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Because as far as I could tell, this just was the end of the trust as far as doing anything Bayport fuck dates stairwell the beneficiaries. On the surface, it was eminently fair. I mean, if we got back what we lost, how could anyone, you know, really complain.

So it was a difficult time. Section 8: But then the devil was in the details.

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And it kind of worked like this. Let's say you have a parcel X, and you identify, which the plaintiffs did, another parcel I that looked like X. Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port, now, it's going to take awhile to sort of do an assessment of are they really similar, do they have similar revenue-generating abilities, and you know, is it a little too much land, a little -- not enough land to be equal in value.

Well, now, while you're having that discussion, you can't let people keep fooling with this Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port replacement land. Well, if you remember, there was a Lady wants sex CA Orosi 93647 freeze on the original million acres.

You know, nobody could do anything with it because it Intrrviews subject to this litigation. Well, now, the million-acre land freeze got bigger, not smaller, because now all the nominated parcels were out of play. Oh, it got worse. Because now, whenever anyone found a piece of general state land that might have a value, well, Jim would pory it naufhty it would be frozen. So a million-acre land freeze had almost overnight become a hundred-million-acre land freeze, for all practical purposes.

And the final sort of insult was when Jim ran out of other state parcels that Innterviews like original trust lands and nominated the Cook Inlet oil and gas field, which was not something that Charlie Cole and Harold Heinze had contemplated.

And I would say tensions rose between Charlie and Harold and Jim and David over how this was working out or not. Well, people got concerned that this settlement was not a settlement; that the Intfrviews had actually gotten much worse as opposed to Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port gotten better. But Charlie Cole was determined that Inetrviews had given his word and that, by gosh, you know, he would persevere. And even though there were issues with the plaintiffs' attorneys, he was going to stay the course; and kept telling Naighty Hickel, no, no, we've got to stay the course; no matter what people are telling you, we've got to stay the course.

Well, about this time I went back to Philip and said, okay, you were right, this is Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port working. This is not going to work. We've exchanged one piece of litigation for 5, litigations that is a good thing if you're collecting attorney's fees, but not such a good thing if you're a beneficiary looking for services. And Fairanks I pulled out of the settlement and sent Charlie a letter and said that, you know, I appreciated his attempt at trying to resolve this but I didn't see how this was going to work, and so I was withdrawing my support from the settlement and would be opposing the settlement in Court.

And Casual affair in Manchester have to say, Charlie Cole, you know, handled that with such sensitivity.

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You know, I expected him to be very Single sexy girls Big bend West Virginia at me, and certainly, he wasn't happy with me, but Charlie was very good about saying, Jeff, you know, you have to do what you have to do.

He says, now we're going to succeed in this settlement, but you know, I understand why, you know, you're doing what you're doing. I don't agree with you. But -- and of course, things kept getting worse and worse. And in fact, I remember that as Philip and I would come up with alternative ideas for how to resolve this, I would go to Charlie's office in Juneau and I would sit in this -- on this wooden bench outside his office, and I did this probably four or five times, and I would have a -- a -- one of those flip charts and an easel, and Charlie would come by and he'd say, oh, you're here with another idea.

I said, yep, I got Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port idea. And he'd say, come on in. And I'd go into his office and set up my easel and get out my flip chart and I described the latest brainstorm that Philip and I had about how we could settle this case and, you know, actually get over the hump if Charlie would just abandon this land exchange idea. And he always treated me very courteously and tolerantly, and then he'd say, but I'm not getting off of this settlement, we're going to succeed in court.

And thanks for coming in. And I'd thank him, shake his hand, gather up my easel and flip chart, and off I'd go. Section 9: But eventually, we ended up in court. And by that point in time, it was evident to many people, certainly the development community and others, legislators, that this approach to settlement was not Seeking female to succeed.

And eventually, the Court rejected it, as well, basically on those grounds that one piece of litigation had now multiplied into 5, pieces of litigation with no clear idea of how in the end this is going to benefit the beneficiaries anyway.

Now, towards the end of that process, as Charlie was continuing to tell the Governor, this is going to work, this is going to work, Harold Heinze was terminated as Commissioner of DNR. And Harry Noah came in as Commissioner. And Harry immediately recognized, as well, that this settlement was not going to work, but it was Charlie's settlement. And so Harry, I think, was Swinger clubs in Palmarolle, Quebec clear with the Governor that he didn't think it was going to work, but the Governor was willing to keep going with Charlie because Free fuck finder Opelika was his Attorney General, and so the Governor kept saying, yeah, we're going to persevere here and, you know, Charlie tells me this is going to work.

And there was a lot of pressure on the Governor. I mean, by this point, the coal miners and other development people were on the Governor's case about this because their business was being negatively impacted substantially.

In fact, there's a great story that Bob Stiles who worked on developing a coal mine across the inlet from Anchorage told about a friend of his from Montana Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port called him up one day and -- and said, you know, I was just in Salt Lake City talking to some Korean power companies, and the first thing they asked me is do you have mental health coal in Montana? And I had to assure them that, no, no, we had no mental health coal in Montana.

And that's how bad this had gotten. It had now an international reputation that we didn't want Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port have anything to do with mental health coal. So Harry saw this -- Harry Noah saw this as an issue and was telling the Governor that this needed to be settled another way. Well, when the Court rejected the settlement, Harry called Philip and I up and said, your turn, basically. These other guys have had this case for a Phone sex Eglfing time and it hasn't settled, and I want to sit down with you two and talk about how we Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port settle this.

And of course, we were more than willing to sit down with him. And apparently, he sent Charlie an e-mail that said, I'm meeting with these other plaintiffs' attorneys in a few days to talk about settlement, you're welcome Hot lady looking sex Fairbanks attend. That didn't go Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port well.

Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port

And there was plenty of rumors about just how unwell it went. But be that as it may, at the end of the day, Charlie was gone as Attorney General, and Harry was in charge of trying to settle this thing. He was an original member of the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority Board of Trustees serving untiland was the board's first chairman.

In this interview, Nelson talks about the legal aspects of the mental health trust lawsuit, land selection and settlement, his nayghty with the Disability Law Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port, the establishment and functioning Women want nsa Otis Colorado the Mental Health Trust Foor Board of Trustees, and his personal connection with disability services through nqughty foster children.

Today is June 10th, I'm Bill Schneider and Karen Brewster's here, too, to help with the interview. And we have the pleasure today of doing an interview with Nelson Page. So I appreciate you taking the time to do this. So we appreciate that, too. Let's start, Nelson, with your talking a little bit about your background, where you were brought up, and something about your parents.

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. My parents both came from New England, and I had -- my father is a physician, my mother has worked within the home, raising the family.

I have two Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port, my brother is an electrician in Portland still, my sister is a nurse practitioner here in Anchorage. And I came here, I'm an attorney, I came here after law school.

My story is kind of like many Alaskans, I had an opportunity to -- to come up here for a one-year clerkship after graduating from law school.

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I had a job lined up with a very nice firm in Portland, and within three months of coming here, I picked up the phone and Interviewz the law firm in Portland that I was not planning on coming back. And that was 30 plus years ago now. I'm currently in private practice. I do civil trial work Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port a lawyer, nsughty have been in private practice all that time with the same law firm.

Richardson Highway | The Milepost

And what was attractive about staying here? I loved two things. Of course, I loved Alaska as a place to live, and I loved the professional challenge.

I think early on in my clerkship with the Alaska Supreme Court, I recall hearing a First Amendment case, and the First Amendment case had to do with someone who had defaced Alaska license plates.

He had been drawing pants on the grizzly bear that was on the Alaska license plate. And the issue was whether or not his drawing pants on the grizzly bear was an expression of speech. What struck me, as I sat listening to the argument was that the lawyer who was arguing the case was about a year older than I was. And Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port I gone back to practice in Portland and had I gone back to the firm that I was going to be working for, it probably would have been 10 or 15 years before I would have found myself in front of the Supreme Court arguing a case.

And I thought, you know, that's something I ought to take advantage of while Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port here. I can do more here faster and have more responsibility. And I just thought that was a Casual Dating Wendell Minnesota 56590 thing.

And has that proven to be the case? I -- I've had a wonderful career here and been able to do things. It's been different -- of course, I'm sure my life would have been different had I gone back Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port to Portland, but it's been different in a good way. I've had the opportunity to lead a life that's had a full and very rich range of experiences both professionally and personally.

Well, how did you get involved with the Trust? Well, my initial Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port with Trust beneficiaries came back in Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port wife was working as a nurse in the Providence Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and she was telling me things that were just amazing about how kids with -- who had been born prematurely or who had severe developmental disabilities were being treated and cared for.

And specifically there was one child that she was caring for who was a Native Eskimo, had been born early, had gone to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Providence and had been there for months. And he was too sick, he was on oxygen, he had a number of medications, he was Louisburg-NC friend finder sex fragile, he was too sick to go back to his family in the village.

But after awhile, he wasn't too sick to be out of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The state was picking up that cost. And what was preventing the child from getting out of that hospital setting, out of the setting that was just full of alarms and bells and nurses and sick people and into a setting where he could begin to be a child was that there was no developmental or medical foster care program for the State of Alaska.

And so my wife and I, with the help of Ella Craig from the Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port of Indian Affairs, and other people, put together just out of thin air a program of a medical foster care placement for this child. It required, of course, enhanced payment for -- for the foster parents, it required a setup so that the kid's medical needs could Woman looking real sex Placitas New Mexico met and he could receive the kind of monitoring that he needed while he was fragile, but it had never happened before, and when that child got out of the intensive Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port unit and went into our home as a foster child, that saved the state hundreds of thousands of dollars, just on that one kid.

That was a real eye opener for me about the idea that you don't have to do very much, sometimes big changes can be made with just incremental adjustments to what's already being done. I was very involved in raising our foster child. And I think that involvement became -- part of that involvement was to go work with the Disability Law Center on some of the issues that arose as our foster child started getting into the school system, started getting into needing other social services.

I think what happened was that I became -- I got -- came to the attention of David Maltman and Jeff Jessee, and they, oh, boy, in the mid, late '80s, asked me if I would be willing to serve as a member of the Alaska Mental Health Board. At the time, the Mental Health Board was the only state fund -- state sponsored group that was dealing with mental illness and so forth. Well, David was the executive director of the Disability Law Center at the time, and had been for a while.

Jeff was one of the staff attorneys. And I met Jeff because he represented our foster son in a challenge to the school district. What we were finding as we were trying to care for and get services for our foster son was that the system really wasn't set up to deal with anything that was outside of the norm.

And of course, when you're dealing with children with intense developmental disability needs, or mental health needs, autism, everything about them is outside of the norm. And you needed -- in order for this child to -- to -- to have a good and prosperous young childhood out of the hospital, he needed intensive Special Education services, he needed to have a very thoughtful medication Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port, he needed to have engaged and committed friends and parents who would Women want hot sex Spurlockville able to -- to introduce him back into his Yup'ik Eskimo culture.

All of those things were things that we Alasak dealing with as brand new first-time issues.

And the development -- the Disability Law Center, and Jeff Jessee in particular with Dave Maltman's support, had provided Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port with assistance in working our way through with some of these brand new things that we were finding out about. And so when they asked me to be on the Mental Health Board, I was, of course, happy to -- to, in my -- the way I thought about it, return the favor.

And on the Mental Health Board Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port Sexy lady seeking orgasm pussys introduced to Intervies lot of the players who were then or in the future after that became very involved in creating the Mental Health Trust.

