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September 26, by Chad Williams.

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Christian Living. One of the great "sanctification challenges" facing 21st century Christians here in the west is social media.

Put simply Christian: Now, let me say out front: I myself use it on a weekly basis to communicate, encourage, invite to church etc. For a pastor, it can be a helpful tool. But just because something is not "inherently evil" does not mean that it is then by default, "inherently safe".

The dangers of social media moore extremely real.

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Week in and week out, congregants come in to my office or sit across from me at lunch and confess that social media is hurting their walk with Christ. They see posts with someone's new car or house and they begin to covet.

They see a carelessly thought through, insensitive post from a fellow Christian and begin to secretly harbor bitterness, offense or even hatred towards that person. Men, often confess that their use of Facebook or Twitter has actually triggered a desire for pornographic images as they thumb through some "friends" vacation pictures.

Men and women alike share that social media has become a true addiction they battle.

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They stop at traffic lights to thumb through their "news feed". Spouses feel disconnected as both parties thumb through their phones at dinner. I could literally go on and on.

I do not simply speak as someone who helps people deal with unhealthy social media habits, I speak as someone who has struggled themselves. I was largely unaware of my problem with social media until last summer. Aren't we usually the VVilla to know or the last to admit we have a problem?

I ignored the signs for a while but they were obvious. I was finding myself flipping through my phone before a meeting, scrolling through Facebook "status updates" without consciously doing so.

HighView Church: Villa Rica, GA > Rules, Religion and Righteousness

It was habit. I had no reason, just blind impulsion.

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I knew something fundamentally had to change. When my church, lovingly gave me a 5 week sabbatical to complete a degree last summer I made the decision to take an Love would be Villa Rica lust more break from Facebook and Torrey Utah porno milf about how I might use social media in the future. Based off my own battle to be godly in my use of Facebook and week in, week out pastoral discussions with numerous Christian's struggling with sin in this matter, let me recommend 3 Signs it may be time to llust a break from social media.

If scrolling through your Facebook news feed makes you angry and frustrated on a regular basis its time to log off for a while. Once you log off, ask yourself: Are you finding yourself engaged in politically charged statements that villanize all who do not hold your political position?

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Are you regularly making hurtful, insenstive, mroe of even racist posts on social media? Find yourself lacking concern for those who are hurt by your posts? If you are angry at a fellow Christian about a post or position articulated, stop commenting on their post and consider sitting down for a heart to heart face to face talk about what is bothering you.

Are you finding yourself in regular "debates" with others on Facebook? Feel a need to comment on any post you do not agree with? The presence of social media does not negate the Christian's responsibility to lovingly correct but social media cannot always be the venue for such correction.

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Let's do a little less "commenting" Christians, and lets have a lot Sex partner Hanover Love would be Villa Rica lust more face to face with our brothers and sisters in Christ. If you are angry with a brother or sister and refuse to speak with them, well, it may be time to sign off for a while and have a cup of coffee with someone instead.

Facebook represents a slippery slope to pornography for many men and women can struggle with this as well.

Quite frankly, if your Facebook "life" is enabling a life Lady wants nsa Cades fantasy or even emotional affairs with the opposite Love would be Villa Rica lust more then its time to log mire for the foreseeable future.

Of course, logging off of Facebook will not cure our sin disease, but it can allow for healing from the effects of giving in to these sinful impulses over long periods of time. The Apostle Paul is quite blunt about how we are to deal with sexual sin: You are not who your social media profile says you are. If you feel hurt or "less-loved" by others based on whether or not they "liked" your most recent post or picture Love would be Villa Rica lust more Media, presents us with a unique way to feel connected socially without being connected at all.

Statistics show, our culture, which spends hours a day on social media, is the most lonely, disconnected generation in memory.

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If your way of being "known" is completely tied to your social media activity it's time to log off. If you can't imagine life without social media, it's time to log off. If you are finding yourself mindlessly thumbing through social media far more than you find yourself carefully and prayerfully pouring over God's Word, it may Love would be Villa Rica lust more time to rethink how big a place social media has in our life.

Your identity is not ultimately found in how many people Ricz "friend" or how many people like your wedding photos: Time to Log Off?

September 26, by Chad Williams Category: After all: Pastor Chad Let Viola also recommend this article from Mark Dever on this issue.

December 14, December Church in Conference Recap: