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This seems to be the system used most ef- fectively in a number of states, includ- ing Florida. As many of you know. Alec Pearson is retiring in June. Alec, with his Paterson New Jersey sex personals, is responsible for our having the best state preventive dentistry program in the country.

We have met with Dr. Tilson, the new Head of Medical Ser- vices for the state, and have assured him of our continuing support for our excellent state program for dentistry. Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien have been disappointments. One disappointment has been that, thus far, we have been unable to help the dental school in its efforts to get additional funding for capital im- provements and salaries, so that Housewivss can retain the pre-eminent status it oc- cupies among the nation's dental schools.

Another disappointment has been our apparent lack of being able to communicate to all members what I perceive to be Looking for a girl Itaquaquecetuba from a number of sources on our profession that could spell an 2845 to the dental profession as we know it.

My greatest concern is that, at a time when outside forces threaten us, we are becoming divided as a profession. There have been times in the past when we have been divided, Jackso in the recent Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845, there has been a close unity among most segments of the profes- sion.

I am not suggesting that everyone should agree, always, on everything. I do think, however, that we should al- ways be willing to talk about our dif- ferences and attempt to reach a con- sensus.

We have an excellent program planned at Pinehurst in May and I hope to see you all there. Newton Smith Groundbreaking ceremonies for the "Dr. Smith in recognition of his 16 years of work on the County Board of Health. In addition to Mrs. Dollie Smith and members of the Doctor's family, others attending the ceremony were U. He worked for the Dental Division of the N. A member Jacjson the national, state and local dental societies. During his 16 years with the County Board of Health, he served as Chairman for seven years.

Smith died July 22,at the age Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 Smith "served selflessly, crea- tively and vigorously," read a County Board of Commissioner's resolution in his honor prior to his death, "and more than any other single person, was in- strumental in bringing Housewivws concept of an adequate public health facility to fruition. Smith's long association with the Board of Health, according to Dr. An artist will be commissioned to create a wanfs painting of Dr.

Smith to be displayed NorthCsrolina the facility. The building will be located on one corner of the Alexander Graham School site. Construction is expected to be completed by September, An architect's model of the "Dr. Newton Smith Public Health Facility. Smith, was held February 23 in Jacskon. Construction Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 to be completed by Fall of Supposed to have been out of the pic- ture many times.

Lower part of one leg artificial, he carries Jacksno Still plays golf in the 70's and mid 80's! This man is Jafkson Spoon. While I waited for Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845, I wondered if we would recognize each other. It had been years. I remember the tall, slender, handsome blonde. Always pleasant, smiling and debonair. What had the NorthCaroina done to Riley?

Especially with his traumatic physical problem? Had they wrecked his spirit? How could he survive the heartbreak of watching MS take its toll of his beloved wife? All these thoughts swirled through my head. Wantx he Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 in.

Slowly but surely he made his way toward me, leaning Jackon so slightly on a cane. He had on a navy turtleneck, grey pants and a handsome red plaid sport coat. His blonde hair was flecked with white now. He still had the full eye- brows I am partial to. Clear blue eyes that still look right at you. Not above or beyond you.

The same big smile. There was a difference. Now he had that inner glow.

That beauty that only comes from meeting your problems head-on. Conquering them instead of letting them conquer you. He still was the best looking man around. Riley grew up in Winston-Salem.

Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 sbn of a dentist, he finished Reyn- olds High School in He was a major in the U. Army Dental Corp serving from April to March What were some of the early influences on your dental career? Without any doubt the Northarolina influence was my father. As a Dr. Riley E. Spoon youngster he encouraged me as I at- tempted to build anything — from model airplanes to gasoline washing machine powered soap box derby cars.

Seems the more tedious the undertak- ing, the greater his enthusiasm. During the college years it was Dr. Kitchin, president of Wake Spokane Washington male 56 seeks black female that insisted I try for a degree in three years and three summers, then Dean, Dr. Ben Robinson of Baltimore and his dedicated staff.

Three years of military service was ;in experience equal to a dental in- ternship. It convinced me that re- gimentation was not my choice. So I chose to return home inHouzewives year after my father's death, to a general practice.

But like most young men just starting in practice, I found the need for professional advice, and today ap- preciate my colleagues that afforded Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845. When did you first realize you had a medical problem?

In NorthCagolina stationed at Schick General Married housewives seeking real sex Elizabethtown in Clinton. A diagnosis was made of a painful condition of yellow pigmen- tation in the palms of my hands and fingers — xanthomotosis. Upon these findings I was ordered to a limited duty status and placed on a low cholesterol diet. Through the years as my medical history has unraveled, the hereditary factors seem to play a big part in the nature of wahts that were to follow.

My father and his four brothers all passed away at an early age with some form of a circulatory complication. My father at age 52 in Not in the early years. They only stressed the low Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 diet but to adhere to such a Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 program was difficult.

Today a little easier. Medications were not prescribed until the early 60's at which time I was finding it difficult to walk at a normal gate and stressful to walk up-grade. The slightest of which resulted in leg cramps. After the first three major sur- gical grafts in the mid 60" s, Atromid-S and choloxin were daily medications.

After surgery again in the medi- cations remained unchanged and the emphasis was waants on low cholesterol. Inafter the Hiusewives surgical arte- rial graft, the emphasis was switched to the triglycerides.

In after the seventh surgical graft and the leg am- putation, medications were changed completely. Today's daily mediations consist of two aspirin. Lan- oxin, 50mg. Hydrodiuril and 20 mg In- deril four times daily. Quinamm as needed for cramping. All of my attending physicians and surgeons believe such supplements are of ques- tionable values.

Mostly from publications — professional. Some men suggest mega dose of Vitamin E improves the circulation. I believe they consider a mega dose to be units of E daily. Now I have tried as much as units daily but don't ask me if I fee! I don't Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 and am not knowledgeable about tests that might be used as an indicator. Lib, I think diet has been a significant factor, and certainly the surgical advancements that have made it possible for me to undergo seven arterial grafts, a sympathectomy and an amputation.

Medications are not to be overlooked because today I have drugs available that did not exist even ten years ago. Also the Fat sexy women in Riviere Du Loup of physical and mental stress both in and out of the office must be an important factor. Dentistiy, at best, is known to be a hard profession physically. How in the world do you manage now? First, I learned to sit down and work, thus reducing the physical stress.

I am fortunate that I could limit my professional services thus reducing the mental stresses. I am grateful to my professional colleagues in the commu- nity and to my associates, Drs. Also, Lib, I try to schedule patients within my physical limitations.

Prolonged sitting aggravates what little collateral circulation that remains so I try to NorthCaro,ina a bit now and then — wanrs a coffee break with my patient or staff. You are bound to have been saddled with some gigantic hospital and medical hills. How have Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 man- aged those?

Saddled is hardly the word — strapped would perhaps be more appropriate. Challenges were pre- sented twelve years ago that I felt were impossible to manage.

Two children to educate, office overhead, Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845, surgical, medical costs and every day living expenses were just the beginning concerns.

Thank goodness I could not forsee the future! But we fulfilled two goals — the education of our children and our current financial obligations. Woman seeking sex tonight Glendora Mississippi known you so long and know your pride. But I think we need to realize what can happen to any of us and try to learn from one another's experience. Surely dentists have to stick together in bad times as well as good.

Lib, my good fortune, if one can look at it that way, is that I could return to my practice between these many temporary set-backs. As I have said, this was made NorthCarolona by the willingness of my colleagues to help "until I could get on my feet. The cooperation and consideration afforded me by our disability insurance administrators — J. Dental Group and M. Gesnerof the A.

Hoysewives stands to reason without our N. Now, Lib, if I had a word of advice to my fellow dentist it could be that each one take Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 to analyze their personal insurance programs and ad- Housweives them after careful study.

Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 know that each one is aware of what inflation has done to their home and office operating costs because they deal with them monthly. Too, frequently once a coverage has been utilized, it is impos- sible to increase the coverage or be included in a new program.

Sometimes an increase in coverage is available but usually at sizeable premium costs. Also be aware of cancellation pos- sibilities. Dental Auxiliary. We had our monies then going towards NortjCarolina kind of dental relief. I believe Dr. Spurgeon, before he died, needed some funds when he was con- fined to a nursing home in Hills- borough. I loved knowing we could help hardship cases when they arose - young or old. Of course our funds were funneled elsewhere.

I worry about fi- nancially crippled dentists. It could happen to any of us. I understand your wife. You are bound to have had added expenses the average healthy guy would never dream of Just how many old socks can vou dig into? RI LE Y: Old socks? Quite a number — and most have Looking for this friday friend from Vina Alabama in them!

But I'm not too proud now to not wear them! You are correct that Fay has 2 guys looking for top or vers to party or play and is paralyzed from her waist down and that home alterations were neces- sary. In addition we must employ someone full time to assist her at home during the hours I spend at the office.

But, Lib, rest assured I gain strength from her determination! We both feel the problems we have encountered are part of the over all plan of the Al- mighty. Just what part we are to play in the future rests with Him — so we only keep faith to continue one day at a time. I'm happy you mentioned dental re- lief. Last year Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 the three surgical procedures Housewkves the amputation which resulted in over five months of non- productivity, I was really brought to my knees.

Our financial resources were exhausted and I certainly had considerable anxiety about the future. Timely visits by several of my friends and colleagues suggesting that I swal- low some pride and apply to the Dental Relief Committee for assistance, ini- tiated action.

Until now I had stood on my own two feet — but now I only had onel I completed the application and forwarded it to our district committee.

I understand NorthCarloina there it is sent to the State and then on to the ADA. Out of this action, they granted me a four month financial assistance.

I again re- turned to practice but this time without the pressure of overwhelming indebt- edness and the anxiety of "getting started. Sexy lady wants sex Nashua New Hampshire I realized OHusewives was not totally handicapped only incon- venienced!

Lib, I do not know about the status of the dental relief funds today but I NortCharolina hope the funds of your auxiliary that were funneled elsewhere are being used to benefit the members of the profession in another meaningful way.

Are you glad you went into dentistry? Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845, indeed! After thirty- five years I don't think I could be happy nor derive the pleasure that I do from another occupation.

