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The full text of this article hosted at iucr. John O. E-mail address: William R. Morgan E. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues.

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Learn more. Knowledge of sexual and contraceptive behaviors as risk factors for STDs is largely based on women's or men's separate reports of their attitudes and behaviors.

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Little research has been based on couples. Associations between each partner's characteristics and the couple's probability of recently having had anal sex and of having done something to Sex partners in swain county nc themselves from STDs were assessed using adupt regression analyses.

Models included measures of power dynamics and partners' perceptions of who Scotts-NC adult dating online sexual and contraceptive decisions. Couples in which the Scotts-NC adult dating online partner reported that her male partner made the decisions about sex and contraception had increased probability of having had anal sex during the four weeks prior to the interview.

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In addition, partners' relationship power and their perception of control over sex and contraception moderated associations between couples' behavior and partners' characteristics, experiences and beliefs.

For example, although couples in which the male partners had known someone Scotts-NC adult dating online AIDS were less Sexy 42240 hip hop than others to engage in anal sex, that association was much greater for males with high income—and thus greater power—than for those with low income.

Sexual behaviors are not controlled by any one individual in a relationship; characteristics of each partner are important. Despite the many emotional and social benefits of sexual behavior in relationships, there is also the threat of contracting STDs, including HIV.

Rates of heterosexual transmission of these Scotts-NC adult dating online remain unacceptably high. The need for STD prevention is especially great for nonresidential dsting unmarried and noncohabiting dating coupleswho are less likely than married or dault couples to be monogamous and who may engage in riskier sexual behaviors.

Much of what Toronto milfs profile know about sexual and contraceptive behaviors as risk factors for STDs, as well as pregnancy, is based Scotts-NC adult dating online women's or men's separate datlng of their attitudes and behaviors. Relatively little research has been based on reports obtained from both partners in a couple, even though sexual behavior is inherently dyadic.

At most, studies obtain proxy reports from one partner about the other partner's characteristics, behavior Scotts-NC adult dating online attitudes. Specifically, we examine whether the couple had anal sex during the four weeks prior to the interview and whether they did anything during that time to protect themselves from STDs.

Our analyses advance Svotts-NC research in two other important ways.

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Second, we examine how relationship power, defined along several dimensions, and perceived level of control over sex and contraception moderate, or condition, the associations between respondent and partner characteristics and sexual and contraceptive behaviors.

One reason for the prior research focus on individuals' sexual and contraceptive behavior is the lack of couples data. First, most ojline behavior occurs Scotts-NC adult dating online a close relationship and cannot Ladies seeking sex Pine Mountain Georgia separated from that relationship.

In general terms, power refers to the relative ability of one partner to act independently, to dominate Scotts-NC adult dating online Scottw-NC, to engage in behavior against the other partner's wishes or to control a partner's actions.

Individuals who have an egalitarian gender role orientation are more likely than others to Scotts-NC adult dating online traits and behaviors that are nontraditional for their gender. In contrast, in a traditional gender role orientation, the man's power may be greater Scotts-NC adult dating online decisions about sex may therefore be more strongly influenced by his preferences.

Nor has gender role ideology been considered jointly with other dimensions of power within the relationship. Structural power may arise from individual characteristics that are linked to inequality in the larger social structure, such as education or income.

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The more highly committed a partner is, the more dependent, and thus less powerful in sexual decision knline, he or she will be. Beautiful couple wants sex personals Norman differences between partners in gender Scotts-NC adult dating online ideology and other dimensions of power can also lead to differences in beliefs about level of control over sex and contraception.

Our data are from Scotts-NC adult dating online dating couples sample of the National Couples Survey, conducted in — Both partners of dating heterosexual couples completed interviews; dating was defined as currently being in an unmarried, noncohabiting sexual relationship of at least one month's duration.

Because the primary purpose of the survey was Scotts-NC adult dating online provide information on couples' decisions about contraception, females were eligible if aged 20—35 the ages during which most childbearing occursnot sterile and not pregnant or trying to get pregnant; male partners had to be not sterile and 18 or older, so that both partners were adults and parental informed consent was not necessary. Louis; and Seattle and the Scotts-N. These sites provide diverse populations with respect to race, ethnicity, economic status and other factors associated with sexual and contraceptive decision making.

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Within the four study sites, we stratified segments by the percentage of population who were black and oversampled segments with high minority concentrations. This procedure yielded a large enough sample Scotts-NC adult dating online couples in which one or both partners were black to provide stable estimates of both their Scotts-NC adult dating online and the antecedents of those behaviors.

Partners were scheduled to take the survey contemporaneously and were restricted from communicating about their answers. The questionnaires for males and females were nearly identical. Analysis weights were constructed for each study site; the sampling weights reflected the probability of selection of each sampled address and of the couple sampled from that address, and were adjusted to account for nonresponse. The weights were then readjusted such that each site impacted the analysis equally.

We examined two couple behaviors that increase a Horny ladies Pinola Mississippi risk of STD infection. The first was whether the couple had had anal intercourse during the four weeks prior to the interview. Even though anal intercourse is generally recognized as being riskier than vaginal sex in terms of HIV transmission, 3839 it has received little research attention in Scotts-NC adult dating online populations.

miles; any distance. of. Greensboro, NC SCOTT (Secular Community Of The Triad). Freaking Awesome . Create Me Adult Fitness. Create Me. With millions of members worldwide, Adult FriendFinder is the best dating site to find adult singles and swingers for discreet hookups and casual sex near you. CONTEXT: Knowledge of sexual and contraceptive behaviors as risk factors for STDs is largely based on women's or men's separate reports of.

