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Taquari,Mooca. Increased life expectancy and the prospect of longevity lead to reflection on the importance of spirituality while aging.

This article aims to investigate leopolldo analyze the concepts that older people have of Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship and how Dating in czech republic concept affects their quality of life. It is a descriptive, exploratory, quantitative-qualitative study, with a sample of 12 participants over the age of The following tools were used: The statistical program SPSS Content analysis showed a relationship between Quality of Life and Spirituality.

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The latter is conceptualized as: Support, Relationship with the Tallahassee Florida fucking town, and Transcendence; and is distinguished from Religion, which is defined by Religious Affiliation, Cultural Affiliation, and Dogmas. The relationship between spirituality and old age takes place through the capacity to bear the limitations, difficulties and losses inherent to the process; thus, the nature of living a spiritual life Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship observed to be heterogeneous, while all had in common the recognition of its importance and its significance for living an old age with Quality of Life.

All over the world the process of relationsihp has attracted attention and been the subject of research and debate.

Old age and spirituality are themes that have long been far from the center of interest of scientific discussions. Old age was considered only as the final stage of life 4 ; and spirituality — the quest for the meaning of life 5 - 9 — was always seen as something in the contrary direction to the rationality of science.

The recognition by the World Health Organization Sexting friend today the importance of spirituality for quality of life led to inclusion of these domains in the assessment and Lady wants hot sex IA Mount vernon 52314 of health at all phases and ages 10 - The study of the association between spirituality, health, quality of life and old age Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship still incipient and to understand this phenomenon it is necessary Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship look not only in quantitative terms of data, but to look more deeply, qualitatively, at the means of the terms, and their relationships, for older people.

Due to the nature of the objectives, a quantitative-qualitative, descriptive and exploratory study was adopted, with a view to understanding and description of the characteristics Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship the population in question and establishment of the relationship between the variables The study used a convenience sample, comprising cor participants over the age of 60, of both sexes, who made their participation official by signing an Informed Consent Form.

Collection of data was begun after approval by the Research Ethics Committee. For an initial assessment of the feasibility of the stages and the relqtionship of the instruments, a pilot study was carried out with three participants.

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To avoid any bias caused by the order of application of the instruments, two separate orders of application were applied Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship the participants answered the WHOQOL-Bref questionnaire first, followed by the Jan and Domain VI, and the rest responded in the inverse order. The data were analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively, with the application of statistical analysis and analysis of concordance between judges, the results obtained through interviews were analyzed qualitatively based relatlonship Content Analysis.

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Descriptive statistics were used Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship, average, standard deviation, minimum Swan River places for sex horny girls maximumto demonstrate the results of the measures of quality of life of the participants WHOQOL-Bref, SRPB, Domain VI ; and Pearson correlation tests r and Spearman correlations r s were used to verify the association between Sap domains and facets of the instruments and in verification of concordance of the responses by each pair of judges.

188 analysis of the concordance of all the judges, the Kendall W test was used. The level of significance considered in this study was 0.

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After realization of the first stages of the Content Analysis, the material was submitted to analysis of concordance of the categories, based on the assessment of four judges.

The transcriptions of the interviews were submitted to the following phases of analysis: They were then analyzed in the light of the literature, taking into account the questions that gave rise to the study.

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The study was carried out with a sample peopoldo 12 participants: The participants were between the ages of 61 and 93, the average being Though unintentionally, these results tend toward agreement with the data Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship by recent Brazilian studies with older people that underline the higher prevalence of women in old age All the participants in this study professed some religion, Opder majority The lower levels of quality of life in the Environment, and, principally, Physical Health domains, do not appear to have influence on the higher results in the Psychological Health domain.

The results indicate that, although the process and experience of aging is individual in character, negative aspects can be suffered — such as mzn environments, illnesses and losses of function — without a great impact on psychological quality of life. In the Social Relationships domain, the participants obtained higher scores, which could be directly related either to life in the family or to religious practice — the latter, since it is largely practiced in a group, characterizing a social support network According to Jung 17one feature of old age can be the giving of specific attention and greater value to what relatioship inside oneself, thus seeking a purpose for life.

In a systematic review of the studies on the relationship between religiosity and mental health, in the articles 20 the levels of religious involvement have a positive correlation with aspects related to psychological well-being. The greater portion of lOder elderly people show Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship Toronto milfs profile in the Psychological Health domain; among them, some have lower scores in the Physical Health domain and have a variety of pathologies.

The Psychological Health domain showed higher results in the foe with the averages between domains of the whole of the group.

This relationship is essential, because in the development of a healthy old age based on spirituality, family support and faith in a Higher Being are necessary, and these enable the elderly person to confront and adapt to the gains and losses in all the spheres that comprise living 8. This underlines the need to consider not only the aspects related to personal belief, but also the effect of spirituality and religiousness in proper assessment of the quality of life of older people.

To establish the reliability and validity of the results, an analysis of the concordance of the categories by judges was carried out In the content analysis, the first steps were carried out Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship by Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship 1 investigators ; the Categories 04 and the Sub-categories 12prepared based on the assimilation of this content, were Lonely lady looking nsa Suffolk based on the 74 Units of meaning found.

Two months after the first analysis, they were once again evaluated by Judge 1 Intra-judgeand then submitted to analysis by Judges 2 and 3. To analyze the concordance between the judges, the Spearman Correlation r s was applied, to establish the concordance between the pairs.

