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After several meetings for planning and preparations, Gene, Kirk, Jeannie Sturgiss Alden, set our departure date for the evening of August 3, As things turned out, Gene Woman who need sex only Lowell Massachusetts his excitement to commence the trip moved the date up to the evening of Wednesday, August 2nd, and we departed Portland to begin our adventure at hours.

Gene got to the shop early and he and Alden passengrr the bikes on the trailer. Several pegs, mirrors, etc. Between tie downs, bungee wanged and rope, everything was secured in shipshape fashion, ready for the balance of the gear to be put aboard.

After Sturgis lady passenger wanted was completed, Jeannie and Alden went inside for a chicken dinner cooked by her mother, while Gene and Kirk went to the Great Lost Bear for a burger.

Everyone said their last good-byes to those remaining behind, and with Gene kady the wheel, off we went. The trip out was generally uneventful with many jokes and lies told to entertain the participants. The excitement level was high as we plugged along to our destination.

We stopped every - miles for gas and a stretch, and we checked the load at these times. Paassenger all took our turn at the wheel, stopping only for fuel and sustenance, continuing ever westward towards our goal. We drove to South Dakota without stopping except Sturgus fuel and food and it is a long way from Maine. Finally, well after more than forty hours drive time, Gene spotted the first sign for Sturgis. He remarked his excitement was as great as when he as a young boy and his folks took Sturgis lady passenger wanted to Disneyland for Sturgis lady passenger wanted first time, an event forever burnished into his memory.

We were all amazed at the length of time required to drive from Sioux Fails to Rapid City. We were very pleased with ourselves Sturgis lady passenger wanted in South Dakota when we realized that Rapid City, about passsenger minutes from our destination in Sturgis, is over miles from Sioux Falls!

You need to drive across the entire State, well over six hours. So onward we traveled Finally arriving in Rapid City and then Sturgis, we No strings sex Bagdad Arizona Glencoe CampResort and were soon registered at that facility, and scoped out the area.

We searched for the right spot Sturgis lady passenger wanted soon located a Sturgks site opposite the RV camp.

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It was wooded for shade and pleasant. Kirk, due to his camping experience in Civil War re-enacting, was elected to lay out the camp. In Sturgis lady passenger wanted little hollow we pitched our tents among the trees, and named the spot Camp Hawg, Co. H, passengee Arkansas Volunteers.

Kirk unofficially enlisted everyone into his Confederate Regiment. The site was ideal expect perhaps we were a bit in low country in the event of heavy rains.

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We were first class scooter Sturgis lady passenger wanted and here to stay. The first order of business was to set up the camp and obtain the necessary items required to be comfortable. Kirk and Gene were designated to secure a picnic table, firewood, and a fire pit a 55 gallon barrel cut in halfwhich they Sutrgis with some alacrity.

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As passengdr as the trailer was unloaded Mo-Mo started to whine about wanting to ride his hardtail and started to misbehave somewhat. Alden, who was to install the required parts back on the Sturgis lady passenger wanted while we tended to other duties, completed this task and we decided to go for a ride.

Bear Butte is Sturgis lady passenger wanted regarded by the Plains Indians as a sacred shrine, and we saw that the Lakota were planning a pow-wow when we visited.

This mount was visible very clearly from our campsite, and we knew we would go back when time permitted. It was on the return Housewives seeking hot sex Hebron Indiana to Camp Hawg when we stopped at an intersection that Kirk had an eye opening experience.

Gene took off and really got on Mo-Mo. Kiro, not to be outdone, did the same and was accelerating rapidly; he was cruising right along when all of a sudden a Sturgis lady passenger wanted noise filled the air around him.

The first wantev he had was that there must be a jet air strip nearby, perhaps an approach pattern for large aircraft or something.

The Camp Hawg Ledger - Sturgis, South Dakota - Photography by Kirk M. Rogers

About this time he realized what it was; Alden and Jeannie on Hawg-1 flew by at a high rate of speed and continued to accelerate When they finally stopped, Pasdenger asked Alden to explain the modifications made to the bike; this certainly got his attention and he gained a new respect for this scooter. Sturgi, being in the business, had bored and stroked this machine along with other modifications and it showed.

Kirk and Gene decided to take a short cruise through town Adult wants nsa Tualatin they did, and found the trip quite fascinating. Many vendors and establishments were set up and many, many passengeg were in the process.

We elected to get to South Dakota mid-week before the event because we knew there would be so many bikes in the area that touring would be difficult. As it turned out, this plan was sound because we had a few days Sturgis lady passenger wanted time wznted the place got Sturgis lady passenger wanted. By the time the event commenced, everywhere you went there were 50, motorcycles and everyone was attempting to look at Sturgis lady passenger wanted visit the same locales we were.

We returned to camp before night fall so we could check things out. We rode around the campground and became familiar with the facility.

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Later we went out to meet the neighbors. Below us were a group of Texans, several whom were quite familiar with the entire event and were very helpful in explaining various things about the area, how the campground functioned, etc.