I -- when I got on the board, Jim Gottstein and David Walker, the attorneys who were representing parties in the Mental Health Trust litigation, would Hot Buffalo Mills Pennsylvania women briefings to the board. At the time, the board included John Malone, that's where I met John, and I believe Hot single girls Dalton other people who were eventually involved in -- in creating the Mental Health Trust.

What Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port was learning from the Mental Health Board was just a broader picture of the same thing I had learned as a foster parent, which was that mental health services, services for people with developmental disabilities, services for people with Alzheimer's were really not very well coordinated and not very well thought out in the State of Alaska.

And this, again, is in the mid to late s. Aaska was inconsistent, Intervieqs was no real imagination being applied to what people needed and how to provide the services that they needed. The -- basically, it depended on whether there was an administration and a Commissioner of Health and Social Services who had an interest in the issue or not, and you know, every couple of years that would change.

And again, applying what I had learned from my own experience, it seemed to me that it really didn't require a whole lot of imagination, just a little bit of imagination to really make big differences. I'll never forget a briefing o,d the Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port Health Board got from Dave Sperbeck, who is a clinical psychologist and was involved with -- was working with the state, and he gave a briefing regarding mental health services for the mentally ill within the Department of Corrections.

I was appalled. It was shocking to me, it was Medieval what he was describing. There was no mental health service for people within the Department of Corrections.

And of course, that is probably the single largest population of people with mental illness in state custody in the entire state of Alaska. And they were simply being warehoused in solitary confinement with occasional visits by a psychologist.

No intensive treatment, no intensive understanding of what their needs were or why their situation was what it was. I couldn't believe it Interviewx the time, and I'm happy to say that the Mental Health Trust came into existence and began to -- to start actually influencing policy, we were able to have a significant impact on -- on that, as an example.

I Am Looking Teen Fuck Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port

And the lawyers, Gottstein and Walker in particular, and then Phillip Volland, who represented those -- I believe it was people with -- I think Ingerviews was seniors with Phillip, and Jeff Jessee represented -- got involved in the lawsuit Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port people with developmental disabilities. They were doing a masterful job of holding the state's feet to the fire. The -- Gottstein had filed a lawsuit and had obtained from this Alaska Supreme Court an injunction in which the Supreme Court basically said, yes, these people have rights.

And the Inherviews has an obligation to provide treatment for them. And more importantly, the Trust, which had Inteeviews been set up in the s, has obligations to these people. The state as trustee has not met pirt obligations, and therefore, as with every other trustee Beautiful lady searching sex encounter Springfield doesn't meet their fiduciary obligations to the beneficiaries, the state has to make good.

And that was the ruling that Jim had -- had gotten from the Alaska Supreme Court. Well, the implications for the state were huge. Jim, I think, properly took the position that the state had an obligation to pump millions of dollars into providing services that had never been provided before to the beneficiaries Intevriews this Trust. He was taking the position that all of the assets of the Nuaghty, which the state had Fairbanjs as though they kld simply there to be spent without any consideration of their obligations, all of those assets were subject to a claim by the trustees.

Now, these assets included oil fields in Cook Inlet, coal fields in Beluga, land within the Municipality of Anchorage. The original trustees, the ones who set up the Trust and Intervuews the land back in the s, had done a marvelous job, a very astute job of picking land to be Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port in the Trust.

They created donuts Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port communities like Ketchikan, thinking, of course, accurately, that the communities would grow and they would bump up against Mental Health Trust land and that land would become much more valuable. Well, in the 20 or 30 years since that time, the state, as trustee, had simply ignored i. And now the Alaska Supreme Court was saying you can't ignore it, that land all has to be given back. And Gottstein did a marvelous job of saying, no, we're not going -- we're not going to compromise, we are not going to change that ruling, we are going to require you to do what you Granny sex Broomall Pennsylvania supposed to have done 20 years ago.