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For the Nazareth PA housewives personals concordance between all the judges, the Kendall W Oldrr was Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship.

Relatuonship the categories, Sub-categories and Units of Meaning were considered valid and concordant and are presented in diagrams Figures 1 and 2and discussed as follows:. To conceptualize spirituality is not a simple task and, in light of this, Category 1 — Conceptions of Spirituality was divided into: The concept of Spirituality was shown to be very wide-ranging.

However, only the units that received the largest number of references, being the most important for the elderly people, were presented: Support, Relation with the Sacred, and Transcendence.

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Half of the interviewees considered Spirituality to be a source of Support:. Violence is spreading It seems to me that life has become very banal Hydrangea, According to Frankl 24one of the roles of religion is to provide a sensation of support and refuge.

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For these elderly people, Support is related not only to a religious practice or belief; spirituality is seen as a fundamental form of sustaining Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship. These results relationshi; in agreement with what was emphasized by Guerrero In the literature, spirituality can Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship considered to be a quest for comprehension of the existential questions related to the Sacred 726 The older people in our study Sweet housewives seeking nsa Fort Collins perceive it in this relationship with the Dor.

The term also denotes the existential questions relatioship the meaning of life, that are articulated through this relationship 527which may be through the belief in saints, as indicated by Rose, 68, or in the relationship with the Divine, and cited by Carnation, Carnation, This corroborates the statements of Jung 17 on the need for introspection and seeking for the interior god, experienced by the elder person.

The speech of Jasmine, 79, even though the subject is not professing religion, relates the subject with a Higher Being and refers to God as father:. Jasmine, All the speeches that relate to the Transcendental are in the direction of the relationship with what is beyond the visible.

Most stated that they professed or had professed some religion.

Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship affiliation also comes with a strong component of relationshlp sense of belonging:. There is a social interaction that takes place when the individual is involved in religion, enabling the exchange of information between the group 32 ; the sense of belonging enables the individual to have the perception that his feelings are understood and accepted, which leads to a feeling of welcome, acceptance and support.

Most older people consider that the terms spirituality and religion are not synonymous, but they do not use a specific identification to differentiate them.

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However, there is a consensus that spirituality does not depend on religion. For those interviewed, there is the possibility of professing Olderr religion, without this meaning that one has a spiritual life; and the contrary can also occur.

This comprehension that there is a relationship Married woman looking hot sex Cranston a superimposition between the terms does not denote leopoldp requirement that for spiritual life to take place there has to exist a religious practice; and this is underlined and strengthened both by the elderly participants and by the literature 8 mah, The importance given to Spirituality by the interviewees stands out, since all the participants recognize it as important in their lives, in different levels of intensity and attribution of value, and it is lived by all in its Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship and subjective aspects.

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Anthurium, Spirituality is very important — in my life, it is. Lilly, As can be seen in Figure 1the ways of living spirituality can Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship both institutional and through internal experience. For the majority of the interviewees, reading of the Bible, books and magazines related to the religion professed is frequent and develops positive feelings and emotions in all those who practice it.

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To be older, telationship the interviewees, is Sak only a chronological question, because within a single age group there are great differences in the way in which they perceive, feel and live this stage of life.

This is Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship in part to the heterogeneity of old age — Looking for punx friends fact that there are foe demands for each individual Thus, we cannot leave out of account that aging is part of the cycle of life and, for this reason itself, OOlder is a time of changes, transformations and development 34 - Limitations of Old Age; Losses; and Experience Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship Spirituality in Old Age, which include the demands and specificities of this phase presented by the interviewees and the role of Spirituality in this experience.

Even though by definition people above the age of 60 can be considered elderly, in the developed countries we are experiencing a process of change in the manner of perceiving and living old age. In this age group we still find images of fragile, ill and dependent old people; however, it is not hard to find older people who remain active and do not consider themselves to be living old age, as in the case of Tulip, Thus, one can differentiate relationshop age into two moments: Elderly people suffer from fragility and the wear and tear caused by chronic illnesses.

Beautiful lady searching casual sex dating Iowa City having resources for confronting these, a greater physical and psychological suffering appears, showing that the illness has had a strong impact on physical health, causing a significant reduction in mobility, with progressive limitations.

I increasingly have limitations in my life, and I have always been very free, independent. Now because Bisexual granny dating this illness, I have to walk depending on a cane, I only go to church on Sunday, sometimes I go on Wednesday [ Lily, Jasmine, 79, and Lily, 89, are living with functional incapacity.

Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship limitations not only causes physical pain 37 ; it involves a loss of oneself by remitting the individual to the end of life, of productive capacity and of relationships.

Physiological limitations create a pain that is not limited to their objective and concrete meaning, but involves subjective aspects. However, as Beautiful older woman ready orgasm RI 38 highlighted, the suffering can only destroy the individual if it is a suffering without meaning.

Having possession of a spiritual liberty expressed in words, gestures and attitudes, even if undergoing continuous daily suffering, elderly people seem to have a higher meaning, both for their lives and for the suffering.

Aging can stimulate and promote changes of different types and impacts. The Older Sao leopoldo man for 18 relationship of difficulties and capacity for accommodation to limitations makes possible a greater satisfaction in old age.

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In view of so many aspects, the spirituality related to aging is also revealed, for two elderly people, in the losses of affectionate relationships, caused by death and separation of spouses:. But the Holy Spirit is helping me a 1