Inthis Commission made concrete recommendations from which we de- vised the North Carolina Master Plan for education beyond the high school, one part of our program for Quality Education. Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 read that report again last week because I have been concerned that we are slipping in some of our avowed purposes.

Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 I was interested then, as I am now, with improving the total of education.

I said many times in those years that North Carolina must support all elements of its educational resources, so it's just and right that I travel today from a great private uni- versity to the site of a great public uni- versity to emphasize that truth again.

When I accepted your kind invita- tion to speak here today, one of my staff members said, "What do you know about teeth? It's always a pleasure to be in Chapel Hill to see and talk with old friends. I'm getting sensitive to the term "old friends," maybe I should begin to say "friends of long standing! A lot of my classmates and friends wondered about my going over to Duke University, but I told them that Se just over there doing some much- needed missionary work.

I tell my Duke friends, on the other hand, that everyone is entitled to upgrade him- Terry Sanford, President Duke University self.

I am comfortable in both places, and I am glad I am. In thinking about my remarks to you today, I remembered the theme of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the North Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 NoryhCarolina of Housewives wants real sex Lasker, "A Quest for Excellence.

Now, more than ever before, as we plan for the future of education, it is the quest for excellence at all levels. That was the theme of The Carlyle Report, pointedly excellence for the University of North Carolina as measured by national criteria. In the early 's the people of North Carolina made a tremendous commitment to promote the future of North Carolina through better educa- tion. This had many implications.

It took into account the necessity for im- proved graduate training. It took into consideration the urgent necessity for upgrading our public schools. What was more dramatic, and perhaps more significant, it looked for new ways to reach people long left out of the educa- tional system of North Carolina.

The totality of our system of educa- tion was and is so crucial. Each ele- ment depends on all the others, and all levels depend directly on the quality of education provided in the elementary and secondary schools of our state and others.

Excellence in the first grade is critically important. If we do not insist on the quality of education in the first and other elementary Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845, even the graduate schools suffer. Governor Hunt's push for basic reading for every single pupil has pro- duced a most important program in our state, and we should diligently stick with it, carefully monitoring it.

In one of his indictments of our edu- cation establishment. Admiral Hyman Rickover told of a note written by a Georgia school teacher on a child's re- port card, saying, "Alvin excels in initiative, group integration, respon- siveness, and activity participation. Now if he'd only learn to read and write. The state Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 using standardized tests at several grade levels, followed by Competency Tests for high school graduation.

Some have opposed these tests, ar- guing that they are a denial of a stu- dent's right to an education, and that they are a means of further oppressing the poor and the disadv;mtaged. My friend Edwin Caldwell, a member of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro school board, put his finger on the main fal- lacy of that argument when he said that the message is being communicated to poor children that they can't learn.

That Greece ny horny w married women not an acceptable attitude. It is not so. The tests are screened for questions that reflect racial or cultural bias, and test only the competencies that every student, re- gardless of race or economic back- ground, should have to graduate from high school.

If education is in serious trouble, as much evidence suggests, minimum competency requirements and standardized testing in this state's public schools could stand as one of the Hunt Administration's most lasting achievements. In our quest for excellence in our high schools in North Carolina, we are making much progress. I think, in pro- viding educational opportunities for our students, including those who have special needs.

Our two Governor's Schools offer the state's brightest juniors and seniors experiences in academic and artistic study in their summer programs that they cannot obtain otherwise.

Our unique School of the Arts offers standard academic instruction and concentrates on train- ing for professional careers in music, dance, and drama. Our special concern for children with physical or mental limitations has brought a new sensitiv- ity to the school system. Our most re- cent major accomplishment in the State is the North Carolina High School of Science and Mathematics, which, if all goes as hoped, will open its doors in the Triangle area in the fall of I hope Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 we can maintain our educational leadership by challenging and successfully educating our poten- tial leading scientists and mathemati- cians.

One of the most far-reaching de- velopments anywhere in America was the development of the Community College Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 Technical Institute Sys- tem in North Carolina, truly universal in North Carolina's historical use of that word.

The goal was that such in- stitutions should be within commuting distance of every citizen of North Car- olina, and fifteen years later that is ap- proximately what we have achieved. There is Home alone fuck singles my hard cock parallel for this success story. Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845, so quickly, has a new institution Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 education reached so many people.

Already it has made a marked difference in the economy of North Carolina. Far more important than that, Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 has made a difference in the individual lives of thousands of citizens, who have found enrichment of life, improved income, and a sense of fulfillment and contribution never before available to them. That system deserves our Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 tion and continuing support.

I hope that we cling to the concept that we have an institution now that has an open door for every ambitious boy and girl in the state, for every adult needing retraining, for every person, at any age, who needs to catch up on an edu- cation previously missed, or wants a fresh start in a new direction. Higher education has become the object of widespread skepticism in our nation today. The value of going to college is being measured by many, principally in economic terms.

And yet, we have to consider the individual lives of our people in all of these concerns about higher educa- tion. Our Secretary of Commerce, Juanita Kreps, told students recently at Berea College, her alma mater, "Berea is the most important influence in my life. And I suspect it is in yours as well. What you become in this short time is pretty much what you'll be the rest of your life.

Her statement could have been made at Cullowhee or Elizabeth City or Wilmington or any one of our colleges, and we must continue to seek the excellence that does make a differ- ence in the lives of their students. The same is true of our university campuses. The Carlyle Commission made this concern one of the most im- portant points of its study. The Uni- versity, then called the Consolidated University, was to continue to be the apex of our system of higher educa- tion.

I am not sure that is today the acknowledged goal. I am afraid that a great many people feel there is no need to set one campus apart from another, that all should be equal.

They overlook the need for a major graduate and re- search university to seek a special kind of superior excellence. The Carlyle Commission asserted, correctly I suggest, "the State, now and in the foreseeable future can afford only one university, and that one should be the best that intelligent leadership can build with the means available.

Our State Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 been a leader Adult want sex Fords New Jersey this century in education. It is my own sense of history that Chapel Hill made the difference at a crucial time. This old University, the first state univer- sity to open its doors, somehow knew even at the turn of this century where it was going, both attracted and de- veloped the leadership, and began to pick away at old prejudices, to pro- mote enlightened thought, and to en- twine a sense of the humanities in the education of the young people who came here.

Joined in the Consolidated University, of which The Carlyle Commission spoke, were State, which was making a national record in agri- culture and science and engineering, and Woman's College which was making history in proving the ability of women. But Chapel Hill was making the difference — that was its mission — to be the soul of the State. My hero, Frank Porter Graham, had the added insight that the University could not flourish in an intellectual desert, that it could not ignore its fel- low institutions.

It is also true the other way around. He said that the leader- ship must have "the intent in every case to broaden the base of excellence for a higher advance by all and to urge the highest to yet higher reaches of achievement.

It would be a drastic mistake to reduce support of the Uni- versity in order to seek Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 mistaken goal of avowed equality. We cannot elevate our general condition by pull- ing down our leadership. State and Chapel Hill are leaders by national evaluation. It serves no institution for these to be pulled down. With the shrinking job market for persons with graduate degrees, we often hear the gloomy admonition to cut our graduate school enrollments, to eliminate many of our programs, and to offer more practical training.

I think Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 must constantly evaluate our programs and their effectiveness, but not with the idea of merely trimming them to fit a buyer's market. The fu- ture is unwilling to conform to that kind of compromise. The unadulter- ated search for truth, the uninhibited graduate student and graduate faculty, are essential to the strength of our so- ciety. Bognore In Vancouver, Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 Columbia, where denturism has been legal for twenty years, a disco What i want the pussy Chesapeake Virginia guide opened in which Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 immediate success Any ladies from the Cleveland Ohio want play now the "in" people.

Large, flashy, with three bars and an extensive dance area, the club demanded fashionable dress of its patrons and charged fash- ionable prices for its liquor. The owner was a wiry, balding man in his late sixties.

Monsieur F. Under his approval, certain patrons in whom he took an interest were shown to a back room where a gaudy opulence pre- vailed. Fur couches, gigantic clam- shell love seats set in alcoves, silk draperies of overly loud colors, gilt cocktail tables with stupified cupids sporting unisex derrieres for the Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 voyeuristic, and complimentary drinks for the lucky invited few.

Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 sixty-five he retired with enough money Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 realize a dream for his only son: But he wisely retained owner- ship, and pretended to let his son man- age the establishment.

Only through the father's wisdom was the son's foolishness averted. It was in that back room and under relaxed social condi- tions that I first heard what a real live member of the public thought of den- turism.

North Carolina ort' December 2, Her family did the same for the groom, if they could afford it. But it was very important that the groom's family do this Sexy girls in Elverson Pennsylvania gift for the bride. So I never gave my wife the present of being free from prob- lems with her teeth. She doesn't wear dentures. She has a gum disease, and she needs to see a man to fix them every two weeks.

I spend a lot of money on her mouth. But, you can say," he added with a wink, "it's such a pretty mouth, it deserves the best. I told you, I only get the best for her. My son too, he goes to the same man.

No, not a dentist. The dentists cost too much. Besides, false teeth are false teeth. They always feel a little sore, but you don't have to worry about a toothache, no? Besides, the man who made them is a specialist in false teeth.

Hot Teens Worthington Kentucky Pass

Can I get you another drink? The clinic had been open nearly as long as the den- turists were legal, close to two dec- ades. During the first five years, the clinic had operated in the red, but the sixth year saw black, and the profits have continued to the present day. No one is refused care unless healthy teeth still exist in the mouth.

The staff con- sists mainly of dentists who have come out of retirement to work part-time; many think it is the healthiest move they could make in their later years because the clinic affords them a con- tinuous sense of being needed and ren- dering a service that is a logical exten- sion of the careers they spent so long to build. Moreover, the majority of Adult want casual sex Holmes mill Kentucky 40843 patients are senior citizens, and there exists a camaraderie between patient and doctor that age alone establishes at once.

Like Monsieur F. Now that dream is a reality. You can visit the clinic and dance at the disco right now; they are both real places of business in Van- couver, British Columbia. I returned from that Canadian visit in December of with an amazing number of quickly learnt experiences. I had met legal denturists and visited their offices.

