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M odern discussions of gender typically orbit the different experiences of people who self-identify as male or female.

And, of course, biological sex is tangled up in that discussion.

Georgewho want to clear the whole thing up as only philosophically minded academics can. If you understand class, you understand gender.

Inverse spoke to the duo about their work, Twin Earth, and how to have a less confounding conversation about gender. We actually met by arguing about identity politics on the internet! A butch no-op, no-hormone trans woman is still a woman.

So is a really stereotypically feminine cis woman. So does being a woman even mean anything?

Social categories can mean things just because of their history and their connections with other categories. Why not think of genders sort of like that?

First, let me clarify what our view is.

The members of a class might be expected to have features in common, or adhere to certain rules. Examples of classes include citizens of Ghana, members of the Rotary Club, Zoroastrians, white people, and teenagers.

Genders are classes in this sense. Why was this helpful? Thought experiments like Twin Earth go hand in hand with philosophical definitions. Philosophers like to develop sharper versions of ordinary concepts like knowledge, truth, free will, causation, race, and gender.

Thought experiments are good Yosemite Village thick ladys where r u stress-testing these definitions: Imagine a planet very much like Earth, called Twin Earth, where the rivers and lakes are filled with some wet stuff, XYZ, whose chemical composition is not H2O.

Critics on the left and on the right often claim that in Woman looking real sex Briggs to be trans, you have to believe some ridiculous theory of what gender is: Even when these critics are well-meaning, their arguments are unsound which is a problem if you want to believe the truth and encourage cis people to be unfairly dismissive of trans people which is a problem if you want a humane and just world.

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So by pushing against unsound reasoning, I hope to make a very small contribution to truth and justice. I also believe that trans-inclusive feminism is ultimately better, not just for trans people, but for cis people who want to understand themselves.

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It seems like your work is particularly interesting because it can be disorienting for people looking for easy distinctions. Two people can have similar bodies and similar personalities, and yet belong to deal genders.

Whether somebody is a cis woman or a trans man depends not just on the facts, but on their individual interpretation of those facts. Neither the existence of trans men, nor the existence of femme women makes a butch lesbian any Womzn of a woman.

To anybody wondering about their own gender: Culture Gender Share Subscribe. By Gabe Bergado on December 6, Sign up for our newsletter.

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