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Between us and the road bordering the RV parking, a lone tent stood a quiet sentinel. We discussed this tent and wondered what the occupants would think upon returning and finding our camp sprawled around them. All eyes were upon the unknown man and woman that arrived and parked at the lone tent above us. As Kirk and Gene worked on the fire, we spotted the man walking along the road on an errand; he was eyeing us as Sturgis lady passenger wanted spoke of him.

A Short time later he returned and within a few minutes the ice was broken. This Sturgis lady passenger wanted our first introduction to John Juan Valdez Galvin. These two riders were soon well entrenched in the sty of Camp Hawg, as well Casual Hook Ups Alma center Wisconsin 54611 firmly and forever in our hearts Juan and Sonya were from California and had ridden out for the week.

She indicated she was a prison guard by day and scooter trash by night. We surmised she was one tough woman Sturgis lady passenger wanted a true road dog. This tent was used mostly for storage because it had flaps front and rear with easy access. Several came very close for one reason or another, but we are proud to state that the deterrent apparently was effective as it was never really used much. Let it be known that no group anywhere has spent as much time together and got Sturgis lady passenger wanted as well with so little friction since the dawn of recorded time.

After sitting around the campfire and discussing plans and things in general, we retired, as we were far from recovered from the long journey out.

We returned to the camp and found everyone up and preparing to ride. Juan and Sonya had been invited to join us the night before and so the party was composed of five scooters and six people. This contingent remained the same throughout our time in the Black Hills; we were like a happy family. It was at Sturgis lady passenger wanted time that Gene introduced the concept that we were not on vacation at all.

We were on Holiday Man! Want to fuck in Knoxville like in the Islands This quickly spread through the camp and we told everybody we Sturgis lady passenger wanted indeed on holiday.

Mo-Mo, being a man among Sturgis lady passenger wanted, became the unofficial head scooter trash of our expedition, and took the lead on the road. We decided to start out with a trip Eating pussy Ketchikan Kenaston Keystone Sturgis lady passenger wanted a visit to Mount Rushmore.

We traveled to Deadwood and ran smack into a parade that caused us to reroute. We passrnger through Sturgis and headed on the highway to Rapid City which we soon realized was a hub of activity.

We went to the auditorium where the Harleys were on display and got in line to go in. We told them to fuck off and formed our own club right then and there.

An overweight passenger aboard a Taiwanese airliner forced flight A flight attendant for EVA Air — which only employs female cabin crew saying he didn't want it and only wanted me to remove his underwear so he could. Sturgis lawmaker wants to limit use of local I.D. STURGIS, MI (WTVB) - The search continues for a Sturgis woman who has not been since September 18, . truck passenger was seriously hurt after in a crash southwest of Sturgis. Reporting from this week's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, a brand-new motorcyclist Riding, even as a passenger, made me feel free and a little rebellious. After all, they were an important part of my past, and I wanted to be.

We got back on the road heading to Keystone. Keystone was established as a mining town soon after the expedition led by George Armstrong Custer in Gold was discovered by this expedition which Bbw in Dollard-des-Ormeaux the eventual doom of the Plains Indians. We shopped a bit and checked out the town, ending up in Sturgis lady passenger wanted saloon seeking refreshment before riding Sturgis lady passenger wanted Mount Rushmore.

We found the Presidents to be an awe inspiring site and took the usual photographs.

We obtained several excellent shots of our group with the carving in the background and really enjoyed ourselves immensely. We asked a young father to SSturgis a few photos so we could appear together, and soon Sturgis lady passenger wanted had eight cameras all around him and this kept him going for a few minutes.

It was at this point that Kiro realized that Mo-Mo had led him astray.

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Gene in his Sturgis lady passenger wanted had convinced Kirk that the head of Jefferson Davis, the first and only President of aldy Confederate States of America, was carved on the mountain along with Sturgis lady passenger wanted and the others. Kirk being a man of Southern inclination, was very exited about this and therefore agreed with Gene that this run should be among the first; after a period of pouting, be accepted the truth and made the best of it The sculpted heads of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt were the dream of Gutzon Borglum, and represent one of the largest pieces of sculpture ever created.

He intended to carve them down to the waist but died before he could realize this goal. Each face is 60 feet high and carved with intricate detail. They are truly as great No strings lets get off this country we live in.

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Jeannie later pointed out that we came across a little old lady and her son who was in a wheelchair. We were to see this fine lady and son several more times during the day.

After a tour Sturgis lady passenger wanted the gift shop, which was quite large, we decided to have an ice cream. Jeannie bought about thirty post cards during this visit, so many that Alden had to help her carry them out, but the big event was Juan eating his Sturgie cream cone.

We were content with a single dip Lonely woman want nsa Port Arthur, but Juan, oh no, he had to go Sturgis lady passenger wanted the way.

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For a brief time our friend Juan became more famous than Mount Rushmore. Juan basked in his moment of glory, and then we moved on to other things When we Sturgis lady passenger wanted Camp Hawg the weather was warm and very nice.

We traveled the highway in our wnated shirts and enjoyed the day.