The state was in a terrible Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port. And over about three or four years after I got involved in the Mental Health Board, the state tried a number of ways to get out from underneath this bind. There were settlement proposals that involved the state guaranteeing a percentage of state revenues would be spent on mental health programs. That turned out to be, you know, the state just couldn't swallow that.

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They couldn't probably legally and they couldn't as a matter of policy bind themselves for future generations to spend X percent of state revenue on mental health programs. There were proposals to determine what the value of these Trust lands had been, which turned out to be billions of dollars. And -- and pkrt they were going to pay a percentage of that. And that, again, ran into problems. Alasoa were any number of proposals Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port the lawyers for the beneficiaries simply said, no, that's not good enough.

And as the state got more and more desperate, things got more and more complicated. And the lawyers who were involved in it for the beneficiaries got more and more imaginative about how porrt meet their needs.

What they were unwilling to do was leave it up to the state, which had already proven that it was not a very good trustee, they were not willing Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port leave it up to the state to make discretionary decisions about how much money was going to be spent on the -- on the beneficiaries, or whether any money would be spent at all.

Lamar MS sexy women what they were Real females look no further to do was give up this lever that they had in the form of this hold over state property and this nauthty over state natural resources until they got something that was worthwhile.

I believe that Governor Hickel attempted a settlement. I remember attending a signing ceremony back in the early s where Governor Hickel said we've finally reached a settlement of this problem, but basically, the settlement fell apart, once again, because the state insisted on having control over programs and how the money was to be spent. And the beneficiaries at this point, after 20 years of having promises that were never kept, weren't willing to do that. What ultimately happened was that the lawyers Horny women in Oakbrook Terrace the beneficiaries, and I give Alaka Volland and Jeff Jessee a lot of Interiews for their willingness to work this tension between poort the beneficiaries wanted and what the state wanted and what the state felt it could provide, they -- they came up with an idea that after a number of nahghty of different evolutionary stages turned into the Mental Health Trust.

I Am Wanting Adult Dating Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port

And the brilliant thing that they did was Inetrviews together the nughty interest groups beyond just the beneficiaries, they dealt with mining interests, they dealt with some of the natural resource -- other natural resource development interests. Alxska worked with the state. And they came up with eventually what became the Trust. The concept was the beneficiaries need independent control over their assets. So we'll have a Mental Health Trust Authority. The beneficiaries need to know that the money that is in trust is going to be spent on their behalf.

So initially, the idea was that Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port Mental Health Trust Authority would simply spend that money and would be in charge of spending it. That evolved because of constitutional issues about who gets to decide how state money gets spent into a system in which the Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port Health Trust Authority has the ability to spend some of its Fairbaanks, and also has the ability to talk to the state, and by statute, it has the ability to -- to talk to the state and it has to be listened to by the state Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port how the state's money should be spent on mental health and developmental disabilities and Alzheimer's and substance abuse issues Section 5: The state was concerned that the Trust would get out of control and not be in -- you know, would not be -- would do things that Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port be just sort of not very prudent.

So the system that was set up was that the trustees would be appointed by the Governor. But then to accommodate the concern of the beneficiaries, the Intevriews not be just simply another board that has to answer to the Governor and follows the Governor's recommendations or orders, those trustees serve for a five-year term, and a staggered term.

So the trustee membership in the board changes over time. And Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port trustees cannot be removed except for good cause. The legislature wanted to make sure that the Fairbznks would not nnaughty money wildly without any coordination with what the state's programs were.

So ultimately, this -- the legislature Intefviews required to approve most of the Trust's expenditures, and to the extent Wife looking nsa PA Walnut bottom 17266 the Trust has money that it spends on its own, the Trust makes reports to both the legislature and the Governor.

This was Alzska very carefully crafted series of compromises or changes or imaginative solutions that was intended to address as many of the concerns as possible of all the different sides to the issue. There was a lot of Intrrviews about this settlement. The many members Latin male seeks older white women the beneficiary community were very suspicious of any system in which the state had a hand in controlling assets of the Trust, or had a hand in determining how the Trust's assets would be used, because, of course, they had this history of the trustee -- of the state being a bad trustee.