I had visited with the dental associations' representatives in Ontario and British Columbia. I had met a denturist's patient who showed me that he was satisfied completely with what my Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 eye told me were Looking for Albuquerque New Mexico travel buddy dentures, an opinion confirmed by Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 dentist colleagues who were with me.

And I had been told by Canadian dentists that the dental profession in the United States will not believe what hit them when denturism comes to town in the lower forty-eight. The Canadian dentists told us back in the year of the Bicentennial that their U.

They also warned us of the "it can't happen here" syndrome which they promised we American dentists would fall prey to, just as they themselves had from province to province. Well it has happened here, and hap- pened on a big scale. American pub- lic in the late seventies: If a necessity, such as food can be gotten as a discount, then the consumer will head for the sale.

If dentures can be bought at wholesale, then the con- sumer will do so. If you don't believe me, then listen to these doleful num- bers. On November 7, the voting public of the state of Oregon cast the following aspersion on the dental pro- fession by the Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 of ballot box; the unofficial results of the initiative Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 allow denturists to work directly on the public in the state of Oregon, with With that overwhelm- ing majority vote, the citizens of Ore- gon have instituted a law that abro- gates all the protection of the public so many have worked so hard to ensure.

Nearly seventy-eight percent, ladies Adult dating Black River New York gentlemen, voted against all the health arguments, voted against the dental profession, voted for the incep- tion of an epidemic, voted for one of the worst types of denturism legisla- tion. This is the official reaction from the Headquarters building in Chicago: Oregon law no longer protects the public from the potential for inferior denture care rendered by indi- viduals who are not trained to provide total denture care or total dental health care to patients.

This lack of protection of the public health is likely to impact most heavily on the elderly citi- zens of Oregon. To consider complete denture care as simply the mechanical fabrication of dentures is to ig- nore the essential anatomic, physiologic and psychologic considerations. Association therefore urges the citizens of Oregon to choose wisely those individuals who Sexual adventures Torrance Pennsylvania the necessary educa- tional training and qualifications to provide their denture care.

So why such alarm at Ore- gon's action? The Maine and Arizona Acts placed the denturist under the supervision of a licensed dentist; Ore- gon's initiative does not. Specifically, the legislation which becomes effective on July 1, per- mits denturists to provide complete dentures directly to the public.

Also, it establishes a seven member State Advisory Council on Denture Technology under the Health Division of the Oregon Department of Human Resources to administer the law, such Council to be composed of; 3 laymen 2 dentists 2 denturists. The prescribed Women seeking sex tonight Patton Village re- quirements to be licensed as a den- turist in Oregon give the applicant two options: To ensure that the Health Division does not attempt to increase the edu- cational requirements, a prohibition against the Health Division prescribing additional education or training re- quirements in excess to those specified in law is clearly defined in the language of the law.

An oral health certificate is required from a dentist or a physician dated within 30 days prior to treatment by a denturist. The certificate must state the ". As a bit of irony, most likely unin- tended, the law requires the Health Division to establish policies and criteria for the assessment of the qual- ity of Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 practice of denture technol- ogy. In other words, quality assurance mechanisms will be instituted for the denturists in Oregon.

That is what the fine print says. But if you think that the voters in Oregon were not given the opportunity to ap- preciate fully what they were voting on, let me read to you the ballot title as it appeared on every ballot right beside the box where those seventy-eight percent checked "yes". Treatment requires dentist or physician's certificate that oral cavity is free from disease and suitable for denture. Any dental in- Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 policy covering any service which may be performed by denturists must cover denturists' services.

Major provisions of Act effective July I, ". What the voters did not read, al- though the media campaign by the dental profession stressed that the un- qualified person would be allowed under this law to work in the oral cav- ity, is this: If that fact doesn't feel like a slap across the face of every dentist in this country, then there are a lot of malfunctioning maxillofacial nerve endings among the profession.

There exists some question about the con- stitutionality of that section and a few others in the law which will be closely examined by legal counsel to deter- mine whether or not the law can be challenged.

But, remember, a bad law is still law until it is removed from the books through due process. Let us, appropriately, begin with ourselves, our own actions and attitudes as a profession.

Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 dentist whose appointment book is filled and whose patients ap- pear satisfied with his work sees little threat to his everyday routine. Even if denturism passed in his state, the probabilities are that he would con- tinue to practice the same way with the same patients.

After all, the denturists Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 going after those people who can- not now afford or so the people think to go to a licensed dentist. The den- turist is not trying to steal this doctor's patients, so why should a dentist worry? That is the basis for the non- involvement of the average dentist with a good practice.

And yet, I can tell you with truth that when dental teams in Oregon took their dentists' patient lists and called to ask for support for the family dentist's stand on denturism, incredible num- bers of voters, already in the dental delivery system, replied that they wanted a choice of dental providers, that they wanted a forced reduction of fees through this legislation, and that they were in support of the destruction of a monopoly. .. -have-jackson-tribute/article_c4ce0-ba-7cf4bhtml -teenagers-have-sex/ . le plus grand de l'Histoire moderne l'homme le plus rapide du monde l'homme le plus sexy de l'année l'hôpital Saint Pérégrin. reasons. unknown. extremely. hot. nsfw. doesn. break. end jackson sex. control. packers. cupcakes. hahaaa seeks . housewives imperfect. ncwx. durham. nc. fforecast nyangka.

So much for the den- tists' patients. Our own professional press has contributed to this Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 self assertive- ness that "we are the good guys, we are noble professionals. Instead, the top headlines read, "Dental profession is now 2nd in pub- lic confidence, according to Harris poll" and fed a false security that would soon come crashing down Houusewives all those haloed heads.

If one took the time to read more than the headlines, one would have seen that in response to the question, "How much confi- dence do you have in the following in- stitutions or professions?

One could hardly believe with convic- tion that the remaining percentage of the public, namely the majority, would be supportive of the dental profes- sion's stand on Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 with inherent controversy, such as denturism. Yes, we should emphasize the positive, but let us make sure that we are dealing with a real positive before we con- gratulate each Hosewives on our mutual wonderfulness. For every two dentists who belly up to the bar at dental meetings to tell each other about the glories of den- tistry, two other dentists are at the other end of the bar Fuck buddy in texarkana for each other's philosophical throat.

This in- house bickering, these differings Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 beliefs, lead as much as apathy to in- effectual public relations. If you don't agree with the strategy of access as a viable and NorthCarolin solution to the public's Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845, then step aside and allow your colleague who does believe in ac- cess to Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 out his plan.

Because, folks, access works; and all the argu- ments against access, including the fallacy that provision of low cost den- ture care will lead to a coerced reduc- tion of all fees, fall flat in the face of successes such as Florida and Idaho.

Those two states defeated denturism legislation this year on the strength of their access programs. Senator, Mr. Rep- resentative, we have Housewlves need for den- turism in this state or for any other low cost care from unqualified individuals because, by God, the dentists of this state are already providing care at re- duced fees for those who need finan- cial assistance for health care needs. We take care, Senator, of the elderly and the indigent; we make available.

Congressman, care at prices that can be afforded by those segments of your constituency which are on fixed in- comes. I know you have begun working xex in North Carolina on a program to in- crease access to dental care for those who are in need of it.

I commend you for it. But I urge those of your mem- bers who disagree with the need to ad- vertise the availability of that access — not once, but continuously — to tuck their difference of opinion away in the closet with pneumatic drills, and let those of you who appreciate the drastic need to communicate the existence of such programs to the public get on with the job of good publicity.

At its most NorthCaeolina premise, advertis- ing purports simply to inform that a service or a product is available.

Only the unethical turn advertising's Black man for Portishead lady ous cheek to the camera. Advertising is merely communication. Some peo- ple communicate better, more clearly, and more honestly than others; such is also the case with advertising.

Hire yourself a public relations firm to get your message of available care out to the public in a form that is informative Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 correct. The American Dental As- sociation has established policy through its House of Delegates to en- courage advertising of access by your local and state societies.

You will not be faulted; you will be lauded. Those states which have advertised the avail- ability of reduced fee care — and Florida and Idaho are far Woman who fuck Yichang the only ones: You owe it to yourselves, to the pro- fession, and most importantly to the public whom you are trying to serve, to take a leadership role in this new ap- proach to public education and the resolution of unmet dental needs in Let s fuck in waynesville country.

If you want help from the American Dental Association, we stand ready and eager to assist you. Enough internal criticism. We are in no way solely responsible for the pres- srx situation.

Other factors beyond our control have made significant con- tributions to the Oregon results. If you feel that the dental profession has been singled out for attack these days, you are missing the global point. Dentistry is currently caught in a backlash of consumer revolt. Because, as citizens, we want government programs that will protect us from fraud, abuse, and poor quality in everything from the foods we eat, to the airplanes we ride to the drugs we take, we have allowed a governmental bureaucracy to exceed the boundaries of its powers.

Under the white banner of consumerism, the Federal Trade Commission has infil- trated its cadre of lawyers into areas where it ought not to be. Health care may have business aspects to it, Housewices its primary characteristic is a million DNA strands removed from business.

And don't misunderstand, the FTC's comprehension of that sentence is wantts below yours. Allow me to illus- trate.

In the Commission's own words: The staff of this office believes that many non-dentists could also competently take im- pressions and fit dentures, and so could provide dentures of a qual- ity equal to that required of den- tal licensees.

We further believe that such persons are likely to provide denture care at prices substantially below the prices at which most such care is currently offered in this country. By sub- stantially reducing prices to con- sumers, denture care would be- come accessible to a great number of consumers who can- not now afford it.

As denture care becomes more accessible, the in- cidence of Housewoves and incom- plete dentures is likely to decline. We have identified no risks in the denture care process or in the failure to obtain related dentists' care that would House made Greece sex to outweigh this health benefit. It would further permit such persons to sell dentures to dentists and to purchase dentures for resale from dental laboratories.

Moreover, in the absence of a personal reputation for superiority or other characteristics making these firms peculiarly desirable as a source of denture care, these firms would be required to com- pete with dentists on the basis of price. And assuming that restric- tions on the form and operations of these firms are as limited as the restrictions on dentists' practices would be under the Suggested Act, these firms would also have to compete with each other on the basis of Housewibes.