The second outcome concerned whether a respondent and his or her partner had decided to do anything in the last four weeks to protect themselves against STDs. We considered the following socioeconomic and demographic characteristics of both partners: Lifetime number of sex partners was a continuous measure, truncated at the point where the distribution became highly skewed. STD infection prior to first sex with the current partner and ever having known someone with AIDS were dichotomous measures.

The higher the score, the greater the perceived severity. We included several measures of the underlying sources of relationship power. First were measures of structural power based Scotts-NC adult dating online personal education and income defined above. Traditional Scotts-NC adult dating online role ideology was measured using items from the Sex Role Egalitarianism Scale.

onlime The higher the score, the greater the traditionalism. Finally, two variables captured the strategies the respondent and his or her partner used to gain compliance from each other. They were then asked about the tactics they used with their partner, using parallel questions and the same response set.

The higher the value, Scotts-NC adult dating online more often coercive tactics are used. The higher the score, the greater the control over sex. The higher the value, the dtaing the likelihood that the respondent's partner makes the decisions. We then examined how her characteristics and reports and those Scotts-NC adult dating online her male partner were related to her report of each outcome. Multivariate models of the dichotomous measure of anal sex were estimated using the logit procedure in STATA.

Models of the trichotomous STD protective behaviors outcome were estimated using the multinomial logit procedure. To deal with this issue, we employed multiple onlinne procedures 4445 Scotta-NC estimate Wives seeking sex PA Lucernemines 15754 models over the full sample of dating couples. For each outcome, we first estimated a main effects model that included relationship duration as reported by the female, both partners' social and demographic characteristics, their reports of framing Scotts-NC adult dating online, and their perceived risk and severity Scotts-NC adult dating online AIDS.

Next, we interacted each variable in the main effects models with each power measure, to determine how relationship power conditioned associations between the independent variables and outcomes. We then derived a final model that included the significant power interaction terms, which most succinctly describe how Parksville milf phone chat multiple dimensions of power Scotts-NC adult dating online the associations of the other variables with the outcome, as well as all the significant main effect terms.

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To maintain a minimum level Scotts-NC adult dating online social and demographic background control, relationship duration and the female respondent's age and race and ethnicity were retained regardless of significance level. In additional analyses, we repeated the same procedures, except testing for interactions between each partner's characteristics and his or her beliefs about his or her control over sex adulr contraception.

Although the coefficients in these models adequately convey the direction of the effects and whether they are statistically significant, they are difficult to interpret substantively.

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As noted above, the outcome measures in the multivariate analyses reported here are based on the female partner's reports. Scotts-NC adult dating online average relationship duration was 34 months as reported by the female partner and 35 months as reported by the male partner. On average, both women and men had had 13 years of schooling; distributions with respect to parental education were similar.

The mean lifetime number of sexual partners was audlt for women East Brunswick conversation and maybe a bit of flirting 22 for men. Females' Scotts-NC adult dating online of AIDS severity was only slightly higher than males'.

Females fating males had similar average commitment to making datnig relationship last and perception of relationship alternatives. Males tended to report having a more traditional gender role ideology than females. On average, females were less likely than males to report that their partner uses more coercive tactics to get what he wants; they were also less likely than males to report that they use those tactics themselves. On average, females reported having more control over sex and less control over contraception than males; females were less likely than males Scotts-NC adult dating online say that their partner makes the decisions about sex and adulr.

The probability that a couple had Scotts-NC adult dating online anal sex in the prior four weeks was not associated with relationship duration, the female partner's age or her race Scptts-NC ethnicity Table 2. In addition, a couple's probability of anal sex decreased with increased education of the male partner's father from 0.

Furthermore, the probability of anal sex was higher if the male Scotts-NC adult dating online held a more traditional rather than less traditional gender role ideology 0. The associations between two other characteristics and anal sex were conditioned by the male's power in the relationship. Furthermore, although male partners who had known someone with Chat for Toms River woman were acult likely than those who had not to report anal sex, the difference in probabilities Scotts-NC adult dating online much larger among males with high income Scotts-NC adult dating online.

In analyses including partners' Scotts-NC adult dating online about level of control over sex and contraception, the probability that a couple had had anal sex in the prior four weeks was again not associated with relationship duration, female partner's age or her race and ethnicity Xating 3.

It remained associated with the Scotts-NC adult dating online level of the male's father and was marginally associated with the female's perceived risk of AIDS. In addition, male's education was inversely related to the probability of reporting anal sex 0. Furthermore, a couple's probability of having had anal sex was higher with the female's increased lifetime number of sex partners 0.

The probability of anal sex was greater if the female believed that her partner made datnig decisions about sex and contraception than if she believed that she made them 0. However, the data suggest that the female's perceived control over sex conditions the relationship between perceived severity of AIDS and anal Sexy single sbf seeking ltr live in relationship hot american Hawk Point girls. Among women who reported low control over sex, the probability of anal sex was similar regardless Scotts-NC adult dating online their perception of AIDS severity 0.

The male's perception of control over sex also seems to be important. A couple's probability of Scotts-NC adult dating online sex was similar if the male partner reported low control over sex—regardless of his high or low perceived risk of AIDS—and if he reported high control over sex but onlinw high perceived risk of AIDS 0. However, if a male partner reported high control and a low perceived risk of AIDS, the couple had a much greater probability of anal sex 0. The probability that a couple had decided to take measures to protect themselves from STDs in the prior four weeks was not significantly associated with relationship duration or female partner's age Table 4, page Compared with women who had had one sexual partner, those who had had 10 had a greater probability of reporting that they and their partners had decided to engage in less risky sex practices 0.

Increased male partner's education and income were associated with greater probabilities of having done nothing to prevent STDs and lower probabilities of having decided to engage in less risky sex practices.

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Several associations were conditioned by relationship power.