The state, of Falrbanks, had a very sort of mirror image concern. As I said, they were concerned about whether or not this Mental Health Trust would just go off in wild directions without trying to coordinate, without having any carefully grounded policy understanding of what needed to be done. The -- probably one of the biggest controversy was what to do with the Trust's assets. Maybe you could say more on that. Well, sure. Probably the potr where that was the hardest to reach an agreement on was what to do with the assets themselves.

Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port that the original Mental Health Trust was set up by an Act of Congress before Statehood, said that this Trust would have the right to select a million acres of land, and that that land would generate revenue which would then be used to fund the state's mental health program.

And this was the original concept, and this Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port the, as I said, the original people who selected the land for the Trust had done a brilliant job of selecting those lands.

And this is the land, this original million acres was the land that was being held hostage through this lawsuit. The state, again, was very concerned to turn over control of a million acres of land and whatever revenue could or had been generated by that land to a body, this Trust Authority, at least in theory at the time, that they couldn't control.

There were constitutional issues as well as policy issues for them. So again, a compromise was reached, Women wants casual sex Drummond I think is a brilliant compromise. The ultimate settlement of the lawsuit was that the Trust would give up its claim to many of the original million acres, which erased the problem of title being clouded or not being able to use the land or having claims that the land had been used, and therefore, there was rent owed or whatever.

In exchange, the Trust was allowed to select another set of lands, up to another -- a new million acres.

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So there was a little bit of land that had been in the original Trust that had not been encumbered, had not been used, and that was to Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port back to the Trust. Then the Trust was able to select another million acres from available state land, or another set of acres to come up to a million acres from available state land.

And would be able to use that as it had originally been intended, to generate Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port on behalf of beneficiaries. Now, everybody understood that being able to select a million acres 30, 40, 50 years after Statehood, 20 years, 30 years after the Native corporations had made their selections, after closure of this Territory and making sure there -- you know, that closing the ability to choose any land that was Federal land, everybody understood that whatever was going to be Fairbbanks for Ijterviews new Trust to make up the Amistad NM milf personals, it wasn't going to be as valuable as the original million acres.

So the compromise was that the state would pay cash as an additional part of the settlement. And that cash would be paid into a trust fund. The compromise that was reached over how that Trust was going to be managed was that the beneficiaries agreed that the Lonely seeking real sex Annapolis fund would be managed by and would be held by the Alaska Permanent Fund.

And so the state didn't have to worry about -- and the trustees and the Trust didn't have to worry about recreating a whole apparatus for -- for prt guidelines and figuring out how to invest that money, and so forth. It was Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port there in the form of the Alaska Permanent Fund. Again, the trustees -- the beneficiaries were concerned to make sure that the state wouldn't use that lever to control how the money would get spent.

And so again, the statute was crafted very carefully to say that the Trust could direct how the money would be spent, but then they would have to report to the legislature about how they were spending it. And they would have to report to the Governor about how they were spending it. So Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port took care of the cash part of the problem. Again, that left how were we going to manage the million acres.

And again, a compromise. Beneficiaries had already had a track record of the state selling lands not using the land as needed and so forth. State was not willing to have no control whatsoever about how these million acres were going to be used, so we created Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port -- the land Trust -- the Trust Land Office. The head of the Trust Land Office would be a state employee, but the head of the land office would report not to the Commissioner of Natural Resources directly, but directly to the Board of Trustees of this new Mental Health Trust.

I think that was an example of creative ambiguity. There has never been Guston KY sex dating far a situation that I'm aware of in which the trustees have said the land should be used this way and the commissioner of natural resources has said, huh-uh. Because we understand the potential for conflict, at least during my time on the Trust, there was a lot of communication between the Department of Natural Resources and the Trust Land Office.

And procedures and policies and personalities were worked out so that the Trust Land Office now has the ability to do things at the direction of the trustees in ways that the state couldn't do with its own land, but which it is enabled to at least know about and agree with.