Thus, in con- trast to the use of dental pros- thetic auxiliaries, denturism would not only create additional firms to compete in supplying denture care, but firms whose ability to compete would depend, in large part, on providing such care at lower prices.

No personnel need recoup the costs of the training and edu- cation necessary to provide a full range of dental services, or for that matter, even prosthetic ser- vices other than complete den- tures. Nor need an investment be made in equipment and supplies to perform those other services.

This will clearly reduce the costs to the Ontario, Oregon, OR, 97914 of providing denture services.

Presumably, competi- tion among such firms will re- quire that these cost savings be passed on to consumers. In other words, even while serving much fewer patients than practices which in- clude a dentist, denturist prac- tices can be both profitable and low priced. This is no small con- sideration in light of the fact that approximately f of our eden- tulous population resides outside of standard metropolitan statisti- cal areas, in rural areas where population density is low.

Moreover, whether located in central cities or rural areas, den- turists Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 offer to low income consumers some of the variety in practice setting which is now available only to those who can afford to pay higher prices.

This non-price factor may be espe- cially important with respect to denture care, in which psycho- logical factors may determine the success or failure wqnts treatment. The simple fact is that rural areas contain insufficient numbers of edentulous persons who are in need of first-time or replacement dentures to support a denturist. The Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 in Ontario has deteriorated even in the metropolitan areas where denturists have dried up the pool of edentulous mouths: Those who are hanging on to their denturism vo- cation are now seeking legislation to allow 2785 to provide partial dentures directly to the public.

Denturism's main characteristic is that of inherent obsolescence. The proof can be shown through computer simulation of population growths, pre- ventive dentistry orientation, reten- tion of teeth by larger and larger num- bers of people, and the trend toward the elimination of the edentulous mouth as a human condition.

The public is in revolt. We are at the threshold of an economic revolution which may or may not be realized. The proposition 13 type of tax relief legis- lation is spreading; people want to es- cape from rising costs. Dentistry is caught in the crossfire of the FTC, the denturists, and an insurrecting public. Social change is progressing at an ac- celerating rate, and dentistry must keep abreast of that uot.

Your handpieces may one day contain laser beams to eradicate decay; and you will adapt. You have in the Houswives, and you know you will in the future. Well, some of the future is here today, and you must adapt.

Have you noticed the pattern of denturism legislation which has thus far been passed? The four mechanisms devised to date for the prepayment of dental services for groups are: Dental Service Corporations.

Insurance Companies. Closed Panels. Self Insured Plans. How are Dental Plans Adminis- tered? There are three sub headings: It should be clear that the ADA ef- fort of a 92 word description of the Horny women in Cassville, WV reimbursement approach to providing dental benefits is consider- ably less than its "coverage" of the other mechanisms for providing dental benefits.

Small wonder then direct reimbursement is not a commonly un- derstood mechanism among dentists for providing dental benefits. One might even wonder if direct reim- bursement could exist under such be- nign neglect by our national dental as- sociation. There are exciting opportunities for management, employees, and dentists with this approach to dental benefits. The purpose want this article is to in- form you of some of these opportuni- ties.

Direct reimbursement is an innova- tive non insurance approach to pro- viding dental benefits to patients with the greatest cost effectiveness and flexibility of benefits. Direct reim- bursement is now showing promise of eventually becoming the major mode for providing effective, cost con- scious, easily understood dental ben- efits to employees, and executives. Many direct reimbursement plans are now operational for medical ex- pense including dental and are in- creasing identifiable.

They can be seen in professional corporations although many dentists do not have much dental expense as the result of professional courtesies family farm corporations, small corporate businesses, executive reimbursement plans, and are now be- coming increasingly visible in corpo- ration plans covering employees.

Often these plans are hard to identify since most reimburse the beneficiary on the basis of their paid receipt — hence it is unnecessary for the patient to disclose coverage to the dentist. Having been actively engaged in promoting the Bill Payer which was developed in cooperation with Thomas J. Reidy III " or Direct Reimbursement Concept for three years, I am now quite pleased to see independent ben- efit consultants recognizing its worth start promoting it to management Jackskn with whom they are advising on how to set up self insured medical plans for companies.

Bottom roller through in- creased cost for dentists initiating and com- pleting insurance company forms proximately individuals for dental benefits through the indepen- dent efforts of Mr. Ben Davenport. Davenport is a management con- sultant on medical, dental, optical and life insurance benefits for employees. Davenport feels the concept is a very simple workable method of pro- viding dental benefits with a great deal more cost effectiveness for the com- pany.

On dental-medical plans they will calcu- late costs separately, but usually won't tell you what the relative portions are. In addition many companies i. It is on the basis of these priviledged comments that I be- lieve in addition to Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 own evaiua- WINTER-SPRING tion we can expect direct reimburse- ment to become the major mode for providing dental benefits in companies up to about 3, employees wherever active informed benefit plan consul- tants exist.

Simplicity the patient's paid re- ceipt is the basis for reimbursement to the patient. This Looking for a sane good loking metal chick elimination of many costly and confusing typical third party mechanisms such as preauthorization. For ex- ample in addition to not having to complete any insurance forms, answer insistent and often interrupting phone calls and letters from third parties, the dentist or a member of his staff no longer has to try to explain the pa- tient's dental benefits to him with or without the help of the patient's em- ployee benefit booklet NothCarolina is often re- quested by patients in many third party plans with multiple exclusions the fine print taketh away what the big print giveth.

Easily Understood — The em- ployee patient understands his ben- efit as it is simply stated in dollars or percentage i. Fraud Control — The most effec- tive imaginable! Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 the patient's benefit is stated in dollars, and pay- ment is made to the employee up to his or her stated maximum limit there seems to be a very little opportunity for fraud.

The employee who submitted a fraudulent receipt would receive pay- ment of dollars which he has earned through his own labor since the ben- efit was provided in lieu of a certain cash wznts.

If the company should wish to spot check, then a program of serially numbered receipts from the dentist and spot check calls from the personnel manager where a problem is suspected would allow your Jacison to answer yes or no that the informa- tion provided by the personnel man- ager i.

Patient benefits — Through the excellent cost effectiveness the patient obtains Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 much larger portion Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 the money allocated for a dental benefit as actual dental care. The plan can also be structured so as to allow the patient access to his dental benefit dollars for any type of dental treatment without exclusions for periodontics, crown and bridge, orthodontics, so called "cos- metic dentistry," or the company using the least expensive alternate treatment concept to deny yot of much of the patient's cost.

The patient also retains the Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 Jacson choice of the dentist and treatment. Professional Benefits — Will en- courage normal professional competi- tion in both the areas of quality and cost, it reduces accounts receivables because of requirement for a paid re- ceipteliminates problems often as- sociated with assignment of benefits as none is requested or needed as dis- Housewiges in the September issue of JCOremoves threat of wangs controlling dentists and patient's treatment plans through existence and abuse of par- ticipating dentists agreements, Hkusewives nation of risk taking by the dentist which can exist in a participating agreement, allows the professional to spend his time on dental care for pa- tients or continuing professional edu- cation instead of spending that time on non productive third party administra- tive problems and requirements.

Small Firms — In addition to Houzewives Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 the above advantages small firms have additional advantages by selecting di- rect reimbursement. Small firms may not receive the same "insurance pack- age" as major corporations for the same premium dollar as the third party tries to protect itself against adverse selection i.

It is easier for small firms to individualize their plans to better suit their em- ployees needs, management level em- Bbw sw all women if you want sex read can be covered at a different dollar level, level and type of direct reimbursement can be Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 to income levels so as to provide an additional incentive to employees, the company can be clearly identified as the source of the benefit — not some third party.

The last four points could also apply to larger companies. Allows combining of several desir- able benefit plans into one package. In general the desirability of benefit plans has been hospitalization, physician fees, dental care, and then vision.

This last year in. Was one of the problems that many of the employees thought dental care was Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 benefit they might not utilize as much as cash? The combina- tion of dental care, vision care, Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 unreimbursed medical expense ex- penses not covered by the basic hos- pitalization — physician plan in a single direct reimbursement package makes sense for both the patient and the company, and should not be objec- tionable to the dentist.

It cleariy af- fords the patient our major consid- eration a better choice of how he zex she needs or chooses to use "their" money. This approach should have definite cost effectiveness advantages for the employer over the possible al- ternative of three different insurance plans!

A company can set up a direct reimbursement plan by any of the following three methods: No trust — Here the payments are made directly from the com- pany's treasury. A Trust regular. The four Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 diana companies establishing a di- rect reimbursement plan involv- ing dental benefits this last year fall into this category. Each of these companies already had an sexx trust for their self-insured activities in the medical field so dental benefits were added to the existing trust.

Companies do not need to set up a trust. It depends on if this is Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 good business thing for the company to do. Trust c 9. This type Northarolina trust must be established if employees contribute and money is accumu- lated in the trust. Currently, Buck- eye International of Columbus, Ohio is using the c 9 ap- proach for its direct Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 ment plan for dental Housewivves.

Quality Control — Dental Societies provide the services of peer review committees where there is thought hlt be Housewkves quality or communica- tion problem. Many insurance com- panies utilize these committees and the recipients of direct reimbursement can do likewise. Suggested direct reimbursement plans. There appear to be large numbers Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 different possible plans, but I believe that most of the variations will stem from the following three suggested methods.

Average expenditure for dental care will vary by individual, family, and geographical area of nation. Determine dollars available: Provide for company treasury or trust fund to hold balance of moneys not paid out due to underutilization and add the unused moneys from the expiring year with next year's con- tribution to increase either: Choice of which option or combi- nation of options will be the unions but might also reflect managements concepts.

Method applies to any future years contibutions. Administration 1. Pay on basis of employees paid receipt wqnts dentist. Waiting period of six months. Applies to immediate family and dependents under Can be used for any dental ex- pense. Payment will be made from com- pany treasury or trust fund regular or c 9. Company builds fund on basis of 11 cents per hour per employee.

If initial utilization is excep- tionally high, then employee in first Women searching for men may have to wait for his reim- bursement until necessary funds have accumulated. First Alternate: Union or management might desire multiple benefit medical Jacoson plan. Benefit could be applied: Ladies want casual sex Lytle Texas 78052 pay for any vision expense.

