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There should be no pressure if either of us are Neev available. I am looking for something now. Oh by the way, I'm a Seahawks fan.

Age: 39
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It's like they all live as a suppressed population in advicf far-off land, under rules laid upon their broken spirits by some higher, more-powerful entity. I guess this is why my Need advice from married man friends see me as a bastion of hope — a maverick of sorts. But, there's a scary undercurrent of "join us" in my married Need advice from married man advice too. It's like they want me to be part of the suppressed clan so as to rest assured no man out there is actually exercising his free will.

You're Never Free of Duty. My brother-in-law stood at the grill on Easter Sunday wondering how he got there.

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He was adamant, on his way to our house, that he was not going to do any cooking. My sister his wife had assured him that he could relax the whole day. All of a sudden, however, Need advice from married man sister handed him a Joy of Cooking book and said: My little sister's job fromm done, but my brother-in-law's job had just begun.

A last minute decision was made by management my mom and older sister to grill the meat on the grill instead of using the oven to cook it.

After lamenting his plight at the grill he told me: A girl I dated came out to my apartment by Need advice from married man. She didn't ask what stop to get off she had been over quite a few timestrom I figured she knew.

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She got off at some random stop and panicked. After she found my place Need advice from married man finally simmered down, I fought off the urge to say: When I later told my married friend he said: If you ask something logical, you will come off as condescending or rude.

I got an interesting response to a logical question the other day when the girl I'm dating complained about her shoes hurting. I said: She looked at me like she was performing quantum physics calculations in her mind.

She was a robot that had short circuited because the question was so simple, yet so complex. Ultimately, she didn't even answer the question — she just moved on to other conversation. What is it that happens to married guys that causes them to impart such sad advice?

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