.

I do not wish to show it to any of my friends because they might accept it as a sample of Duke's atmosphere. I love Duke and would not want this piece of trash to be associated with the school as I know and will re- member it. Fantastic — shows the student body that if they just sit back, they won't always get what they want!!!!!! A yearbook should be some- thing to save, cherish and brag about. The Chanticleer is def- initely a work of art, as any yearbook should be.

For those who want to see only their homecoming queen and a re- view of social events — let 'em take instamatic shots.

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There were. I would like to see color pictures of the chapel, gardens and campus. I would like individual pictures of all faculty members. Individual student photo- graphs should be larger.

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Book I was excellent for those who desired that common- place, ordinary, nauseously trite type of yearbook. But it was Book II that presented extraordinary photography, pointed articles, and ail too real satire. There was entirely too much writing in the '70 Chanticleer.

Photographs are much more pleasing to the human eye than pages and pages of black and white print. The book is a delight to read because you can always find something you have overlooked before. 2580

You can't skim through and forget Fuck sissies Parry Sound. It presents a real- istic expression of student life at Duke, complete with ugly and beautiful moments.

My disappointment is almost as great as my embarassment that my Alma Hoe would pub- lish such a thing — and put D U K E on it. I enjoyed the yearbook and think I learned a few things from Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880.

I can't say that I was offended by the language used, which is what I suppose caused the controversy. I thought it was kind of funny and ap- propiate. How the heck could you print the second book?

It wasn't fit to let bsa dog read. It was a beautiful thing and very much needed on campus. That it was accepted with so little grace is proof positive of Housewive need for it and for other serious and creative student literary efforts. Keep it up, and don't let these absurd ana- chronistic trustees get you down! I burned mine. Next year it won't be only books nea burn. I use it as Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880 step for my kitten so she can reach her litter box. I don't quite understand Woman looking real sex Devon it got published without being censored.

I'd like to meet the Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880 on the staff just to see what kind of people they are. As for charges about obscen- ity, I think they are ridiculous.

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I found nothing offensive about the yearbook. Frankly, I think the staff should continue the trend and perhaps the whole damn board of trustees will resign. Second rate imagination. Moun waste of money Idiotic content Terrible binding. I myself would love to see a hard-back book full of candid shots of students and the school. Very well done — Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880 Chanticleer generated contro- versy only because it applied itself to areas of valid concern nationally.

I also felt that the way you took apart our football team was dis- sant. Being a ballplayer, being and playing for a school may be old-fashioned to some — but not to me. How Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880 of you people know Know how they feel about their playing?

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Their school? You'll find they are much more human than you think. Don't let the Jocks get you down. I gave mine away! I felt it to be the highlight of the year. Perfect, excellent, un- believably funny. The prose was remarkable.

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Cannot con- ceive of anything surpassing it! Too bad everyone at Duke Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880 have the creativity it exhibited. Friends at other schools ate it up. Literally became the fit of parties. Did anyone not like it? They could always throw the good part out and Houssewives the nostalgia. We all look forward to the day the yearbook is distributed, but this year the day Long green MD wife swapping met with displeasure and outrage.

I hope that Chanticleers of that type will be avoided like the plague in the future! The Chanticleer was a first rate yearbook.

I can see how the rah, rah Duke frat man might have been upset that the yearbook did Hot woman wants casual sex Caerphilly have your pictures of beer guzzling and good, clean fun, but I think the Nza would make a mis- take not to continue along the 70 book's lines this year.

I do not believe in excessive praise of anything, but the Chanti- cleer, along Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880 the Chronicle, leaves me with vestiges of hope for dear ole Duke. A yearbook is something people look back to fifty years later. No one ever reads a yearbook.

They look at pictures and remember.

My parents still look at and reminisce over their college yearbooks. Polarization celebrated; syn- thesis denied as it is by the university structure in general.

Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880

In general people snurled and chalked up another mess to the freaks. Love to the people. It is absolutely ludicrous that anybody would be appalled by the most creative yearbook Housewives want nsa WV Mount hope 25880 ever come up with.

If Duke is ever going to break away from its generally shame- fully conservative Southern tra- dition, it must not only tolerate yearbooks such as this, but must welcome and encourage them. The use of four-letter expletives and a mere handful of nude pictures or was it one?

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The puritanical absence of such valid literary and artistic devices in previous yearbooks only served to falsify our understanding of Duke. Print the yearbook for the people.

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Wabash Phone: Mark your presence and their presence as indicated. After you've found everything there is to be found in wnat Game, erase all your pencil marks and leave for ten years. When you return to' Duke, look: How many vestiges of the past will remain?

How much will have changed? People seem to relate more easily to four-letter words when talking about parts or functions of their bodies. With what kudos he had left four years earlier! It had been a long time, and looking back at that building, he felt a strange mixture of nostalgia and cynicism. wannt

But wait a minute, just put on that old mono copy Housewivs Blonde on Blonde and roll back into the not-so-distant past. Walk along the street, and there it is, the high school that spawned succeed- ing generations of world leaders, heads of corporations, profes- sors, professional students, housewives, auto repairmen, wel- fare recipients, drug addicts.