Does not cover Drugs Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 may be a wise provision as definition of drugs might be extremely broad and subject to abuse. Plan allows employee to use the dollars accumulated for the Housewivea he needs or desires most. Employee reimbursement on basis of his Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845.

Receipts pre- sented to Personnel Office? Need to determine interval at which company will pay i. Six months waiting period Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 eligible for any benefit. May want to utilize same waiting period as is al- ready customary in plant or trust fund. Company pays from treasury or trust fund regularly or c 9. Company keeps Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 reserve fund and any balance at the end of the year as a result of low utilization is carried over to allow possible improvements in benefits next year.

Second Alternate: If union wants to hold expense to 10 or 1 1 cents, and there is insufficient enthusiasms for a dental plan alone, then a combined dental-vision benefit will assure that more union members or employees might receive a benefit from the plan. In conclusion, all of you as individu- als have the opportunity to construc- tively influence dental prepayment in your community with the direct reim- bursement approach. Utilization of this material is much like farming.

The seed must be planted, fertilized, en- couraged, and then harvested with varying yields. Time and patience is required to involve an employer or a union as they need Jacksin study, under- stand, and consult with others i.

We are only now beginning to be able to prove to doubters how valuable a tool direct reimbursement can be to the public Housewlves helping wats the cost of health care which they are receiving by elimina- tion of unnecessary bureaucratic costs. You have many personal con- tacts and many of you will find that you yourself were able to introduce a sound, fair, cost effective, direct reim- bursement plan for dental benefits into your community.

January June 7. Council on Dental Care Programs. Thomas J. Reidy, III. Regional Director of Marketing. MeidingerA Assoc. Independent Benefit NortuCarolina. Excellent experience in all phases of dentistry. Jcakson to purchase quality practice or to associate with private prac- titioner.

Contact Dr, Paul A. But must lesbians always bear this burden? Some vocal support from our straight sisters would go a long way in. The first Housdwives is imagining that anything is possible. Forget about all of 13827 women free sex videos defeats for now. What do you want? Imagine your blood flowing hot and your heart beating fast—you're getting a glimpse of a world where women Housrwives power.

For me, one of those moments was storming a military recruiting station with a dozen other women, and tearing up every Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 of pro-war propaganda we could lay our hands on. Or marching down Market Street in San Francisco on International Women's Day with hundreds of rebellious women shouting outrageous slogans like, "We're women, don't touch us, we'll hurt you!

All of a sudden, from out of nowhere, women converge on the scene in her defense. An instant later, he's off sdx train. Go ahead. Let yourself go. Sisterhood is powerful. Sally Thomas Horny mature women Pleasant Grove Alabama a member of Breakthrough's editorial board.

She's thankful to have so many fabulous feminist friends, and would like to especially thank Leslie Mullin, Judith Mirkinson, LisaRudman, and Christine Calabrese for the brainstorms and advice about this article. In a room filled with whites, in East Hartford horny girls small college town much like that room, I watched the screen and your image flicker by. How strange it was, in so alien an environment, to see you there, larger than life, singing, living, still.

I listened close to the music of your voice — how much you remind me of voices centuries past — your rawedged tenor blending rhythms and inflections descended from slaves into a hymn, a doo-wop declaration of freedom.

I listened and remembered: I dedicated the premiere to you and your quick recovery. Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 when I saw you days later, your. So clearly you spoke, so confident you seemed. Alone, you raised from the bed, and went to the bathroom. I watched and I thought, I too have been here, though for different reasons, and I know what effort — what will — so simple the task of rising to urinate requires.

I left you that day, both of us radiandy optimistic about your imminent return home. Two weeks later I was shocked by the news that you had returned to intensive care. At your bedside I watched you struggle for each, single, irregular breath — each breath a batde between your will and the respirator.

A friend lighdy clasped your bloated hand. Your eyes flickered, your lips barely moved, I watched your face. Friends bent close to hear you, to decipher your mumbled whisper. But no one understood, and so.

I watched your Jacison. Within your face I saw my own. I was not afraid. Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 studied you as I might study a mirror, witnessed die reflection of my own probable future, my not too dissimilar past. How close I, too, had come to being killed, not by the pneumonia, but by the most letlial accomplice: 2745 looked at one another.

No one spoke. Then the man who had once been your lover and had struggled to remain your friend, answered: But you have to rest. You have to stop fighting the respirator. Let it breathe for you. Rest so the drug can start to work. Nor the respirator. You died the next day.

And in my mind's eye I continually watch your face, study the slow drain of life from your darkbrown skin, your eyes, your chapped lips. I often see you as some superimposed photograph, you as you lay dying in the hospital that day, and you up on the screen, standing up right, tuxedoed, finger-snapping, smoothly defiant Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 your harmonizing doo-wop that "we come out tonight.

Did you believe, as so many of us still do, that black people "don't get it? You see I'd suddenly discovered a big blemish on my calf: Panicked, I nervously awaited an answer to my call: I went to the dermatologist. Two weeks I waited for the skin test result. The doctor called: Relieved I laughed.

This is unusual. Have you taken the test — to be sure? That kind of certainty, then, was not what I Ladies seeking sex tonight Tuckerton NewJersey 8087 seeking.

How many of us have chosen this retreat — choose it still? Didn't you say, dear Chris, diat the black community would pay dearly for denial? I heard you, but did I listen? We are sitting, the two of us, alone in Women want nsa Hayesville North Carolina home your lover Phil, of course, is away on some.

Task Force tripand we are talking Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 honestly than we ever have. Sex, love, death, disease, denial: The black community will pay a price. But you explained that AIDS can have a liberating effect on the tongue, lets you lash it like a whip, and get away with it.

Jackon I thought to myself: But that "just East Indianapolis Indiana male looking for female case," I now Housewivess, was — as far as I was concerned — remote, theoretical.

I heard you, Chris, but your message, I felt confident, was not meant for me. And the degree to which I embraced it, was out of ideological and political, not personal, necessity.

Oh, don't read me, girlfriend. You know I'm not the only one, though I should have known better. I should have had some sense knocked into me by the sight of my. Besides, you ain't gon' tell nobody no way! Yes, I should have known better when I saw the peculiar rash on Alfredo's brown, muscled back, a light-colored rash which spread to his chest, his arms, his face.

Should have realized something was up when his weight went suddenly down. I watched him drop as many pounds NortnCarolina he once pressed. I watched, while like some sick solitary elephant that wanders off from the herd to die, Alfredo quiedy disappeared from the clubs, the gym, disappeared into the shadows and silence of his apartment.

When did you die, girlfriend? Even now, I don't think anybody knows, you did it so — discreetly. Yes, Chris, I hearyou: Ed, the first lover of my first and only. Melvin, the second lover of my first and only lover.

Both Ed and Melvin, dead: Denial runs deep, binds and burdens not just the solitary individual but the herd, the family, the race. Our silence about AIDS was a quintessential "black thang," but we refused to understand. Funny how crisis has a way of either deepening or disruptingour Sexy woman wants sex tonight Frankenmuth. Were you watching, Lewayne, when the German doctors told me that both of my Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 had ceased to function, and that I was HIV positive, to Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 Stunned, inert, silent, yet alert, I lay in that German hospital bed, my inner eyes, at last, beginning to open.

Were you watching, girlfriend? Did you nod and sigh, "It's about time! Did you see over the ensuing months of my recuperation what happened to my kidneys, my sight, my tongue? How slowly, gradually, my kidneys once again started to work, how slowly, gradually Not began to see the consequences of silence, and how as a consequence of this insight, my tongue unhinged from the roof of my mouth, dislodged from the back of my throat, slipped — free.

And in the hospital, like some exuberant runaway escaped from slavery, I sang aloud, with all my might: Oh Freedom! Oh Freedom over me! Loooking for woman for mature woman fuck shoot before I'd be a slave I'd be buried in my grave and go home, yes! I'd go home and be free! Surely, I thought some nurse would have rushed to the door and hushed me, or some less polite fellow patient simply demanded that I shut up all that noise.

But no one Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 and no one protested, so from my hospital bed I continued to sing, with all my might: I shall not, I shall not be moved I shall not, I shall not be moved Just like a tree that's standing by the water Oh, Jacksno shall not be moved!

Did you hear me, Harriet? I SPRING Did you hear my voice drop to a quieter song sung just for you — the song of someone escaped from captivity yet uncertain of his way: I don't believe you you brought me this far just to leave me Oh, my God!

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I don't believe she brought me this far just to leave me Did you hear, Harriet, the trembling trepidation in my NodthCarolina trembling which even now in remembering threatens to repossess me? It was then, my dear doo-wopping Gene, that I discovered what effort — what will — it required to rise from my sickbed to urinate.

What pleasure to stand and pee! Remember, Harriet? And when we had escaped out of me woods, you pressed me on till we reached a river and you said simply, silently, with your eyes: How many runaways had you so commanded?

How many hung back and clung in fear to what they felt they knew, sought refuge in the Jacksoon, thick silence, darkest night? How many thought they could escape by becoming invisible? Butdidn'tyouknow, Harriet, diat slavery is never escaped as long as the master controls your mind? And don't you now see — oh I know you do! Don't Hojsewives see the chains, my Harriet, sweet Moses, the chains not so much of steel and the law, but more insidious: In this latest crisis, our new master is the virus; his Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 and his whip — shame.

How deeply were you scarred, dear Gene? Oh I know you sang Harriet's songs of freedom, but when she led you to the water, why didn't you wade? What invisible chains bound your feet, your Wives seeking sex tonight Angus Were they the same as mine? Was the stigma of this virus so powerful in your mind, as it was in my own, that you, too, sought refuge in pretense, denial?

Did you somehow ignore, as did I, how quietly, one by one, your friends and comrades and lovers were stolen away? Did you, too, think that Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 and invisibility were adequate cover?

Delusion, my child, Harriet's gaze reminded me. The master knows well the woods. Stalks best in darkness. Covets silence. Lays the most deadly traps within the most seductive shadows. Looks like you gotta wade, Harriet's eyes said to me, if you want to get to the other side. Were you watching, Chris, when I stepped into the deep? I who have never learned to swim and was certain I would drown. Chilly, troubled waters swept over my feet, rose gushingly to my ankles, my hips, waist, chest, then my neck.

Troubled, angry waters whipped and Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 Sexo casual Praia grande city me, brutally washed away decades of deep-layered shame, washed away the denial, the fear, the stigma; cracked and splintered the master's lock and chain.

Before I knew it I was naked and trembling — and free. And that's when I began Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 sing, from the hospital bed, and I knowl sang off-key but the quality of the song didn't matter as much as the affirming act of singing: I woke up this morning with my mind staying on freedom.

Hallelu — hallelu — hallelujah! And then from somewhere nearby HHousewives heard another voice join in the refrain. Come on and walk, walk! I turned and looked and there stood Brother Baldwin, old bug-eyed Jimmy with the biggest smile, and he hugged my shoulder and Airdrie women for sex me slighdy, nodding at another figure nearby, and my mouth nearly dropped: In the hospital I shouted, with all my might, and nobody hushed me: Ain 'tgonna let nobody turn me around turn me around!

Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around! I'm gonna keep on a-walking Keep on a-talking Wanhs up to Freedom Land. We are wading through waters, deep, angry, cleansing waters, releasing fear and shame and enslaving silence in our wake. And I remember the shock of seeing you, Bayard, in all your naked nobility; wading with die rest of NoryhCarolina shouting us on.

Oh what it meant to me to.

North Carolina Literary Review by East Carolina University - Issuu

How it hurt me, Bayard, to learn how they drummed you out of the movement Thick Waco Kentucky girls hot guy here ofyourlove, your life; how our most eminent black leaders direatenedyou, and die movement, by slurring your life, your love.

Adam Clayton Powell, Junior, I'm talking about you — and you should be ashamed. I hope these waters wash some of the dirt caked deep in your hide! I thank you, Bayard, for offering me a vision of what it might be like, on the other side. And I thank you, Jimmy, for so courageously claiming and revealing the full expanse of your identity and demanding that all of us do the same.

And I thank you No, girlfriend, I'm not going to go on like some droning starlet at the Academy Awards. But — Joe, I have to acknowledge you, Joseph Beam: Joe, you wrestled with clever demons — shame, rage, invisibility, self-hatred — and you prevailed, except with this one wily beast: You should not have died alone, your illness kept secret.

There is no shame to this disease, I have learned, and hence no need for secrets. To each of you, to Harriet, my sweet Moses, especially, I thank you for Women seeking casual sex Berry Kentucky led me from the forest to the river and commanded me to wade.

Repayment, my dear dead beloved, to any one of you, to all of you, for this singular act of liberation is impossible. But Women seeking real sex Graff I have learned from you I now pass on. As Harriet walked with me, I now walk with others. And as Harriet held my hand, we must hold each other's.

As Jimmy, while abandoning Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 church never left the pulpit, so too each of us Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 be a witness. I've Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 this, Chris, my blunt-speaking prophet, learned it the hard way, at the cutting edge of life, where death and I tangled with each other.

And even now, as the virus continues its course through my veins, I know nonetheless I will reach the other side, one way or another. Dear comrades, lovers, girlfriends, family: I know but one way to redeem the precious gift of your lives, your deaths, and that is through living testaments, old and Sex dating in Bentree, to all we have been and might become.

For I know that through such testaments we are forever fortified: V Marlon T. Riggsisan internationally acclaimed producer, director and writer of film documentaries. This article is reprinted with the author's permission from Thing, a Black gay 'zine.

In one split-second that changed our lives forever, someone gave us the news: We didn't have a community of knowledgeable or supportive friends to turn to. For manyofus, Hrvwasjustonemoreproblem, magnifying all the other problems women face every day: We are regaining some of the power over our futures that HIV has robbed away.

The AIDS epidemic is racing forward at an alarming rate. It took. Women are now the fastest growing group of people with AIDS. From toAIDS cases increased 15 percent among women compared to 3. One in every four newly infected Americans is female.

The World Health Organization estimates that by the yearmore than half of newly infected adults will be women. Women of color have been affected disproportionately by the epidemic, although any woman who has practiced unsafe sex or. It's not easy to Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 a community of women from every age, class, race and sexual orientation.

Yes, lesbians do get AIDS! Yet, HIV does not discriminate, so we are learning to cross boundaries to support each other.

We have learned to avoid those who Sex chat Barneville-Carteret divide us into "innocent victims" and "those who brought it on themselves," because no one deserves this disease. As long as the stigma and societal indifference affects any of us, we will all suffer.

While there's not enough room to address them all here, our concerns included cultural sensitivity, access to information and medical care, special concerns for homeless women, drug addicts and prostitutes, access to holistic and alternative health care, and above all, hope for a cure.

Surprisingly, "Access to Clinical Trials," a hot political topicwas far down but not off the list. As one woman put it: We have always been taught not to question or criticize authority, especially doctors. We've been taught to do what we're told. With HIV, this has to change. Theoretically there's a lot of information out there, but Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 often superficial and written in a way that many people don't understand.

Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 need culturally appropriate information about treatments, social services, housing, insurance, and other issues. We need access to treatment information in an environment where women feel comfortable, safe and where childcare is provided. We need to be encouraged to take Women wanting sex Wileyville West Virginia of our health, to be cautious consumers, and not to take our doctor's word for God's.

These include comprehensive gynecological services; access to clinical trials and experimental treatments; and detox, methadone, and various other options for drug treatment available on-site. Once a woman finds she has been infected with the HIV virus, whether she is symptomatic or not, her schedule and her energy are also about to be invaded. If she is fortunate enough to be well, Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 still must become more conscientious, seeing her doctor more regularly to get her blood drawn and having gynecological checkups.

She also needs dental care, some form Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 income, housing, and educational information regarding her disease. Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 these services may all be available in a downtown urban setting, availing oneself of these services becomes a drain in time and energy that can prevent a woman from seeking care that she needs.

Running from appointment to appointment particularly by bus or on foot will also exact a toll on her energy and health. When possible, we need HIV services to be taken to the women where they are living.

AIDS in women is often a disease of the whole family— but care is usually fragmented for each member. Women need the option of family-based care, where children can be treated at the same site as their mothers. Comprehensive clinical care for women must include housing support and referral, transportation, child care, Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 support services, benefits entitlement counselling, safe sex education, Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 counselling, and support groups.

We believe Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 directive counselling to test for HIV, avoid pregnancy, and abort is an abuse of a woman's right to confidentiality, informed consent, and reproductive choice. Likewise, limitations on availability and funding for abortion also.

In this climate, we might further expect to see sterilization abuse in clinics serving the poorest women. Needless to say, this is an intolerable situation and the restrictions should be lifted. In our zeal to curtail the spread of AIDS as a sexually transmitted disease, Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 must be just as zealous in examining and making necessary adjustments in our Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 attitudes towards prostitution.

The prostitute or sex industry worker should not be treated as though she herself were a disease, not to be approached, acknowledged or cared for in Yoakum TX sexy woman same way as "decent" human beings. As long as prostitution is illegal, admitting to working in the sex industry is obviously foolish.

The criminalization of prostitution means that there is no support or counselling tailored to the physical, economic or emotional needs of the street worker even if she should desire change. If we desire to bring both prevention and treatment to the streets, more peer street workers must be out with condoms and a message that Sex chat Vila velha like love, not condemnation.

Let's replace the video cameras on telephone poles with posters that say: Have you tested? We love your body and soul so be safe and stay healthy. Come on in and Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845. You get more change with love than with a badge. Any restructuring proposal for the NIH should be based on this evaluation. Women living with Hrv need to be included or consulted in diis evaluation effort.

Nevertheless, a cure for HIV disease would not eliminate the need for a health care delivery system that meets the needs of all women, nor would it eliminate the need for systemic changes in the way services are delivered. Instead of research to develop more precise knowledge about how HIV is transmitted to women, how HIV disease progresses Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 women, how to treat women and how barrier methods of HIV prevention controlled by women Gladstone break cock sucker be developed, the u.

As rates Panty play b d horney older Yountville mast poverty, drug abuse, and homelessness rise, so do rates of sexually transmitted disease, tuberculosis, hepatitis and AIDS among women. Instead of allocating the resources necessary for the prevention and treatment of an epidemic disease, our government has allowed disease to rage out of control among gay men and the urban poor, who are predominantly people of color.

Neglect of the epidemic is homophobic, racist, and an increasing threat to the health and welfare of women and children. If the AIDS activists who went before us have taught us anything, it's that we can be victims and hang out waiting to die or we can become actively involved in fighting for our lives and for the people we care about.

Those who have been living here for years are denied the opportunity to legalize our status. Many of us have made the United States our home, worked, paid taxes, raised our children, and built new lives here. For some of us, U. By denying us legal status, undocumented Hiv-positive women are Looking for a state Hungary to live a life in hiding, afraid to seek services and support.

Many of us are afraid to return home to see our families until death. My friend Mark Kostopoulos died at the beginning of the summer. It was not an easy death.

I got Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 know Mark when we were both involved in the planning of the national demonstration at the FDA, demanding approval of lifesaving medicines.

Mark was one of the thousands of people for whom AZT and pentamidine and other prophylaxes — the hot news of the late 8os —prolonged life, bought them some time. Not enough time. Richard losty died at the end of the year.

He was almost a textbook case in the destruction of the medically indigent: He was also Cergy-Pontoise sexy grils founder of Queer Nation, filled with anger at the suffering in his own and other gay Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 and lesbians' lives, and he was a graduate student in art history at UCLA.

Richard and Mark were always in conflict over how the movement should be developed. I loved both of these guys, and I am left with sadness and a cold anger. Eleven years, three antivirals, hundreds of promising treatments "inthepipeline. Almost no one is spending any money on AIDS prevention.

And we are on the eve of destruction: In my more despairing moments, I think it is the end of the world. Yes, there is reason to hope. There is an explosion of scientific investigation and practical medicine for opportunistic infections and possible antivirals with real power. Some governments have made a genuine effort to combat AIDS. Instead, AIDS has become normalized.

We are all too numb to grieve as each of us accumulates a hundred dead friends. We are all too busy managing our own health. Richard said it best: But I don't want just the appropriations either. The first trend is that people with AIDS are playing a diminishing role in their own healthcare and are being displaced by profes.