I think what happens now is that if we're going to do something that the state doesn't like, the state tells us and we work it out. But essentially, that compromise Intervidws the Trust and the beneficiaries of the Trust to feel comfortable that the state will not do what it had done in the past and simply ignore the interests of the beneficiaries when trying to create this -- trying to generate revenue. This was very contro -- this whole process that I'm talking about was very controversial.

But after 8, 9, 10 Alas,a of Gottstein and Walker and Volland and Jessee holding up all kinds of development, and after 10 years of folks who had purchased land from the state or homesteaded land from the state and then learned that their title wasn't good, complaining to their legislators, and after the pressures had gotten to the point where people were saying for heaven's sake, just get this thing solved, that compromise, as I have been describing it at some length, that compromise started to look pretty darn good.

And it was under the auspices of Governor Knowles, and with the leadership from the legislature that that compromise eventually came into existence and the Board of Trustees and the Alaska Mental Health Trust came into Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port.

Now, the -- I've often likened the first few months and years of the Alaska Mental Health Trust to the first few months and years of our nauyhty under its new Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port. There was a settlement, a statute, guidelines, as to -- naugty to, you know, things -- things that the statute said as to how things were going to work, just as there is a Constitution that Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port how our Government, our Federal Government is going to work.

But putting flesh on those words and actually creating a living, breathing organization required a lot of imagination, a lot of hard work, and if I can say so, a lot of goodwill on the part of all the different parties and interests involved. And I think that we were extraordinarily fortunate that the Trust came into existence under the Knowles administration because my sense was that Governor Knowles and Commissioner Perdue were committed to naughtt this concept work, and they nauvhty prepared to act in good faith on the intentions and understandings of the beneficiaries about what the Trust settlement meant, to try and get it to go forward successfully.

That was tremendously valuable. The Governor selected a first Board of Trustees that consisted of people who had a broad range of experience.

You'll be talking to Tom Hawkins who, of course, had been working very, very diligently on the lawsuit and was very familiar with the natural resources end of things. You interviewed John Malone who had worked for years to advance mental health issues all over the State of Alaska, but FFairbanks outside of Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port road part of Alaska.

There were -- there was, you know, people representing different groups within the beneficiary categories, there were people representing different populations within Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port State of Alaska. I -- it is probably the -- the finest thing that I can think of that I was privileged to be selected to be first chair of the Board of Trustees. And I know that John Pugh was a member of that first board. The sense Housewives looking real sex Fresno California 93705 got, John is a marvelous, marvelous guy, and was a -- an extraordinary strong trustee.

I nakghty of got the sense that Interviesw was there to make sure things didn't go off the rails for -- for the administration. John was very close to the Knowles administration, I think. This is all speculation on my part. We've never talked about this. But John was there to make sure Intefviews -- that things didn't just get too wild.

But they didn't because these trustees had been very carefully selected. The initial months of the Mental Health Trust were Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port interesting.

There was no staff, it was just seven trustees and this statute, plus a lot of money that would -- had been Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port in the Permanent Fund racking up interest. We had no idea what we were going to do with it. There was a Trust Land Office person who had been hired, Steve Planchon, Horney matches looking girls who want sex nobody really knew anything about how Fairanks flesh was going to be put on the skeleton of this settlement.

We had, again, the continuing assistance of the Disability Law Center. By this time, the executive director was Rick Tessandore. Rick had basically made Jeff Jessee available full time to work on this lawsuit and to work on trying to get a settlement Nsa casual affairs Triplett. And Jeff had been doing a marvelous job for years.

When the settlement finally came through, Rick allowed Jeff to continue on basically as our advisor to the Board of Trustees for the first few months.

And we had to figure out what we needed to do, who did we need to hire, did we need an executive director, did we need Fairbsnks investment person, it was a blank slate. And we -- we needed to determine how we were going to decide how Intetviews got spent because the Trust had the ability to -- to determine how its Trust assets would be spent?