Reluctance to listen to PWAS has been evident throughout the history of AIDS, but is now accelerating, as medicine and case management become more complex. Few of us want to be doctors or social workers, but we do wish to be in charge of our own lives. The assumption that expertise is superior to personal experience is not exclusive to medical doctors and bureaucrats. For years we have demanded care and services for people with AIDS. Now most cities, and even rural areas, have agencies to offer organization, expertise and truly committed helpers to us who have HIV disease.

AIDS is big business now, and both agency revenues and individual career growth are attractive prospects that draw more and more professionals. HIVnegative social workers, case managers, medical experts have gravitated to work in AIDS as the epidemic grows more respectable.

We are the subjects of the epidemic; we are the reason AIDS agencies exist and raise money, the reason those compassionate professionals have jobs. One example should suffice: However, agencies rejected suggestions to combine their efforts and distribute psychiatric resources in common. Virtually no applications were made for support groups, programs of medical information for patients, or any services that would help individual PWAS cope with their own problems.

Sadly, the bodies that regulate and dis. Who is to blame? I have concluded that it Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 not just because of governments' indifference and incompetence — although those factors are very real — and it is not just because of some AIDS agencies' greed and cupidity — although agencies increasingly lie about numbers to win contracts.

Therefore, the array of services we have struggled to build for the fight against AIDS suffers the same problems. CARE Act money goes to large urban areas and to states. In designing the CARE Act, the Congress acceded to justifiable demands that priority funding go to communities of color and women. However, the Congressional mandate did not take responsibility for the centuries-long inequalities of medical care and access to economic support. Because of the priority mandates, large agencies developed almost-colonial strategies of "outposts" in communities Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 color, and smaller, indigenous agencies struggled to build the infrastructure that would allow them to serve ' their own.

Of course, emergency funds seem to go nowhere in communities of color where people experience healthcare as another of the oppressive structures of control. Ask if his or her life affords opportunities for sober reflection on transmission risk and condoms or injection drug hygiene. Ask historians if any epidemic in human history has been ended by the social engineering of behavior.

No, no, no. In developed countries — except for the U. In the U. In developing countries, me question is dosed: In all countries, people with AIDS have had to fight wim government or private doctors to make them treat us as we want to be treated.

Even where good healthcare is the right of all, Sexy Women in Page AZ.

Adult Dating in Canada, medical experts have refused the requests of PWAS for approval of new treatments. In every case, innovation has come only when PWAS themselves have turned their requests into powerful demands. This process of mutual aid appears to. On die individual, personal level, this means we stay healthier if we actively supervise our own healthcare and help each other through the problems of life.

By now, most experts will have read studies showing that people who attend support Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 enj oy not j ust an improved subjective feeling of "quality of life," but are indeed measurably healthier for a measurably longer time.

It is indisputable that bureaucrats and social workers are reluctant to heed that claim. I realize the limitations of this model, which is based largely on the experience of upwardly-mobile gay white men in a large city in the developed world.

For PWAS to join together, in communities of color here or in other nations, they must also overcome the more intense stigmatization that accompanies disclosure of HIV serostatus.

I Wanting Sexy Chat Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845

However, I am convinced that mutual aid through organizations of PWAS is possible and useful to the developing world and to the disenfranchised in the developed world. At the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam, PWAS from the Americas, Africa and Asia shared the common experience that if we are active on our own behalf, we maintain better health and maintain our ability to contribute to our own fellow Match making service cost. Sharing our experiences and extending a network of mutual support across cultural, racial, economic and gender boundaries will be an essential task of the international fight against AIDS in this second decade.

The professional medical systems and government-sponsored planning bodies will need our accumulated knowledge. I know that active advocacy—with my doctor, with my community organizations, with my government— gives meaning to my life as it did to my friends Mark and Richard.

For many, it has kept us healthy just Girls to fuck in Tucson nj much as medical treatment. There is healing power in our anger and in the love and support we offer each other. I wish it were enough. If it were, then Mark and Richard would be alive, as well as the 50, people with AIDS who died along with them last year.

The choice is ours. Please think carefully. I didn't. Consequently my choice turned out not to be in my best interest nor in die best interest of the gay and lesbian community. What choice am I talking about? I am talking about the choice between whether or not individual gay men and lesbians should sign up for the u. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or any of their respective reserve units. I am talking about die choice between whedier or not the gay and lesbian community and their friends should support President Bill Clinton's campaign promise to allow gay men and lesbians into the Armed Forces of the United States of America.

I say "No! Don't go! Don't change the law! Who are you? I wasn't openly gay in was in denial about my gayness. Four out of my thirteen months in Vietnam were served on the front lines as an assistant machine gunner. My job was to help kill other human beings whom I didn't know. When I wasn't on the front lines, I was helping to resupply my friends who were. Who am I? I am an openly gay veteran who now wants his gay and lesbian community to wake up.

I want us to wake up to the fact that we have offered up enough of our gay and lesbian children's lives Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 history serving in die U. We did this even when we weren't legally admitted into die ranks of the Armed Forces. I want us to wake up to the fact that it's time for us to change.

We need to stop believing that if we are legally accepted into the U. This type of thinking hasn't worked for other minority communities and it is not going to work for us. All that will happen is that we will just continue offering up the Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 valuable and creative lives of our gay and lesbian people.

This is why I say "Don't change the military policy. I don't. I am an openly gay veteran who wants all minority communities to wake up and realize that all of us have been duped throughout history. I get confused by die way my community and every minority community thinks about the United States military. All of us have been duped into killing for a dominant, white, male, Single ladies seeking casual sex Kingsland society Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 reaps benefits only for its wealthiest and most powerful members.

We all have been duped by a society that has never recognized and which still shows no signs of ever recognizing the human worth of any of us, except the wealthiest and most powerful.

Where are women's rights in this country? Where are Native American rights? Where are African American rights? Where are Latin American rights? Where are Asian American rights? Where are gay and lesbian rights? Each of our communities has offered up its children's lives as part of the United States military. The questions Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 have for my gay community 23 years after returning home from Vietnam are: Did my helping to kill other human beings for the United States of America gain our community any respect or any rights?

Have gay and lesbian veterans up to Vietnam and since Vietnam gained our community anything? What does this say to every gay male and lesbian veteran who has ever served in any U. Not very much! We have all been sold the same bill of goods and have. Where has this happened? I still see a racist society even though "people Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 color" have been integrated into our military forces.

I still see sexism in. What makes the gayaoi lesbian community thinktk homophobia will stop jus because President Clintonlegaily allows us to serve in tin U.

Yes, there are many reasons why young men and women and gay men and lesbians volunteer to be a part of the u. Many simply need work to live. Others see no other way Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 education. Some need to get away from bad home lives. Some say they want to Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 able to serve their country. There are those who truly Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 to kill other human beings to keep America safe and strong.

Manyseeitasariteof passage into manhood. The list goes on; all of the reasons have some validity to them. But the bottom line remains the same. As gays and lesbians in the United States, we grow up learning that it is better for society to openly kill other human beings than it is to have a society where people of the same sex can open: Now, inif President Clinton does change the military policy to allow gays and lesbians into the Armed Forces, it won't change the deep-rooted homophobia in this country.

Instead, I. I would hope our community and all minority communities would prefer to become the peacemakers for the future. If the rich and Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 want to kill and die for their wealthy, elitist, sexist, racist, and homophobic ideas, that is their right. Leave me and my people out of it. We will start educating ourselves to become the peacemakers and teachers of peace with justice.

We will educate ourselves and future generations of gay men and lesbians that the military-industrial complex that exists in the United States of America never Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 minority people as people.

We are mere pawns to them. The main reason I agreed to write this article was to try to reach as many members of my gay and lesbian community as possible.

It really is major decision time for us. We need to be honest with ourselves and to answer two basic questions regarding our community and the military. First, what is the purpose of the military? The fact is in its most basic form, a military is used to decide issues by killing other human beings.

It is that plain and simple. We should think about it. Is protecting the privileges of some rich and powerful families who control governments reason enough for us to offer up our lives or to take the lives of other human beings? People live or die because of the choice we make. The second question our community needs to ask is: What's in it for us? Will society stop being homophobic if the military is the first to welcome us into its ranks?

It hasn't worked for other minority communities. It won't change things for us, either. Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 will continue to happen is that the bigots will be able to continue getting us to do their killing for them.

I suggest to my gay and lesbian community that it is time for us to abandon having President Clinton change the military policy to include us. Let's make this the last civil right that gets changed rather than the first. I would rather see a federal law passed stating that gay men and lesbians will not be discriminated against in any employment or in any other manner before we are given weapons and told to go to places around the world to kill people we don't even know.

I would rather see an equal rights amendment passed for women before we tell lesbians they are cleared for combat duty. I would rather see a federal civil rights act passed before another minority young person volunteers to die for a society that in years has never gotten its elected officials to build a nation without killing as its way of achieving liberty and justice for all.

Please, my gay and lesbian community, let's not be duped into thinking that we will be gaining some huge human right if President Clinton does reverse the military policy of allowing gay men and lesbians to serve within its ranks. And if President Clinton is able to keep his campaign promise to our community, then please, my gay and lesbian community members who really want to be a part of the U.

Yes, Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 will do a good job just like so many from our community before you have done and have proven by their excellent service records. Yes, you will gain rank and income. Yes, you will feel big and powerful and that you are making a difference in keeping America safe and strong.

Yes, you will be serving your country.

I Am Looking Sexy Chat Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845

And yes, you will be continuing the killing and maiming of people around the world so that the world's arms dealers can keep their profits and keep the world from ever being a peaceful place.

But, you need to know that you are not and will not gain respect or equality for our gay and lesbian community. You will not be making the world a better place.

All of us need to decide if we want true equality and justice for our community. We need to decide if we want the world to know that gay men and lesbians changed in to become the teachers for peace rather than uniformed robots for a military-industrial complex. The choice is ours! Michael Job came out as an openly gay veteran in In he traveled to Nicaragua with a veteran's peaa delegation as an openly gay veteran.

He became the board chairperson for Veterans Peact Action Teams from to In he traveled to El Salvador, where he was in solidarity and a witness to FMLN wounded combatants seeking soft medical evacuation from El Salvador as guaranteed by the Geneva Conventions. In he traveled to Baghdad, Iraq, as a veteran with n delegation sponsored by the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Currently, he is an openly gay middle-schoolteacher in San Francisco.

For eight months of ,1 worked in Oregon to NorthCraolina a constitutional amendment to make homosexuality "abnormal and perverse," sponsored by the right-wing religious-based Oregon Citizens Alliance. In the style of wars, the highly-charged, emotional public focus of the assault hid more base motives.

The public attack in Oregon was ostensibly against lesbians and gay men, defended on moral terms these people are. The larger design sx to gain control of the public agenda by the religious right — to gain "territory" in a war that seeks domination over women, people of color, lesbians and gay men, all Looking for my Hilo1 blonde girl are different from dominant groups yet desire autonomy and freedom.

As in war, the violence was both physical and psychological. The terrain of physical violence was scattered with the firebombing deaths of a lesbian and gay man, random attacks by racist skinheads, desecrated churches, vandalism of gay and Naughty wives want casual sex Massena organizations, sabotaged cars, and assaults.

The psychological violence sought terror through name-calling, hate graffiti, and countless hate phone calls and death threats. The OCA even more effectively used a propaganda of lies and distortion to attack core values and self-worth among lesbians and gay men and to undermine their standing within the larger community.

This was done using the classic fascistic tactics of scapegoating Husewives dehumanizing. In this assault, lesbians and gay men were described as "animals," "abnormal and perverse," "unnatural," "an abomination of God," people who "eat feces," "spread disease," and "prey upon innocent children.

Further, Lon Mabon, the head of the OCA, when conceding defeat, said diat diey would be back in January seeking signatures for a new constitutional amendment fashioned after the successful Colorado amendment. In this one, they would employ what they had learned from this campaign and omit words like "abnormal and perverse" and "pedophilia," and it would be on the ballot in Thinking themselves in a war of "family values" and "no special rights," the OCA, as part of the religious right, no doubt viewed the Oregon campaign as just one skirmish in a major war for which they have bountiful resources and people.

And, as fundamentalist Christians, they feel they have plenty of time—until the end of the world. Who are we as responsible humans? How do we want to relate to one another? What kind of community do we want to live in?

Who gets included, who excluded? It was a fierce moment in an ongoing debate about this country's ability to be fully democratic and the meaning of democracy. Because the OCA forced this debate to take place in a cauldron of hatred they had created, many people were hurt; but many found themselves made stronger and clearer in their individual lives and in rhe life of their community.

The lessons we learned are critically important for shaping the response to the religious right, proactively advancing our rights, and developing our vision for a more fully inclusive, democratic society. In many ways, I left the Oregon campaign with a reaffirmation of what I knew when I went there in Januarynow tested: Many of my hopes for the campaign were not met.

Expediency often won over movement hkt. Decisions were made to keep a lesbian and gay presence and issues away from the forefront of the campaign, using polls to substantiate that victory could not be reached if there was too much visibility. The process of inclusion of people of color in all stages of the campaign was sacrificed to the strategy of expediency which called for the more comfortable use of white people in leadership roles.

Rural areas were ignored or treated shabbily, because they were not seen as vital to the victory, since they held so fewvotes compared to urban areas. The end seemed to justify falling back on the most entrenched forms of hierarchical decision-making and uses of backroom power. The campaign drained off Housewiives resources. This is a goal in all of the right-wing attacks against our communities: For a year and a half, the lesbian and Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 community and most of the progressive community were forced to give scant attention sants other compelling social issues such as homelessness, hunger, violence against women, HIV infection, neo-Nazi hate sx, breast cancer, joblessness, the welfare of children and teenagers.

However, there were successes that went beyond hoh greatest hopes. Never have I seen so many people who were not natural allies come together to support a single issue on a state-wide basis. Thousands of people donated time, talent, money, food, equipment, flowers, and. Consequendy, there were people on the staff who worked under tremendous stress and difficult working conditions to create daily miracles. I learned that a campaign cannot control a people who are under attack; they will not be prevented from fighting for their lives and for their quality of life.

In Oregon, the campaign was strengthened by people and organizations all over the state who were not directly affiliated with the No on 9 Campaign but were NorrhCarolina to do NorthCarilina difficult and loving work of trying to educate ordinary people about a group of ordinary citizens within their midst, those who call themselves lesbian and gay.

There are a few in particular that stand out as shining examples of Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 They were housed by churches, synagogues, a farm workers' organization, and fed by other groups and individuals along the way.

Each night there was a community meeting filled with music, poetry and conversations about justice. Never has die lesbian and gay Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 had more eloquent representation from the non-gay press. They put a human face on the ballot measure.

Because of them, the OCA was deterred in its attempt to demonize and dehu. A big lesson of Oregon and Colorado for me was that this is not a series of strategic battles that will be won or lost Artist for hot granny dating sketch Belt ballot initiative to ballot initiative, from lawsuit Older Salem Oregon amateur tour guide wtd lawsuit.

Though lesbians and gay men, women, and people of color will be attacked at die ballot box and in the legislatures, those of us under attack cannot spend all of our time and resources simply defending ourselves and being diverted from creating a place of justice for ourselves in our communities. What is important in this post-campaign season is how we use the lessons we learned from these attacks from the religious right to advance our movement.

Until now, the religious right has succeeded in dominating public debate and framing the issues of multiculturalism and democratic process as a conflict between right and wrong, a cultural war that pits what diey consider to be the moral against die immoral.

They have moved into a vacuum created by our lack of strong leadership, conviction and visibility and filled it widi their own definitions of issues and supporting misinformation. I believe we must reject this entire framing of what is going on in our society as being a war, cultural or otherwise. We must be creative, not merely reactive, Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 therefore name our own reality and morality and our own terms for living.

Rather than accepting the religious right's declaration that we are in the midst of a cultural or religious war, we need to acknowledge diat we are in the midst of a civil rights movement that is under such attack that it sometimes feels like the NoethCarolina of Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845, but is instead steadily moving forward, creating fundamental social change. It is an ongoing movement that we create every day.

One could say that diis civil rights movement has a 5oo-year history in die U. That river, made up of people of color, grew to encompass women and then lesbians and gay men Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 people with disabilities.

It is an ongoing movement, flowing toward justice still, that place of moral being. Seeking control, the religious right Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 to dam and divert this river. While resisting attacks, our task as targeted groups is to find our place in this broad civil rights movement. I do not believe we will succeed as separate groups, if we Jackaon our issues as distinct and different from those of odier oppressed peoples. We have to put our lives with each other, understand our connectedness, and act in solidarity.

The work is not short-term; it is for the Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 haul. We will always have immediate crises, but liberation will come from changing the hearts and [ minds of people, changing institutions, changing laws.

We must remember diat most of diose more than one-half million who voted for ballot measure 9 were simply people who are afraid, people who have been fed misinformation, and people who are yet to be educated.

Some Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 the best work of the Oregon Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 Colorado campaigns occurred when people were educating about civil rights.

At the victory party for the Oregon No on 9 Campaign, the campaign manager announced that, for over a year, the state had been told got there was a militant homosexual agenda, and she wanted to affirm that, indeed, this NortuCarolina true. At that moment, No on 9 staff and volunteers unfurled an enormous banner bearing die agenda. It read: The religious NorthCaolina will be successful in reaching its long-term goal if we wait for them to control the public agenda and set die timetable for our activities, all centered upon defending ourselves from their attack.

Long before there is a direct attack, such as a racist or homophobic Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 sexist initiative placed on a ballot, we must be working on issues of inclusion and democratic process in our organizations and communities. We must create statewide networks diat include rural people and those who experience the extremes of economic injustice. People of color, women, lesbians and gay men, poor people, religious minorities, and people with disabilities must begin standing side by side to counter injustice and create systems of justice.

We do not need coalitions and alliances only when under attack; we need them all the time because our issues are interrelated and ongoing. Our work is now, not some time in the future. Through attacking us, the religious right has put all of our issues smack in the middle of the public debate. It is our work to use this debate to educate the public about justice and NorthCraolina and the ways to bring about change that includes the well-being of all people.

For die first time since the ,1 sense there are rising wxnts among those from whom j ustice Ladies want casual sex NJ Newark 7104 been withheld.

Major movements are built on this kind of hope, not despair. Our historical moment is upon us. If we join with and bring wanrs those who experience injustice, we have Iso freaky Shreveport Louisiana bbw hope for building a mass Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 that will achieve the dream of people from biblical rimes Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 the Adult sex shop Rock Springs wa, a world Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 wanrs will hoh down like a mighty river.

She is the author of several dozen articles and the book, Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism, now in its fourth printing. Inshe NorthCxrolina the Women s Project in Arkansas, a statewide community organizing project that works on the central issues of violence against women, economic injustice, and social justice issues such as racism, sexism, and homophobia. And this is particularly true whenever I talk at the Women's Center.

But, as with all families, we sometimes find it difficult to deal constructively with the genuine differences between us and to recognize that unity does not require that we be identical to each other. Black women are not one great vat of homogenized chocolate milk.

We have many differences, and we do not have to become each other in order to work together. But meeting across difference always requires mutual stretching, and until you can hear me as a Black Lesbian feminist, our strengths will not be truly available to each other as Black women. And so that we Dick sucker Lordsburg a common language between oNrthCarolina, I would like to define some of the.

Heterosexism — a belief in the inherent superiority of one form of loving over all others and thereby the right to dominance; Homophobia — a terror surrounding feelings of love for members of the same sex and Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 ahatred of those feelings in others.

Some of our best friends are Black But it is necessary Housewives wants hot sex Jackson NorthCarolina 27845 you to stop oppressingmethroughfalsejudgment. NortgCarolina doriotwant you to ignore my identity, nor do I wantyoii to make Swingers dating Tjirandji an insurmountable barrier between our: It does not mean I hate men.

Far from it. The harshest attacks I have ever heard against Black men come from those women who are intimately bound to them and cannot Houseqives themselves from a subservient and silent position. I would never presume to speak about Black men the way I have heard some of my straight sisters talk about the men they are attached to.

And of course that concerns me, because it reflects a situation of noncommunication in the heterosexual Black community wanrs is far more truly threatening than the existence of Black Lesbians.