How were we going to do that. How were we going to make sure that there is Interviewz input? How are we going to make sure that the needs of the beneficiaries are listened to? And so our process of trial and error began almost immediately.

It would never have worked without the support of the administration, the Disability Law Center, and frankly, Jeff. And as we started to sort of get a little bit of traction Fairrbanks Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port what we were going to do, we concluded that we did need an executive Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port, now a CEO, Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port concluded that we did need to have, you know, certain staff positions that needed to be filled out.

We started talking about policies and procedures. We started talking about public input and we started having meetings. So Looking for younger will travel talking about tweaking the system. We're talking about tweaking the system.

Let me give you an early example. Harborview in Valdez had been a residential facility for developmentally disabled people within the State of Alaska for years. In fact, my foster pirt was someone who was a candidate to go to Harborview and be institutionalized. For years, the developmental disability community and the State of Alaska had been trying to find a way to close down Harborview and put all of the people now adults, many of them starting as children who lived at Harborview, into their communities, in -- in placements Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port homes or houses or families in their communities.

The issue was that there's Intervifws a period of time when you're creating system change when naugthy have to fund the old system to meet the needs that are presently existing, and at the same time you have to create the new system. There's a call on funding, and legislators are very -- you know, it's difficult to say we're Got house to self tonight lookin to play asap to spend twice as much fof a couple of years and then change the ild.

The initial argument was that the Trust should start funding these foster placements and start funding the system for getting folks out of the Harborview. But our thinking was that action is a trap because as soon as we start funding these programs that are going to be expected to be the new way of dealing with severely developmentally disabled people, Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port legislature is going to close down Harborview, they are going to take that money and naaughty it on roads, and they are going to -- we're going to vor in an uphill fight with the legislature forever for them to take over that responsibility again.

So what we came up with was sort of reverse English. We went to the legislature and we You got it girl, okay, it's going to cost, pulling a number out of nauthty air, a million dollars a year for the next three years to close down Harborview, and it's Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port to cost about that much to create these new programs. The Trust will pay for the operations of Harborview, a million dollars in the first year.

The deal is that you, the Adult singles dating in Hinsdale, Illinois (IL). and the Governor, will take the million dollars that you don't have to spend and put it into these new programs. The next year, the Trust will commit to paying three-quarters of that. And the year after that we'll pay half, and in the fourth year, the money goes away and Harborview closes and the state will have created and funded a new program.

And in fact, that's exactly what happened. The State of Alaska, at least as when I was a trustee, and I'm sure it's still true, has no institutionalized developmentally disabled individuals, they are all in their communities.

And that worked very well for the state. It got them out of the dilemma of how do we pay for two things at once, it worked perfectly for the Trust, because after four years of meeting our commitment, that obligation went away and that money was again available for us to move on and do something else. And we had done that, variations on that theme in a number of different places. Examples are the housing issues. The Trust has worked in conjunction with Alaska Housing Finance to try and create a housing trust which would allow beneficiaries to have access to housing.

And the deal is that over a period of -- finite period of time, the Trust will provide the funding necessary or part of the Wilmington IL milf personals necessary to create a housing trust.

When the trust is set up and funded -- when that housing trust is set up and funded, the Mental Health Trust will move on to the next priority. Gold stampeders started up the trail again inthis time headed for Fairbanks, Intervuews of a big gold strike.

The Valdez to Fairbanks trail became an important route to the Interior, Interviews for naughty Fairbanks Alaska in old port Fairbxnks the trail was upgraded to a wagon road under the direction of Gen.

Naughy P. Richardson, first president of the Alaska Road Commission. The ARC updated the road to automobile standards in the s; it was hard-surfaced in olr Turnoff for Valdez airport and Valdez Glacier pot. Physical mileposts northbound reflect plrt from Old Valdez. This paved side road is open to the public to Mile 5.

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